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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I do not get triggered easily, but when I see a site that literally explains nothing of what it offers until you spend a good portion of your day exploring for yourself… you better believe I will be a bit tilted. does not specify the type of content it has to offer, but after some browsing, I realized that that might be because they offer a little bit of everything.

I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it… they have a lot of random content, which you will be able to see right off the bat. The first couple of topics I’ve seen were fetishes, transsexuals, and amateurs, but of course, there is a lot more than that. I guess, they did not how to specify that they have everything, so they did not specify anything… which is not a good way to go about it.

Variety of pornographic content.

At first glance, I thought that is just one of those plain forum sites, but I guess I was wrong… which is not something that happens that often. However, does sort of work like a forum site, in a sense that it offers random crap in a list that resembles the forum threads, and you are also able to do basically the same shit as on other forum sites…

Well, I guess I was not that wrong… it is sort of like a forum created to please all your dirty wishes because they offer a lot of random crap, and I am sure you will love every second spent here. They cover pretty much all the fetishes, from the nasty ones like scat to the mainstream shit, such as choking… which used to be a big whoop, but now is seen as a mainstream fetish.

Now, their design could definitely use some work, because their shit is all over the place, and I am not really liking this. I prefer sites that know how to organize their shit, especially since it took me quite some time to get around to the crap I actually wanted to read. If they were to tidy their place up a bit, this crap would make more sense.

I still think that they could have included some sort of an introduction at the beginning, or something like that because if you do not read my review or whatever, you will be confused for a good couple of minutes. Do not forget that that is all people need to decide whether they want to be a part of your site or not.

All the important options are listed on top, but that menu is a bit too fucking small. Like, I barely was able to read any of that shit, and my sight is great… so making that a bit better, getting rid of this flashy red color, and just making your site tidier, is all I am asking for. Now, this only applies to the way looks because I had no problem with the content, they offered… on the contrary. has a lot of great shit!

I had my doubts, but at the end of the day, I think is worth the visit. I mean, you are bound to like at least one aspect of this site, and the first shit that caught my attention is the ‘Passwords’. There is a thread created for HQ passwords and backdoors to a lot of different sites. Basically, there is a whole thread to backstab all the premium sites and let the poor people see what they cannot pay for.

Imagine that, all their shit for free? Now that sounds like a dream. I still prefer to pay the sites, mostly because I like to support my favorite porn places, as they will continue making shit that I will fap top… plus I do have the money for that. But, those who are on the poorer side, you can always check out this section of, because I think it is fucking wonderful.

Most of the shit on is dedicated to porn, but I also ran into a couple of other sections that were a bit on the comedic side. For example, you have a section dedicated to games and quizzes, gadgets and tech talk, money and saving tips, fitness and gym etiquette and so on. Honestly, all that shit seemed way out of place, but luckily, most of the crap they have to offer is in fact, porn related.

If you love Asians or a certain ethnic group, you are bound to find a section dedicated just for them. I mean, there is a section on for everything, from diaper girls to farts, asphyxia and so on. Some members have just posted random questions or fetishes and are discussing different topics… or whatever the fuck.

So, when it comes to the actual content, there is a little bit of everything, so I am sure that you will enjoy as much as I did. I explored this place for quite some time, starting with the section filled with loads of hot Latin women. There people described the reason why these sluts are so hot, who their favorite bitches are, they even recommended porn videos and pornstars.

On the other hand, there was also one thread that stated ‘I have a personal problem’ where people posted just that, their own personal problems. You could either comment and try to help or understand them, or you could create your own threads. I think that what is pretty random, so there is not much else I could possibly say. If you are interested, visit the site yourself.

Register, meet the community, post your own crap.

As you could have predicted, has a section dedicated to the users, and of course, you are able to register for free. Their community is actually huge, even though the site looks like nobody fucking visits it… yes, I am talking about their shitty design. You have a couple of sections that are only dedicated to the users, but most of it is accessible even without the membership.

If you are interested in the community, you have a section dedicated to that; where people can introduce themselves, say a couple of bullshit sentences and include some images. I mean, this all depends on the people who are introducing themselves, some like to be known and go all out, while others are here just to meet people, and see what has to offer.

Now, those who want to talk to other users, post their own crap and just share whatever comes to mind, should create a profile. The registration is pretty simple and free, so why the fuck not? If you intend to use this site as your main porn search engine, then you might as well give something back to the community, right?

So, is it worth the visit?

Personally, I liked what, but I am not big on forum sites and communities in general. If you like to talk to random people about different shit that bothers you, enjoy spending time on such forum sites scrolling through different topics about porn or personal issues, then is definitely a site you will enjoy.

You have a section for everything; such as the ethnic section I have mentioned, where you have all the race-fetishes presented. This is a great section for people like me, as I prefer to watch Asian pornography, and you bet your ass that I have checked out all their Asian recommendations. Well, I can certainly say that they delivered.

So whether this place is worth the visit or not, is something that only you can know… I mean, personally, yes, I do think that this site is worth it, but if you are not into this kind of crap, you should obviously not visit the site. This is why I decided to create ThePornDude, to begin with; now you can read the review, see if the site offers what you hoped that it does, and visit it if it sounds interesting… simple as that.

What I think everyone can appreciate about is the fact that this is a site without any ads or bullshit. It is filled with loads of threads, both pornographic and related to the community, so there is something for everyone. You are welcome to explore everything has to offer, as the site is also free; from kinky to tame fetishes, will always deliver the right content.

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