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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Looking for a new den of degeneracy? Are you a fanatic for kinky parody porn? I get it. I love that kind of shit, but the consistency just isn’t there. No, I’m not talking about your pitiful, dehydrated loads that barely dribble out of your 3 inch dick. Artistic consistency. All sorts of artists try their hands at making good hentai/parody porn, but many fall short. Many quit. Many change styles and shift towards more softcore stuff. I’m not about that. I want weird. I want kinky. I want the dark shit that nobody else will draw except the artist I have for you today.

The Shadman. The one and only. An artist who needs no introduction, but, too bad, I’m going to give you one anyway. Not enough people know about the dungeon of depravity that is Shadman has been around for a long fucking time. Longer than the site, which has been kicking since back in 2009. And over 22 million of you horny fucks come over to his site every month. For a single artist, that’s pretty fucking incredible.

Unique Site Design with Sexy Custom Menus and Background

This site is pretty, uh, unique to look at. There’s a whole lot going on here. And in a good way. The backdrop has this incredibly detailed piece with a bunch of characters fighting, showing off their tits, or some other crazy shit. If you don’t know who this dude is, then that piece will give you a decent idea of what kind of content to expect. The main page has a header with options as follows: Archive, Non-Porn, Subscribe, About, Videos, Donate, Forum, and Shop.

Most of these are pretty straightforward, so I’ll just give you the bullet points. The shop takes you to, well, the shop where you can buy art prints and t-shirts if you’re the kind of dude who wants a print of Wraith eating her own ass on your wall. You can smash that Subscribe button to subscribe to Shad’s Twitter page. The Videos section pops you over to his Youtube channel. There you can watch him create some of the pieces he posts on the site or check out some of his discussion videos about porn and drawing in general.

All the Artwork is Free to View, Download, and Jerk off to

You can donate some cash to the site if you’re feeling generous, which you should if you love his work. He doesn’t do your standard commissions, and he doesn’t bother with hiding his artwork behind paywalls. I get why artists do that, but it’s a nice change of pace being able to view all of his content in its entirely. He used to have a Patreon where you could lend him a helping hand, but that got, as he said, “Nuked.”

The Forum isn’t really a forum. It gives you a Discord link full of 12 thousand other horny chicks and dudes who will chat with you about all kinds of shit. Games, memes, porn, or whatever else you want. It’s a fun server to be in if Discord is your speed. All of the other links take you to artwork. Non-porn has shit that isn’t kinky enough to be porn. The archive has everything. And the homepage has new updates running down the center of the site. You can flip between pages, get random pieces, view comments, and all that good shit. I only wish there was a search bar somewhere.

Plenty of Kinky Sections to Browse and Huge Scrollable Comics/Animations

For the best browsing experience, I recommend using the archive. Before I get into it, I fucking love how this site is organized and designed. Each menu option has fully drawn scenes for it. The general organization is fucking on point. You can tell this site was designed by an artist. But, yeah, on this page you can browse by Everything, Comics, Pinups, Smoli (Teen), Animation, Yuri, Traps, GirlxGuy, Beast, and two other artists called Jlullaby and Spazkid.

It’s time for the good shit. It’s time to talk content. I don’t have the room here to go in-depth about every section here, so, like up top, I’ll give you the SparkNotes version. The previews for each section are set up the same way. You get tiny thumbnails from the comic, animation, or whatever that’s usually a face shot of whatever bitch is getting fucked in that scene. That and a date it was posted is all you get. You can hover your cursor for a one-word title though. The previews are minimal, but at least you get everything you need. You already know the artist and what the genre is.

From there just click on a preview to get taken to the full comic or art piece. And these aren’t small comics with shitty quality like you get on other sites. You get the full deal. Not just the shitty pocket pussy version. You’re getting the whole ass and titties. And these are huge. Full HD images that you can scroll through without even having to zoom in. You can save the comics, download the animations, or whatever else you want to do. Below all of the good stuff, you can view or make comments, read a description about the piece, and whatever else your boi Shad decided to include.

But you can expect content from more than just Shadman himself on here as well. He shares and credits animations from a wide variety of really talented artists and animators. Same with comics and other sections in the site. It’s a great place to discover new, kinky artists.

Pretty Poor Mobile Experience

Sadly, the mobile site isn’t great. I expected better, honestly. It’s just not formatted very well. Yeah, it’s useable. Just like desktop, there aren’t any ads that you need to fuck around with. It’s just that you have to zoom in and out to view menus or move around the site. The comics, while large, usually require some zooming in to read. It’s a pain in the ass in general. It wouldn’t take that much to make the site much more useable. Come on! I need my degeneracy to come with me on the go.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is, of course, the art itself. Any place where I can view a giant HD picture of Raven bending over and spreading her ass is a win in my book. That’s when I found out about Shad anyway. During the height of Teen Titans porn back in the day. But, seriously, the guy is popular for a reason. There aren’t many artists that even begin to compete with the quality of his pieces. And, plus, it’s all fucking free. No paywalls. No memberships. No bullshit at all. Hell, there are barely any ads on the site at all.

I also like that the site is unique. It isn’t just another cookie cutter porn site that looks like every other site out there. It’s fucking cool. And it’s not just a portfolio site like some artists do either. You can comment, join Discord servers, check out his YouTube Channel, buy artwork, and a ton more. The design is thoroughly well done.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

Make a better mobile site. I was shocked to see that the mobile version of the site was trash. It’s just the desktop version without anything changed. With 20 some million people jerking off to content on your site, then you really do need a quality fucking mobile site. But I can’t complain too much. The site already provides a bunch of kinky content for free. Though I’d also suggest adding in a search bar. The filter options are fine as is, but being able to find exact comics and pieces of art would take it to the next level.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I fucking love the I knew I was going to. I may be a little biased towards the art style since I basically grew up fapping to this dude’s content, but 22 million other fucks can’t be wrong, right? The site design is on point and unique. Browsing and finding content is pretty easy and intuitive for the most part. And everything is completely free to browse and download! You don’t have to pay a dime for the incredible content that he posts. Yeah, the mobile site blows and there could be some added search features, but those are pretty small issues when you consider how awesome everything else is.

ThePornDude likes Shadbase's

  • Art from one of the Most Popular Parody Artists
  • Kinky Parody Comics, Animations, and More
  • Unique Site Design
  • All Content is Free to Browse and Download

ThePornDude hates Shadbase's

  • Shitty Mobile Site
  • No Search Bar