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Updated on 15 January 2022
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How do you prefer to get your porn online? There are several different basic ways to access porn on the internet, and we all have a different preference. Maybe you’re a porn aggregator site kind of guy – you’re all about quantity over quality. Maybe you’re like me and you swear by the free porn tube – you like a good balance of quality and quantity. Perhaps you’re strictly a cam dude – you crave that actual interaction over everything else. You might be a gif hunter who only uses Pinterest-y type sites to get the endless scroll.

Or maybe you’re a forum guy. If so, you are one of the last of a dying breed. But there’s no shame in it. It’s a classic method of porn acquisition, and just as respectable as any of the others. I always associate the porn forum fans with discernment. You know exactly what you want, and you won’t settle for anything less. Well, a forum allows you to do just that. Through the power of an active and engaged community of fellow porn lovers, you can post requests, for one, which allows you to have much better odds at finding what you want, especially if that desire is particularly specific or boutique if you will.

Plus, with a porn forum, not only are you more likely to get porn tailored to your exact tastes, but you will likely discover way more sites, studios, and new girls than you ever would using a porn tube or a premium studio site. Nothing like good old-fashioned word of mouth recommendations.

Plus, under the cloak of anonymity, you don’t have to feel any amount of shame for whatever weird fucking fetish or kink you have. You can’t exactly go up to one of your friends from work, for example, and say, “hey, man, have you seen any good golden shower porn lately?” On a porn forum, there is no judgment. Just throw it out there and see what you get back. It’s like fishing for porn!

The porn forum also allows you to interact with fellow freaks. The people who love porn so much that they want to spend their free time discussing it on a forum either before, after, or during their fapping sessions. That takes a special kind of porn lover that you aren’t likely to just approach in public. On a porn forum, though, you’ll finally have a healthy outlet for all the porn discussions that you want to be having all day long at work, school, the gym, church, etc. Finally, a place where you can be your porn addicted self without any fear of judgment or social isolation!

But there are a fuck ton of porn forums out there. Not to mention the fact that a great deal of porn sites also have their own forums built into them. So, where do you begin? Well, you came to the right place. Don’t worry, I’ll hook you up.

A Network of Pornoholics Just Like You

Today we will be taking a look at a popular porn forum called Planet Suzy. Not to be confused with the porn site,, this Planet Suzy has a .org domain, which means that they will not be trying to sell you anything. Well, that’s what that means in theory. This .org site, however, does have a few ads to contend with as you browse through the threads. Above threads, under threads, and popup ads are a few of the annoyances of this site. But this is, of course, of no concern to you if you’re smart and run a basic ad blocker … if so, you’ll be all good.

Great Design for a Forums Site

I like the design of this forum site because the people at Planet Suzy have clearly put a little bit of thought into it. It’s hard to make a forum site look good. In fact, Reddit is the only one that I’ve seen whose design I actually admire (and even that one still has a few aesthetic faults in my opinion). But Planet Suzy has made a pretty decent looking forum site.

For one, it isn’t just a list of threads over a white background. Instead, at the top of the page, you’ll find a banner which features a beautifully rendered 3D animation of a topless sexy blonde chick sitting on the beach in front of the ocean. This must be Suzy, I assume, and her planet must be a tropical paradise. I dig it. The banner follows you around the forum and acts as a stylized Home button. The page, then, is framed in the same color of the sand, furthering the idea of having entered another world when you visit the site.

Below the banner, you’ll find a very simple site menu and registration section, offering you the options of Register, FAQ, Today’s Posts, and Search. You can also, of course, log in. Planet Suzy tells you straight up, though, that you do not have to register to browse the site; however, in order to see everything that Planet Suzy has to offer – all of the photos, videos, and more – you are required to register. Don’t worry, though, it is absolutely free.

Scroll down a bit and you will find the main forum itself. Now the site should start to look pretty familiar, at least to anyone who’s been on a message board before. You’ve got a list of topics, which are all sectioned out for convenient and easy-to-use organization, and each section previews the latest post, total number of threads, and total number of threads.

The sections for you to choose from are General Forum Section (Introductions, General Discussion), Help Section (Important Info, Forum Help, Computer and Tech Help), Entertainment (Discussion, Adult Humor, Sports, Graphics and Writing), Celebrities/Supermodels (Pictures, Videos, Glamour Pics, Glamour Videos, Celebrity Fakes).

Then there’s Vintage and Classic [pre-1995 porn], Porn Stars / Adult and Teen Models (Standard Videos, HD Videos, Pictures, Dead Links), Explicit Material (Our Models, Girl on Girl, Kinky, Hairy Pussy Lovers, Ethnic Love, General Porn, Image Themes), Amateur and Voyeurism (Softcore Pics, Hardcore Pics, Softcore Videos, Hardcore Videos), and Hentai / Anime (2D Hentai Comics, 2D Hentai Animation, 3D Hentai Comics, 3D Hentai Animation, Hentai Games, and Original Content). There truly is a little something for everyone on Planet Suzy.

You’ll Never be Bored on Planet Suzy

Well, to say “a little something for everyone” might be misleading. What I mean to say is that there is a fuck ton of something for everyone. This is one of the most actively engaged porn forums that I have ever been on, which results in a rich collection of porn. I’m talking thousands upon thousands of pictures, videos, links, comics, games of all kinds. You will definitely never get bored on Planet Suzy. Even if you ever did grow bored of looking at porn on this forums site, you can always participate in one of the many ongoing and active discussions that are always going on.

One of the other things that I really love about this site is the way in which it encourages user engagement. Not only are users encouraged to post their favorite videos and pics and talk about them, but there are whole sections of the site dedicated to user-created content. So, if you are an amateur erotic lit writer, hentai cartoonist, or photographer, you are more than welcome to post your work in the appropriate section and receive feedback from fellow porn lovers around the world.

I am a huge fan of porn sites that solicit participation from their users, and I think it’s fucking awesome that Planet Suzy gives the would-be pornographers and smut artists of the world a platform to showcase their work. Not to mention the fact that the site also encourages sexy girls to post their pics and vids as well in the amateur sections. This allows you to actually get in touch with the models who post on Planet Suzy. It is not uncommon for girls to post their Snapchat premium usernames, Twitter handles, and Instagram links. Go beyond merely fapping alone on Planet Suzy … actually connect with beautiful women!

Only a Couple Flaws

The one thing that seems to be missing from Planet Suzy is the ability to direct message other users. This way, you could potentially connect with models and fellow kinksters in a much easier, more convenient way, right from Planet Suzy, without having to do so publicly or through a separate social media site. If Planet Suzy were to add in DMs, they would get my vote for best porn forums site on the web.

All in all, Planet Suzy will keep you endlessly entertained. It will also provide you an actively engaged community of fellow pornoholics to chat with and share content with. This site has so much going for it, I can’t even touch on all of it in this review. You’re best off going over to Planet Suzy right now and checking it out for yourself!

ThePornDude likes PlanetSuzy's

  • Tons of variety in content (something for everyone)
  • Tons of photos, videos, games, animations, stories, etc.
  • An active and engaged community of users
  • Good site design for a forums site

ThePornDude hates PlanetSuzy's

  • Ads
  • Lack of direct messaging