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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Naija Uncut! Most of you probably already know that Nigerians are quite famous globally for several reasons. For starters, these folks are pretty famous for their dubious deals and scams. In fact, I would say scamming is a sort of profession for them. But who would expect Nigerians to be so much into porn that the biggest porn aficionado, ThePornDude, would be interested enough to dig up their smut online? Well, honestly speaking, I was not very surprised.

Although Nigerian and ethnic African cultures, in general, are known to be deeply conservative and secretive when it comes to bedroom affairs, there’s no doubt that they can also be as decadent as the rest of us. And they won’t give a flying fuck about shooting and watching pornographic material while showing the whole world how freaky they can be behind closed doors, especially if that will somehow help them earn some extra cash. I shit you not no society in this goddamn world is just full of saints, so always expect to find a bunch of sick fucks who adore porn in any society.

I know you’re probably wondering why the fuck ThePornDude is so much fucking interested in genuine ethnic African porn today. Well, to tell you the truth, I like jerking off to thick African beauties with big bums in erotic action. And I know that’s the same case with a good number of you sick fucks who love porn.

I always marvel at watching some fleshy ebony pussy getting stretched to the limits by massive black cocks. And seeing their well-rounded big butts briskly pumping up and down on a dick as pussy juice drips instantly gets the equipment in my pants throbbing with sheer excitement. I mean, black babes have amazingly big juicy booties and thick curvy bodies, and that combined with their groans of pleasure as muscled dudes bang their wet fleshy pussies is the ultimate wanking fodder. That’s why I felt very lucky when I landed on, which I thought it worth a try to feature in my reviews. Sit tight as I explore what it has to offer!

Weak-ass Design

I know I’ve already said a great deal of shit about how I’m a sucker for ebony porn, but sincerely speaking, my first impression of the site was not great at all. In fact, the design of leaves a lot to be desired. It’s really awful by all means and looks mediocre. First, the plain, bright white background feels like it could make you blind while you’re trying to find something to jerk off to. I thought since Nigerians were really smart at scamming, they must be having some great web designers and developers. But looking at the site’s design, you’d think it was done by some bored IT freshman who just wanted to beat the deadline for their first assignment.

It may sound like I’m just bitching but hell no. this site is a fucking mess, and it’s damn clear that the stupid guy/s behind the design didn’t even fucking care to make it visually appealing. I mean, as much I appreciate simplicity when it comes to website design, there’s a fine line between minimalism and sheer mediocrity. Fuck it, the content is presented in small thumbnails arranged vertically in the middle of the page so you only get to see about two thumbnails at a go and you have to scroll down to view the rest. Right below each thumbnail, there’s a short description of what to expect in the video as well as the date it was uploaded, and a button that allows you to leave a reply on the far right side of the thumbnail. Besides that, the rest of the home page is pretty much empty, giving the site a plain outlook.

Fucked Up user Experience

Ease of navigation is one of the key things that enhance user experience on a porn website. And these fucks did a pretty awful job at that. For starters, the website will redirect you randomly to other sites when you click on a thumbnail of a video you want to watch. Other times it will load the video on another tab but the video does not appear directly on that tab and you have to scroll down and read a bunch of shit about how this site is legit before you get to the actual video. And at other times the video you’ve been promised in the thumbnail’s description will contain totally different action from what you expect.

For instance, I was excited when I found a thumbnail with the description “Three Nigerian Guys Gang Fucking a Lagos Prostitute.” But when I clicked on the thumbnail, the video that came up showed only one black guy fucking some bitch missionary style and the video quality was equally fucking disappointing as things looked hazy. Another time I clicked on the “continue reading” link and the site redirected me to an online forex trading site. I was also pissed off by the fact that you must allow notifications on your PC before you can watch the videos.

These dumbass fucking Nigerians didn’t think it wise to have a header menu. Although there’s a basic feature, I didn’t find it useful. Fortunately, they have a menu icon on the left with a drop-down feature that allows you to search for material based on a few categories like videos, photos, upskirt, hotties, leaks, among others. And when I clicked on any category, I was directed to another page with a surprisingly better layout that the home page. I guess these fucks don’t understand that when it comes to porn site’s you don’t always have a second chance to impress. Having said all that, it’s quite obvious that this site leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to layout, design, and navigation.

A Ton Fuck of Annoying Ads

I don’t even know where to begin on this. Honestly, there’s no way you are going to find some fap-worthy material on this site without getting fucked in one way or the other by the fucking annoying ads. I mean, it’s like the fucking dudes behind the site deliberately decided to make an already awful experience into a deeply disheartening one. Besides betting ads, you’ll also find a shit load of fucking ads promising skin lightening creams, bitches searching for sex partners in your neighborhood, help with forex trading, betting tips, and a whole lot of shit that doesn’t have anything to do with Nigerian porn. Seriously, at this point, I was already like – to hell with this shit. I just can’t stand this and their fucking bullshit. I’d rather try finding somewhere else if I want to jerk off to some ethnic African porn.

The Upside

At least the only good thing I have to say about the site is that it’s free to access the content. But given the agony you have to go through, I don’t even think the fact that it’s free is really worth it.

The Downside

I have a ton fuck of bullshit I can bitch about this site. I guess, if you’ve been reading this review from the beginning you already know what the fuck I mean. The design is fucking mediocre and navigation is a real pain in the ass. I think there’s someone out there who can come up with a better design even on a fucking word processor. Playing the videos, let alone downloading them, which is supposed to be free is another fucking pain in the ass. And the site is always teeming with all sorts of fucking ads. I also doubt that the site is secure since it’s not on a secure HTTPS platform and since you’re dealing with Nigerians here, it’s easy to expose yourself to all sorts of risks. Look, I could go on like this forever. In fact, I can write another whole review just to dismiss this site because of all the shit you have to go through just to find some tasty ethnic African porn.

My Final Take

I guess, there’s nothing much I can add about They still have a long way to go before they can be considered serious players in the porn world. Even going by third-world standards, these guys are too fucking low. I suggest you only visit the site if you really don’t have anything meaningful to do with your time.

ThePornDude likes NaijaUncut's

  • Free authentic ethnic African porn

ThePornDude hates NaijaUncut's

  • Numerous annoying ads
  • Mediocre design and frustrating navigation
  • Videos can’t play
  • Not secure
  • Totally awful, even depressing experience