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Updated on 15 January 2022
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As such a simple porn place, I am surprised how well actually works. I mean, at first glance, who would’ve thought that this place was even worth the visit… it looks quite fucking crappy. However, their functions and content are fucking great, which is the only thing that matters. Of course, this place has a lot of ups and downs, and if you are interested in technicalities and all that crap, continue reading.

Everyone is into a different type of pornography, right? That is why there are so many different categories, to begin with, and here you will mostly have the amateur category, so if you were hoping for some professional pussy slamming, well you better look elsewhere. Then again, when you see a free porn site, the first thing most of us consider is that the site is filled with amateurs, right? Obviously, there are many exceptions, but not in this case.

Crappy design, but lots of content.

What the hell I sup with such sites in 2k19? Have you been lost in time, or what the heck? I hate to see sites that look so fucking crappy still up and running in this day and age, but what can you do. At least the content they have to offer is fucking great but other than that, I am sure you will be annoyed with their design as much as me. On top of that, be prepared to see a lot of annoying ads, especially if you do not have the Ad-block add-on.

There were also a bunch of pop-ups, that really ruined my mood, and obviously, they will show up when you want to play any of the videos presented on this site. Their homepage will have a list of videos you can scroll through, and I am very interested as to why they do not have normal pagination… like what the fuck… you can just click on previous or next, and that is about it.

Oh boy, when it comes to fixing this site up, there is a lot I want to say… and I am not sure where to start. However, I will keep it short, and if you lads want to fix your place, you are more than welcome to ask for advice. In case you are somebody who loves aesthetically pleasing porn sites, I have reviewed many others for you to check out. Do not worry, I am not a one-trick-pony.

On top of the site, they do have the usual menu, which I am thankful for but I would not be surprised if they did not offer such a simple thing. You can choose between different tabs, and I shall go over every single one of them, just to give you an idea of what the fuck this place has to offer on top of offering so much naughty crap.

Hottest amateur porn videos, that you can also download!

All their content will be listed on their homepage since there is really no separate video section, which is kind of sad since I was hoping that they had a better overall listing system than whatever the fuck this is. Here you will have to go back to see what they have, and forward later… but like, that way of listing their shit can be rather annoying, believe me.

However, other than that, they have a great selection of amateur porn clips, so I can’t complain too much. Not to mention that all of their naughty videos are free, so if you came here just for that free content, I am sure that you are not allowed to complain pretty much. If you prefer sites with great aesthetics, HD content, and professionals, then you should search for a premium site instead.

Since all of the content they offer here is amateur pornography, you should not expect too much from their quality as well. I mean, we all know that free porn sites are not known to offer high-quality content, and while their content is quite fappable, their quality is not that great. For the most part, they have a solid quality or good, but I have not yet seen an HD video…

That does not really surprise me since I already expected something along those lines. Now, for their actual content, I’ve seen a lot of random crap. The amateur community tends to be very random, which is why they are a great change of pace, seeing as how professional porn tends to be the same. If that becomes repetitive, here you have a great site with lots of free content.

I’ve seen a lot of solo clips, where the chick will film herself while using her fingers or a number of toys to pleasure her love tunnel… There were also a bunch of POV videos, where the chick would give her all to suck a throbbing dick and the basic ones where the couple filming the video would fuck. There is not much I can say about their content, because they offer a huge variety… so I am sure that you will find the naughty content that will make your dick hard.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard, right? If you love watching kinky chicks get naughty with their spouses, friends or whatnot, you are more than welcome to explore what has to offer. But, this is all amateur content, so do not expect the porn to have an actual plot, or to be of high-quality… which should have been implied.

Below every clip, you will have a download button, and I was honestly surprised to see that that button actually works and allows you to download the videos for free… without any additional questions, registrations, payment or any of that bullshit. Well, if you love the sound of that, you should visit and create your own personal collection of porn on your PC.

Other features worth the mention…

As I have said, there are lots of options listed on top, and I shall briefly tell you about each one of them. The ‘Notice/Contact’ page gives you what you would expect it to…. SIKE… no, it does fucking not. For some reason, that tab will always open a different ad, and it often leads you to a webcam website, which is very weird…

The ‘Chat’ tab looks like it will not work, but apparently, it does. However, when I joined the chat, through a simple process, I was the only one in the chatroom. I stayed there to see if anyone else would eventually join, but there was nobody else there for the rest of the day, so that section might work fine, but it is pretty much useless.

Since this is an amateur site, you have the right to upload your own dirty clips, and the process is very simple. Just upload the file you want, give it a title and make sure to register. Uploading amateur pornography is how this site stays alive, so if you like to film your own porn videos, why not contribute? It can be very fun.

They also have a section where they will explain how you can become their partner, and what benefits they offer. I think this is very straightforward, and if that is what you are interested in, you should check out that section of the site. Bigger sites should help out smaller ones, and so on, for obvious fucking reasons, right?

The last tab allows you to advertise whoever and whatever the fuck you want on their site. Now, I would advise you not to do this simply because they have too many ads, that make my experience here fucking annoying. But, if you want, I thought it would be important to mention that they have a section that will allow you to do so.


So, the Porn Dude, is this site worth the visit or not? Well, this all depends on what the fuck you are searching for in the first place. If you were looking for some great amateur pornography with some of the hottest amateur chicks I have seen so far, then this place will surely satisfy your dirty desires. They have lots and lots of videos with naughty amateur chicks, and you can also download the videos for free. So, visit the site and have fun watching.

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