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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Pornography is about embracing your sexuality in a metaphorical sense, while realistically you’re embracing your dick while getting your sex drive revved up to the point where you find yourself violently whacking off until you blow a load and experience a rapid influx of feelgood chemicals flooding your brain. That’s what masturbating is in a nutshell, and internet pornography will always be here to help us out in our desperate, lonely times of need. Nowadays there are millions of porn websites with millions of videos and images on them which do more than enough to please us visually and turn us on enough in order to be able to maintain a rock-hard erection (or in the case of females, get super wet). But there’s definitely a visible line that separates pornography into two categories when it comes to authenticity, and that line clearly defines what authentic homemade amateur porn is and what isn’t.

Many people prefer to watch those overly-stimulating XXX pieces that contain big busty pornstars who provide them with more than enough eye candy in order to get horny, but this is the kind of pornographic content that’s deemed as fake. Videos that feature a 7-foot black guy pounding Alexis Texas with his 18 inch monstrosity while she’s wearing nothing but stiletto pumps and a g-string and has makeup on her face are as fake as it can get – they’re filmed by big budget XXX productions and are usually captured in sets with 10 people standing around the performers making sure that the lighting and audio are on point. Homemade porn is exactly the opposite of that – it mostly consists of nude selfies and amateur recordings of dudes ramming their girlfriends. It might not be as visually stimulating or have the same quality as those aforementioned big-budget XXX productions, but it’s real, and realness is what turns a lot of porn consumers on, especially if they’ve actually had sex before. That’s right – even though homemade authentic amateur content isn’t as visually stunning as professionally-made XXX content, it’s still very effective at getting people in the mood to fap, and there’s plenty of it here at OneClickChicks.

Only the Most Authentic Photo Galleries

The photo threads on this site are all strictly authentic and homemade – in fact, they’re so ‘real’ that even their categorizations are themes that are usually common for nude girls. For example, there’s an ‘embarrassed nude females’ thread which features, well, girls caught nude with an embarrassed expression, which is cute in its own right. There’s also ‘upskirt and downblouse’, which is a threat that features photos of girls who showed a little more than they originally intended to. Next up the ‘exhibitionist and voyeur’ photo section features girls showing off in public (intentionally and unaware), while ‘Sexy Amateurs’ features girls proudly showing their bodies off, and ‘Hardcore Amateurs’ features pictures of girls having sex in one way or another in the comfort and safety of their own homes, because after all, all the content is 100% homemade.

They Also Come in Video Format

Of course, these cute amateur babes also come in video format for your viewing pleasure – the smartphone era might have brought us truckloads of leaked nudes that are enough to last us hundreds of years, but there are also plenty of videos that feature those same amateur babes too. The ‘Movies’ section contains two threads – one for softcore content such as webcam striptease vids, upskirts, homemade softcore sex and so on, and another hardcore section which is probably going to be your go-to section on this site if you’re looking for something that’s going to guarantee arousal.

Real Girls for your Very Real Needs

If you’d like to form some kind of pseudo-sexual online connection with girls who actually go on this website and can be contacted by you, then you should definitely check out the ‘Ladies of OCC’ section of this site, which is conveniently placed right under the ‘Movies’ thread section. The ‘Ladies of OCC’ section contains original content of female members who’d like to show off all their goods to this site’s viewers, as well as the wives and girlfriends of this site’s members. These girls are as authentic as it gets – not only is their content 100% unique and exclusive only to this site, but you can also contact the female members who upload their ‘goods’ and possibly experience that blissful influx of oxytocin if they actually reply to you – if you do manage to get a female member who uploads herself on this site to reply to you, then you’re definitely going to have a great time fapping to her content because she’ll feel that much ‘closer’ to you than any other girl you could fap to on the internet.

Are You a more Sophisticated Porn Fan?

If photos and videos aren’t up your alley because you’re a pretentious prude who would much rather read pornography than watch it, or if you’re just someone who likes to read erotic stories and get turned on by your own imagination instead of letting your content do all the work for you, then you should definitely check out this page’s ‘Erotic Stories’ section. This section contains literature porn – it has two threads for both fictional and non-fictional XXX stories, and reading through them will definitely prompt your brain to start commanding your blood to make its way to your penis (or vagina) regardless if you’re into written-format XXX content or not.

Free On-Demand Bi-Daily Uploaded Video Section

At the bottom of all the sections and different threads is a little standalone free video section which typically contains up to two dozen different free XXX videos for you to enjoy. The people who run this site know that a lot of individuals who visit XXX domains tend to want on-demand porn, which means firing up a hot XXX video that they can fap to in under a minute – that’s precisely why this section was made. Sure, there may be over a dozen sections dedicated to amateur XXX content, but if you’re in heat and are browsing the internet with a half-erected dick in one hand looking for something good to start choking it to, then this free video section is definitely up your alley. It contains all sorts of amateur, homemade XXX pieces, and better yet, it’s updated twice a day so you’re guaranteed to have plenty of stuff to watch and enjoy if you’re not looking for something more specific in the threads.

The Standard General Discussion Board is Here Too

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if you had friends and actually did things besides watch and masturbate to porn, then you should try your chances at this site’s general discussion section and talk about things with other members of the site that don’t include tits ass and vagina. Who knows, you might find people who play the same online game as you, or share a similar hobby or interest, or perhaps even get into a rant about how Bush did 9/11 and the Jews are responsible for everything bad in the world – you’re free to do whatever you like on this side of the site so long as you don’t get any porn into the mix, because there’s plenty of it outside of this section.

All in All a Top-Tier Authentic Amateur Porn Site

At the end of the day if I were someone who was into amateur XXX content and was repelled by those big-budget XXX productions, then I would definitely ‘try my hand’ at OneClickChicks and see what the wonderful world of amateur babes can do for me and my ‘solo romantic life’. There are so many different threads on this site that focus on different aspects of amateur XXX content that it’s basically a theme part of amateur XXX content lovers – all the good, homemade pics and videos on this site are just one click away, and there’s also plenty of original content too that can’t be found anywhere else, so why not give OneClickChicks a shot?

ThePornDude likes OneClickChicks's

  • All content is 100% homemade
  • A great source of rare amateur content
  • Contains OC content that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Easy to navigate
  • No annoying ads

ThePornDude hates OneClickChicks's

  • No filtering system other than the boards
  • Video players don’t have much options
  • Videos could benefit from tags instead of their corresponding thread
  • Some videos require ‘one click pass’ (membership)
  • Design could be a little more enticing