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Updated on 15 January 2022
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You probably thought I went mad before you clicked on this review. “What the fuck are you doing, PornDude? LiveLeak isn’t porn. I don’t come here for news. I’m not interested in what’s going on in the world, I just want to ignore all of that, find something good to watch, and spend the night with my cock in my hand.”

Well, listen up, idiot. Did you ever stop to think that maybe I know something that you don’t? You’re here because you know that I’ve got something you don’t (a brain, critical thinking skills, a girlfriend, etc.). So suspend your disbelief for a bit and listen up. LiveLeak has porn. No, that’s not all it has, but look closely and you’ll find some fucking hot shit. You’ll also find some incredibly fucked up shit, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. That’s why I’m telling you about LiveLeak, if you can take the cocks out of your ears long enough to pay attention for a second.

LiveLeak started off as a repository for gonzo citizen journalism. They allow user submissions and are firmly in favor of freedom of speech and against censorship. It got famous years back when they were the first site to leak a video of Saddam Hussein’s neck snapping. But I know what you’re like. You don’t care about journalistic integrity. You don’t care that LiveLeak gives the voiceless a voice, or the oppressed a way to fight back. You’re a selfish little prick who just wants to bust a nut. Don’t worry about it too much, I am too. So for you, when you come to LiveLeak, ignore the news. Ignore anything that some stuck-up college professor would call “important.” Go straight to the good stuff—the sex section.

More Than Just Porn

Even here, a lot of what you’ll see isn’t porn. Some of this still falls under news, even if it is news that’s slightly more exciting than Middle-Eastern politics. If you can read while all of the blood in your body is rushing below your belt, you may even want to try a few of them. Some of the videos are only related to sex in name only, while others might surprise you.

How, you might ask? Put two and two together, why do I have to spell everything out for you?

Let’s take it step by step. Recall that LiveLeak allows users to submit completely uncensored videos of just about anything—if you’re walking down the street and you see something fucked up, LiveLeak wants to have it.

Now, remember that they have a specific section for sex. So what are we left with? A place where people can film and upload the often illegal and strange sex acts that they see in public. Even in the landscape of hardcore porn, this is rare. A vast majority of sites won’t touch stuff like this, and even the ones that don’t restrict it entirely don’t exactly attract it.

LiveLeak has the perfect storm of factors that lead to the internet’s best source of real, honest, public sex videos. So let’s dive in and see what we can find.

The sex page on LiveLeak looks like just about any other news site. You’ve got headlines, teasers, and thumbnails. You can see when a video was uploaded, how many people have watched it, and how popular it is. If you’re logged in you can even rate the videos so that other people can find the good stuff even quicker. It’s not much, but it works.

The default sort is roughly chronological—it’s all of the most recent news, excluding some of the stuff that the community has decided isn’t worth looking at. This is probably the best place to get a feel for what LiveLeak offers. You’ll see some funny stories and some absolutely vile shit for sure. One of the first things I saw was a hilarious article about weird sex laws—amusing and interesting, but not exactly something I’m going to jerk off to. Then I ran into an article titled “Romney’s Sex Fantasy About Trump.” I closed my eyes, scrolled down, and now I’m trying to pretend that doesn’t exist. I’ll deny it does if you ever bring it up.

Uncensored, Raw Public Fucking

“But PornDude,” you say, continuing to annoy me despite the fact that I’m fucking showing you a whole new world right now like the ungrateful asshole that you are. “What kind of sex videos do they have?”

You’ve got two eyes and two hands making you completely capable of figuring that out for yourself, but since I’m a fucking saint I’ll walk you through things. I guess a brain is important too and you’re lacking that, so maybe this is necessary.

If it happens in public, it’s on LiveLeak somewhere. There are some absolute gems here that you would never think to look for, and that won’t show up anywhere else.

Surprise surprise, you’re not finding any porn? Well, it turns out you need to use that tiny brain of yours for about five seconds to get to the good stuff. Unless you’re lucky enough that one of the most recent videos uploaded has some sex in it, use the sorting tools. I’ve had good luck sorting by views, but sorting by scores and comments works as well.

Pick one of the three and you’ll find what you came for—rare public sex videos that are so on the verge of being illegal that even dens of debauchery like Motherless won’t touch them.

Want to watch drunk teenagers fucking in the bathroom of a bar? I hope you do, because there are so many videos of that exact situation on LiveLeak that you might not be able to avoid them if you wanted to.

How about tourists getting sucked off by hookers in the middle of the street in broad daylight? You’d be surprised how often it happens, and even more surprised by how often it gets caught on tape.

Or hey, another thing that shows up surprisingly frequently—homeless people fucking. This makes sense, I guess—they’re people too, and it’s not like it would be easy for them to find a private place to go do the dirty. And, as we’ve discovered, if it happens, it’s on LiveLeak, so you’ll be able to find videos of it here if you look hard enough.

That’s just scratching the surface. This is the normal stuff LiveLeak has on offer, the type of stuff that your average porn fan would probably be into, even if they’ve never seen it before so they weren’t exactly aware that they liked it.

Careful What You Wish For

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find some even stranger stuff. Whether you call it fucked up and disgusting or whether you think it’s the holy grail depends on how deep your mental issues run, so I’ll just play it safe and call it the “different” porn.

You know what, fuck that. You’re a freak and it’s time people stop pretending you’re not. I won’t judge you, but I’ll call it what it is. If you’re a freak and you need to watch fucked up shit to get your rocks off, LiveLeak has your back. I don’t want to get into too much detail here because that might scare off some of our more squeamish readers, but if it happens in public and a video of it happening doesn’t violate at least ten or fifteen laws, you’ll find it if you look hard enough.

If you do have a weak stomach, though, be careful what you click on. Reading a headline is scarring enough, but you might never get some of the images that you can find on LiveLeak out of your head once you’ve watched them. If you read something so fucked up that you think it must be a joke, and that the video couldn’t possibly actually show that, don’t click.

Or do. You’ll only make the mistake once. Unless, of course, it awakens something inside of you and you find yourself incredibly turned on by the thought of two people having sex on the street at night being run over by a car. If this happens, congratulations—you just found your new favorite porn site.

ThePornDude likes LiveLeak's

  • Real public voyeur sex videos, nothing fake or staged
  • Interesting sex-related news stories

ThePornDude hates LiveLeak's

  • You have to wade through a lot of shit to find the gold