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Updated on 15 January 2022
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One thing I can absolutely say with certainty about is that they have killer thumbnails! Their clickbait approach is on point, one that will most certainly draw you in and make you check their content out. I did. Well, with clickbait, pros and cons are always present. They wouldn’t call it clickbait for nothing. has a feel of a TMZ type of a porn site, one where the videos are presented like blogs. Once you land on the site you’ll see what I’m talking about. Even their logo fits this vibe. So without further introduction, let’s dive into the matter at hand.

The main banner, the one that’s swiping right to left is the main banner, one where the latest uploads are placed. The site is being uploaded every day and the choice of the videos is somewhat sensationalistic. You will find lots and lots of “Sex leaks”, Celeb Porn sex tapes and all these videos that are made just so you click on them. This is what I meant when I was talking about click bait. has these posts that say that they are of a particular famous actress or a celebrity. “So and so leaked sex tape”, that’s how they get you. Then, once I clicked on the post, the video was there along with a text and the pictures of the actress in all kinds of poses, nude and not nude but what got me pissed off was the fact that the video was a hoax! It was a hoax in a matter that the person in the video might or might not be that famous actress! They edited the video in such a fashion where you can’t tell by the angle the video was recorded in, if the girl is in fact that claimed girl! Of course, it wasn’t because when you try to pull this crap with a person who has only seen every single porn out there and every porn site out there, the obviosity (that’s a word I just invented) becomes so transparent that it ends up being a freaking joke!

I take this seriously, and when a site tries to fool me, I just shut down on them and write a shitty review. I’m not saying that is a shitty site, because that’s just not the case. The thing is, if you are going to make a site with a certain angle, and they are shooting for that “TMZ” scandalous vibe, then at least try to upload real videos, not some chopped up fake vids where the actress might or might not be in the video. I checked out a few of these clickbait videos and in all of them, the famous person wasn’t the one who was in the video. So that’s all I have to say about that.

The videos are redirecting you to’s sister site or, they are playing straight from the site, but the video quality isn’t that good. Most of the time, it is not because of the, it is because the videos themselves are originally recorded in poor quality since these are “spontaneous” in the moment videos of all these “celebrities”. The posts can be done better since they are following the “blog” type of a format, a video, pics and a text. This is all cool if only the pics and the text would match the video content, which it doesn’t. I’ve checked yet again a random video just to see if I was off or wrong with this kind of an approach, and I wasn’t. I guess the celebs are just not that decadent and un-careful as they were way back when we got the real sex tapes, the Kim Khardashians, the Pamela Andersons and the rest that made a real buzz. Time for my final verdict since this pissed me off!

I have to say that’s content is not all about celebs. There are those videos that are amateur/homemade, and they are mostly taken off the leaks that people have made by mistake or a bitter boyfriend wanted to get revenge on his ex. Those videos are real and as expected they are grainy and the quality is the mobile phone quality. Still, the main draw are the “sex leaks”. This is the impression that you’ll be getting once you land on You will be disappointed really fast because this is just the facade, one that truly is not cool. If I disregard the “impression”, the content is okay, especially if we isolate the amateur/homemade videos because they have that real and raw feel to them. The rest, I’ve critiqued already.

ThePornDude likes Reblop's

  • The vibe of the site is exciting
  • Instagram and phone videos are always exciting as hell

ThePornDude hates Reblop's

  • Some gore
  • Lots of videos are not what they claim to be