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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Alright, I know that there are guys with all sorts of tastes out there, but this you really have to have a thing for in order to watch. We’re looking at amateur Indian and Pakistani pornos here and you can find them all on This place is just filled to the brim with this kind of porn and there’s never enough of it, it seems, cause there are always new uploads surfacing on this website. All you have to know is that is a site where you can get all of these porn videos for free and that alone should be enough to make you check it out if you’re into this sort of stuff.

Indian and Pakistani dudes are going to crazy over this content

The genre itself isn’t too popular I have to admit. Not many people in the west really care about Indian or Desi porn as it’s called more popularly, let alone Pakistani porn. I guess the only people that will be into these videos are Indian people themselves and Pakistani people living in the west. Now you might think that there aren’t too many Pakistanis living in the west but damn you’d be mistaken. There are so many Pakistani dudes in the west that you just can’t get enough of them. Most of them go unnoticed because you think that they’re Indian. Basically, they’re the same breed. doesn’t judge against either one of these groups and allows for both of these genres to flourish on the website. You can find both Desi and Paki videos on here and it’s up to you to decide which kind of porn you like watching more. If you’re into Desi porn more, then there’s a special section where you’ll find all the amateur Indian porn that your heart desires. If however, you’re more into Paki porn, then there’s a special section for those amateur pornos as well. Either way, has you covered. Even though they have such a stupid name.

The domain is a bit hard to remember correctly

I mean the domain is, but they also have Paki videos. I guess that a much more appropriate name would’ve been DesiPaki or something like that. But hey, is just what it is, and the worst part about them is having to remember how many fucking Os you’re supposed to type into the search bar to get to these damn videos. And there’s a reason as to why you’d even want to get to these videos in the first place. Other than the fact that you might be a fan of either Indian or Pakistani porn videos which are of amateur nature, or even both, I don’t judge.

Free amateur pornos all the fucking way

Yeah, well, here’s a reason that you might find interesting. How about the fact that all of the videos on are absolutely free to watch and enjoy. That’s right, you can watch every goddamn video on here the moment you choose your section and start browsing your available choices. Now, you’ll need to know how to actually make a choice in the very beginning cause you have to choose between Desi and Paki videos in the very beginning of your journey. It isn’t hard if you know what you like, but for some people, this choice will shape their entire masturbation session.

Much more Indian porn than Pakistani stuff

Anyway, when it comes to Desi porn, of course, there’s more of it. Not only are there more Indians than there are Pakistani pricks, but you can expect that there are so many Indian people willing to do anything for money that all of these girls have definitely sold their pussies for cold hard cash. The dues probably got something out of the videos too once they put them up on the internet for everyone to see. So yeah, India is a lot freer as well when it comes to doing this sort of video and filming it, whereas we all know what happens to you in Pakistan when you commit such an atrocious sin.

The most Pakistani girls can expect if they’re caught doing this is having their head not cut off. No cash for them, just a chance to get fucking executed. Even the guys don’t really have a say in the matter here. So the only people that make Paki porn are people whoa re really brave and really bold to be doing such a thing. We all know how fucked up Pakistan can get, so it gets really crazy trying to film amateur porn videos over there if you’re a Pakistani couple or whoever posts the most content on I don’t actually know what demographic those people are, but has them, and plenty of them as well.

So many goddamn videos to check out here

In fact, there are so many Pakistani and Indian videos on here that you’ll just love the fact that you have such an extensive selection to choose from. There are over 42 pages, and they have A LOT of videos on every page. I’m not even talking about the general grid system that you see on other porn tube sites, but I’m talking more about a system where you can see literally so many fucking videos on just one page that it’s insane. You’ll love checking out the countless number of videos that you have presented on each and every step of the way here. Get ready for an amazing adventure.

And videos aren’t the only thing that you can expect on either. There are also image galleries with some of the hottest pictures that you can imagine. It doesn’t matter what kind of pictures we’re talking about probably has them. You can have amateur pictures or professional ones, but it’s mostly homemade stuff that gets served on Of course, we’re talking about Indian girls taking pictures of themselves, so you’ll love that. I’m not too sure if there are any Paki picture galleries on here, but I guess that you can definitely find some if you look hard enough on this website.

Mediocre design, somewhat cluttered layout

The design is nothing special. has good graphics, but it still manages to look a bit old somehow. I don’t really know how that works since they have really modern buttons and animations, but I guess it has something to do with the fact that the thumbnails of the videos look so amateurish that you immediately think of low quality when you see the videos. Ah well, what can you do, you have to put up with the fact that they aren’t going to be the highest quality since these are homemade and amateur porn videos after all. And they’re even filmed in India and Pakistan, not the most advanced countries either.

The layout is easy to follow, though the main page can be a bit confusing at times. you’re definitely going to be wondering where to find certain things at times and there were times when I was completely lost on I guess that they could clear up some of the clutter on here so that you could have an easier time seeing all the features and so that you can use them more as well. We’re talking about features such as video filters and sorting mechanisms, as well as all sorts of sections that will show you various content on the website.

All in all, has a few flaws here and there, but overall, it’s an amazing website for all Indian and even non-Indian fans of Desi and Paki porn. You can expect so much amateur porn on that you’re just going to go nuts if this is the sort of shit that you’re into. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to spend a lot of time on here or not in the beginning, you’re definitely going to stay once you see just how many videos there are to watch on here, and for free believe it or not. So yeah, check out and see if you like it as much as I do.

ThePornDude likes OOOdesi (Jilhub)'s

  • Countless Desi and Paki amateur porn videos to watch
  • All the porn videos on here are completely free of charge
  • You can even find amazing picture porn galleries as well

ThePornDude hates OOOdesi (Jilhub)'s

  • The layout is a bit cluttered and hard to navigate at times
  • The amateur videos aren’t exactly the best quality ever