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Updated on 15 January 2022
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At first, I thought was just another host site withal the usual bugs and offers, but apparently, I was wrong… or should I say, their domain name was a bit confusing? Even though they clearly state that they are a host site, they do not act like that in a way I expected them to. Usually, host sites will let you watch videos on a different site, while on you get to watch the clips right here.

You might be wondering how does the ‘host’ in this site’s name even make sense, but it does, in a way. You will have an option to upload different videos from your PC, or embed them from your site… so in a way, this is a host website. If you are interested to know more about this place, since this is a very solid porn website, you should continue reading.

On the other hand, this is a very basic place, so you might not even need my guidance to understand what is what. Whether this site is worth the visit or not is completely up to you, since it depends on what the fuck you want to watch, and what the hell makes your dick hard. I think that this is the appropriate time to tell you that this place has a lot of porn, but most of it is basic.

So, what can I expect, ThePornDude?

I have already mentioned that this is a host site, but you might be wondering how the fuck it functions, right? Well, it is actually very simple, but before explaining that, I want to say that is honestly worth the visit. I mean, if you are not expecting some very specific and fetish-related shit, I am sure that you will find the content that will make your dick hard.

Of course, I am not saying that they offer no fetish-related videos, but they are not as often seen here, as some of the more vanilla clips. The vanilla videos were hella hot if you ask me, and that is mostly because all the cuties here are willing to get down and dirty in front of the camera. No matter what kind of porn video you are watching, as long as the beauty knows how to be a whore, the clip will surely be fappable.

The homepage is quite clean… or whatever; I mean, we all know how messy and confusing the homepages can often be, and this place is not that bad. I do wish they would have offered a darker design, but that is because I think that every normal adult will browse for the dirty content at night, and thus the darker design could work much better.

Oh well, is a free place, so you cannot expect that much to begin with. I am just happy that their content is actually worth watching and worth the visit, everything else can depend on your taste. For example, I am a part of many premium sites, simply because I love to watch content on sites that actually do not look like shit.

On top, you have all the navigation shit you will need, so as I have said, there is really no need for me to meddle further. If you want to watch some random free porn videos, you have come to the right place, because that is what is all about. There is not really any theme or whatever the fuck, surrounding this site, so I am not sure what the fuck to tell you other than what I have already stated.

Lots of great free content.

I am sure that most of you fuckers care about whether has free content that is worth the visit, and I think I have answered those questions already. But, in case you have missed it, yes, their content is great and worth the visit, but then again, it really all depends on you. I will mention a couple of my favorite videos, just so you get an idea of what the fuck this place really has to offer.

The first thing I realized is that most of these videos are premium clips taken from other premium sites, which is not a bad thing. However, if you were looking for genuine amateur videos instead, I do not think is the right place for you. I did run into a couple of amateur clips, but not enough to say that this place is worth the visit if you only get a boner from that type of content.

One of the first videos I checked out was taken from, and it featured a gorgeous blonde teen who was eager to have sex. So, she decided to seduce her man in front of his friend, who did not stay put for that long. She ended up getting fucked by two lewd dudes, and that was definitely a hot session, but their player bugged a little, at least for me.

Another clip I had to check out was from, and it showed a cute mom making her step-son cum, but before that, they had a very naughty dispute. The acting was quite cringing, but what else do you expect from pornographic videos… their shit is usually quite cringe-worthy but then the content is able to make anyone hard.

As I have said, they do have some fetish clips; for example, there was one video that beautifully depicted the art of bondage, and it was from a site called It featured a blonde girl who was bounded with chains, tortured and fucked hard. She enjoyed every second of it, as it was fairly fucking obvious how dirty she was.

Now, even though these videos, or well the majority of them, were basically taken from other premium sites (“hosted”), they will not be of the best quality, which is something I expected. I mean, if you want to see the full HD shit, you should visit the main sites instead. They will be of solid quality, and some of them will even be full length, but that was rare.

I found a lot of great videos here, and I did make a couple of breaks just to calm my huge dick with a couple of fap sessions, so I am sure that you will do the same. The content is quite random, usually basic with a hit of some fetish clips. Again, it all depends on what the fuck makes your cock hard; since if you are into some extremely kinky and bizarre crap, I am 100% sure you will not find that content here.

Surprisingly good search options.

I must confess, when I see a free porn site, I often expect it to have the shittiest search options because, in most scenarios, that is the case, but this place was different. I must say I was pleasantly surprised, as I saw that they have advanced search options. Now, those search options could use some work, obviously, but overall, I think they did a better job than most other free porn sites.

Basically, there you will have the basic categories, which I am not sure how that shit counts as the “advanced” but hey, at least they tried. I guess the fact that you are able to select more categories at once is what they thought would be advanced, and it is not like I can complain that much. This is a free site, and usually, such sites do not offer any search options… so I’ll take whatever they have to give.

Their categories are pretty basic, and in their usual menu, you have some other ways of listing their content. You can search the videos by random, list through categories or scroll through the top 40 clips. This is where you will also be able to see that they have a section created just for the images; and while that is a nice addition, I honestly think that it was not necessary. Other than that, there are some other suggestions on, that you might want to visit, but even if you do not, it does not really matter.

They have a lot of site suggestions that are usually just like my own website, where you have suggestions of other places you can visit. On top, they also offer a live sex chat, dating, and other sites… that mostly do not work. So, if you came to just for the content, you will find the right shit for yourself; just ignore all other aspects, because they are very unnecessary, not to mention that most of them do not fucking work.

ThePornDude likes PornHost's

  • Free porn videos
  • Mostly clips from known premium sites
  • Solid quality content
  • Good search options

ThePornDude hates PornHost's

  • Some features do not work
  • Annoying ads