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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Every popular porn website in the world whether it’s PornHub or some unknown random porn shitposting website has its own standard ‘Ebony’ category which contains content of girls of darker skin complexion getting fucked and taking it in every hole imaginable. The whole world loves Ebony porn in one way or another – girls with African genes tend to be built like gazelles and have booties so thick they can feed a whole village of ass eaters for days.

After all, a whole generation of kids born in the late 80s and 90s were grew up watching BET videos and popular rap music videos on Vh1 and MTV which contained many Ebony babes flaunting what they got by shaking all the ‘junk in their trunk’ and ‘licking the lollipop’ on major TV channels that were being broadcasted to millions of homes, including middle-class families where ‘little Timmy’ would get hard-ons when catching a glimpse of some luscious Ebony booty on the TV screen.

It’s no secret that Ebony porn is special in its own way and admittedly different from every other XXX category in existence, and there are plenty of people who watch it – the majority of them may be those of African descent, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t non-African Ebony cult fanbases from around the world that love nothing more than jerking it to some hot dark-skinned XXX action. But it’s 2019, and cultural diversity is more prevalent than ever – if you love Ebony porn, why not put away that beloved ‘Ebony’ category and ‘try your hand’ over at SenePorno?

One-Stop Shop for All African Porn

SenePorno may be built like your typical XXX tube when you look at its design, interface and navigation options, but it’s far from any given generic XXX tube out there. This website specializes in delivering state-of-the-art, homemade amateur African porn that can’t be found anywhere else online. There are thousands upon thousands of homemade African videos on this site which are perfect for all you ‘Amateur’ lovers out there who love fapping to videos filmed in homey environments, likely because they remind you of the time you used to fuck your ex. That’s right – ‘Amateur’ XXX content-lovers are typically people who’ve had sexual encounters and experiences before.

They’re not some virgin high school boys who like fapping to basic household names like Lisa Ann and Asa Akira – no sir, amateur porn fans love amateur porn because it lets them reminisce about all those times they were lucky enough to be able to fuck somebody instead of relying on porn and having to ‘fend for themselves’. Well, this site is a haven for all things amateur pornography, except it only ‘comes in black’, but that only makes it better because it has a unique niche to deliver instead of being a generalist XXX tube.

It’s All Free

(on demand fast videos, load fast, have their own description) Everything you see on this site is 100% free, and even better, there are no ads here too so you know that the people who run the site don’t give two fucks about ad revenue. This already makes this site more appealing in my book, and my book has a lot of strict quality thresholds which determine a porn website’s quality. Anyways, everything here is free, and even though there might not be any premium, professional-studio based content, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be intrigued by what this website has to offer.

As I said, it’s a haven for homemade African porn, and every free video you open up here not only loads fast but also comes with its very own cutesy little paragraph-long description which lets you know what goes down in the video itself. Now while this may be gimmicky, it still makes the site stand out among other XXX tubes, because the people running it have taken the time to fill in these little summaries for their videos. Sure, the video players may not have any options that allow you to tweak their resolution, but that’s only because the videos are locked to whatever quality the camera that belongs to the person recording the video is – most of them are medium-quality smartphones with 10-20 megapixel cameras, so you’re probably not gonna be fapping to any unrendered pixels here at SenePorno.

There are Images Here Too

Yes, there are also images on this website in addition to its many, many videos, and it’s only natural that this site has images because it is an amateur porn site after all, and if it’s one thing that amateur porn is known for, it’s leaked nudes. The smartphone era has blessed us with portable camera which we can all keep in our pocket – this, of course, has lead millions of women to take pictures of their naked bodies in hopes of wooing or impressing a certain somebody. In a lot of these cases, that ‘certain somebody’ decided to be a hero to the world and upload whatever nudes he got to the internet, where everyone can enjoy them.

There are also plenty of cases involving hackers infiltrating somebody’s phone or ‘iCloud’ storage and leaking the nudes for the world to see and enjoy as well – but it’s not all with bad intent. There are also plenty of women out there who upload their own nudes to various boards, forums, and websites, so all the feminists in the world can sleep soundly knowing that females too upload their own nudes to the internet in addition to males.

Categories for Days

(36 in total, territory-based, no bizarre stuff) Since this is a porno tube by definition, you know that there are going to be at least a few dozen categories on it to help organize all its content, and while this site may only specialize in Ebony-based content, that still doesn’t mean that it can add additional categories in order to properly organize what it has to offer. The videos on this site are separated into 36 categories in total, and here’s a little word on them: The categories themselves are mostly generic porn stuff like ‘Ass’’, ‘Boobs’, ’Blowjobs’, ’Anal’ and so on, and the ones that delve outside of the ‘vanilla’ realm of pornography tend to be region or country-based ones.

There are a handful of categories here which cover a certain region or territory of Africa such as ‘Senegalese’, ‘Togolaise’ and ‘Malienne’, but that’s about all you get when it comes to category variation. Since this is a site that contains amateur content, it’s only natural not to expect too much freaky and bizarre content like ‘BDSM’, ‘Humiliation’ and other categories that fall under that alternative spectrum of pornography – the most ‘out there’ category on this site is ‘Transexual’, and that’s about as freaky as things get.

Site Works Fast, Ads are Moderate

SenePorno is a site that won’t let you down when you’re in heat and experiencing overwhelming sexual urges while browsing for porn with one hand on your mouse and the other firmly grasped around your dick. This website responds fast to all your commands, whether they be navigation options or videos – the separate pages and section open fast, and the videos load fast too regardless of their default preset quality. The ads, on the other hand, are tolerable – there are almost no ads on this site whatsoever, and everything is perfectly functional even with AdBlock turned on so you can be sure that you won’t encounter any annoying or obstructive ads that will fuck up your fapping process when trying to fap on this site.

The Best Source for Amateur African XXX Content

At the end of the day, there’s no site out there like SenePorno when it comes to African-based ‘Ebony category’ XXX content. This website is a godsend for people who are into that category and contains all the best and rarest amateur XXX videos and images that have been made in every major region and country in the African continent. If you’re someone who enjoys this category then stop searching for it on popular porn tubes and get on this website where there’s an essentially limitless amount of it.

ThePornDude likes SenePorno's

  • Site is upfront with content, no bullshit.
  • Ads are minimal
  • Plenty of rare amateur content
  • Images are here too
  • Navigation options are easy and functional

ThePornDude hates SenePorno's

  • Not too many options on video players
  • No bizarre categories
  • No tags at all
  • No premium content
  • Photos aren’t very organized