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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I know that a lot of you who visit my site are into pregnant girls – there’s just something so inherently tweaked (or should I say wrong) with the inner workings of your brain that makes you get hard for women who are expecting. I really don’t know what it is exactly since I’ve never been too much into it myself, but I’ve seen a lot of pregnant porn on the internet throughout the years – enough to be put aside and make a standalone version of the internet that contains nothing but ‘pregophilia’ content.

In short, there are terabytes of this stuff online, which means that there are hundreds of thousands of people (or even more) who regularly open and masturbate to it. You have to think just what these people look for when it comes to real-life relationships? I mean do they only go for pregnant women and completely ignore the others? Are they really only dedicated to being attracted to women who are carrying someone else’s child? I bet most of these guys don’t ever leave the house anyway and are probably all bottom-feeding internet porn warriors who contribute nothing to themselves or society – like the Porn Geek.

But in any case, pregnant porn is one of the main genres of taboo pornography in general – as soon as you start dwelling into taboo porn you’ll quickly see that aside from scat, BDSM and a few other weird fetishes, pregnant porn is one of the main ones. I guess it really isn’t as extreme as pornography that involves heavy use of body fluids (aka scat) or other extreme/alternate pornography that involves both psychological and physical pain, but it’s still pretty weird as far as pornography genres go.

If you’re the type of person who gets turned on by women who are expecting then you definitely know where to find that kind of XXX content on the internet, but PreggoPhilia is definitely a site that you should check out regardless of how long you’ve been fapping to pregnant XXX videos on popular porntubes like PornHub and XVideos. Let me break down all the key points regarding this site and help you figure out whether or not you’d like to spend time blowing loads on it.

This is a Community-Based Free-For-All Porn Board

Before you jump on this site and decide to pull your willy to its content, you should know that it’s not a regular porntube-esque website that has a library of videos that are ready to be played by any visitor. This is a community-driven board-style website that contains different boards that are meant for different kinds of pregnant-based XXX content. There’s no single area of content to look for here – it’s all split up into different sections that provide different sub-genres of pregophilia-based stuff.

With that being said, you can expect to run into a lot of random content shared on each individual board – the content organization here isn’t as in-depth as most popular porntube websites, but at least you know what every single individual board is dedicated to, so while you’re getting some level of content organization thanks to the boards, you’re missing out on the more in-depth “tag and category-level” organization that you can usually encounter on popular porntube sites.

You can also request for certain kinds of pregnant-based XXX content son this site’s ‘Requests’ board. All in all this site seems like a content dump of preggo-porn that’s run by members who are heavily into that stuff, and the content is organized mostly from the different kinds of boards that are present here.

Definitely a Heavy Emphasis on Pictures Here

Most of the content you’ll run into here is photo-based, which may not do the trick for most of you, seeing as how a lot of the people who come to my website are veteran serial masturbators who’ve been fapping to XXX videos for years. Once you’ve pulled your member long enough to XXX videos you start getting desensitized to images – they just don’t do the trick for you like they once used to when you used to steal your uncle’s porn magazines as a kid.

There is a board that’s completely dedicated to videos titled “Pregnant Teen Videos”, but that’s pretty much the only place you can find video-based content on this site. Every other board here is filled with images – there’s an occasional slip of a video here and there, but for the most part, it seems that this is mostly an image-oriented website.

Site Has a Cartoon-Based Board Too

Now pregnant porn-lovers and Hentai/cartoon porn fans aren’t really the same demographic since preggo-porn fans are mostly older individuals and Hentai/cartoon porn fans are mostly younger teens/college-grad aged kids who watch a lot of anime and play tons of video games. But regardless of that, PreggoPhillia here tries to converge these two demographics together and create a mutual fanbase of people who like pregnant girls but only if they’re drawn.

There’s a whole board here dedicated to nothing but pregnant Hentai/cartoon porn that’s sure to please any visitor that has a thing of Hentai and/or drawn porn in general. I’ve seen a couple of Hentais before that have focused on Pregnant girls, but it’s never been a huge genre within Hentai pornography as a whole – however I’m sure that there are plenty of people who fap to pregnant anime girls getting raped by tentacle monsters and dildo demons, and they can get their fill of content here on this board.

As Well as a Board Dedicated to Stories

Some people don’t need pictures or videos to get aroused – some people actually have enough intelligence and an imagination vivid enough to let them read text-based XXX stories and get immersed in a completely imaginary porn scenario that they can fap to. These people are pretty rare since most porn fans have the attention span of a 15-year-old kid with ADHD, but rest assured there are still enough porn fans and serial masturbators-alike that can actually use their own imagination in order to fap. There’s a board for those people here on PreggoPhilia – it contains nothing but written-form pornography that focuses on the whole pregnant theme.

All This Content is Free To View

This is a completely free site – any content you see here can be accessed for free. The images display themselves on the site itself whereas the videos are linked from alternate sites that are free as well, so you don’t have to worry about forking over any cash in order to access this site. There are no ‘catches’ or paywalls to encounter here, and no exclusive content that needs to be unlocked with real money whatsoever. So if you’re someone who earns very little or nothing at all (like the Porn Geek), then you don’t have to worry about running into any paywalls when fapping here on PreggoPhilia.

Is Accessible For Any Smartphone

Yes, this site like most websites in 2019 can be accessed from your smartphone. Over half of all internet traffic comes from smartphones nowadays, which means that most websites whether they’re pornographic or not are optimized for smartphones. But there are some who still haven’t caught on to the trend because they’re either run by people who don’t care about them or for some other bizarre reason, but rest assured that PreggoPhilia (often misspelled as “preggophillia” and “preggophelia”) and a lot of other XXX sites, regardless of how fucked up or specific their niche is, are fully optimized for smartphone access, and that means of course that you can fap to them on the go and remotely without having to sit in front of a PC monitor.

ThePornDude likes Preggophilia's

  • One of the best sites for pregnant content
  • Contains a massive amount of pregnant teen pics and videos
  • Contains cartoon and fictional pregnant drawings too
  • Site even has a general discussion board
  • The requests board can be used for any content requests

ThePornDude hates Preggophilia's

  • No standalone board for MILFs
  • Site definitely looks and feels dated
  • Chinese bots have been known to make fake profiles here
  • Site is definitely past its prime in terms of popularity
  • Visually bland