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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I know there’s a ton fuck of porn tubes and other websites that serve a dizzying array of all sorts of kinky shit for the fapping pleasure of all you sick perverts out there. But honestly speaking, I find most of those sites too monotonous, serving the same old shit over and over. That’s why it’s always refreshing whenever I come across a porn tube that serves premium erotica, all for free, covering all your usual categories of porn and new kinks on a neat platform. I was really excited to land on in my frantic quest to find something refreshing. And today I will strip this free premium porn tube for you so you don’t have to waste your fucking precious time trying to find something to help you polish your pole.

History of the Site

Let me start by mentioning that this site claims that it has been serving high-quality porn for years, but it doesn’t actually mention how many years. Anyway, who gives a fuck about how many years they have been in the game? I guess all you should really care about is the content right? Well, I did some scanty research about the site’s owner and discovered that the site belongs to the SpankWire suite of sites and is owned by a British Virgin Islands corporation known as Glorious Holdings Investment Ltd. And that’s just about everything I need to mention about the site’s fucking history in this review. Now let me get into the more juicy stuff about the kind of smut you expect to find in here!

A Fucking Blinding Basic White Theme

I must say I was kind of pissed off with the fucking blinding basic white theme of the site. Given that it belongs to the SpankWire sites, I expect it to have a theme that’s somewhat similar to the other sites in the network. I mean, who the fuck creates a porn site that has a fucking basic white theme? The layout itself reminds me of the old design of the YouTube page. Unless you literally want to go blind, the bright theme of this site might feel cozy for all those cuckold husbands who want to jerk off and housewives who love to masturbate right after having breakfast. But the seasoned porn connoisseur enjoys it better in the darkness of night.

Plenty of Videos With a Wide Variety of Kinks

One of the notable features of the site as far as the videos it features go is that it has a special page dedicated to pornstars. I know some of you sick fucks out there might really care about being familiar with info about the slit you’re watching and feel like you’ve scored some points there. But honestly, I find this fucking desperate. In my view, it doesn’t matter if the pussy I’m watching is getting drilled with a stiff 9-inch cock or a dildo because that’s what all the bitches in this world are made to do. In any case, I will still get a fucking hard boner whether I’m watching a pornstar or your regular neighborhood whore on the receiving end. So nobody fucking cares about having a page dedicated to pornstars. It’s all the same, pussy getting boned really hard!

Having said that, let me talk about the nice videos I found here. I found the videos in here covering a wide variety of niches, which is pretty awesome because it covers a lot of bases. Apart from the classic amateur, teen, interracial, and anal categories, I also found 3D pron, vintage sex, hentai, BDSM, and webcam recordings. The videos can be as short as a minute or two, while others go for well over an hour while offering up to HD playback and various streaming options. And it gets even better as there are options to download the videos, but you have to register as a member first, which is totally free of course.

Overall, the videos on this site vary quite a lot, from the ordinary POV videos to crazy gang bang and orgies and even some more freaky clips. I can say that the brains behind tried to cover all the basics, and threw in some extra kinky shit to enhance your fapping pleasure. But I have to warn you that if you’re the kind of pervert who is always looking for extremely kinky shit, I am sorry to let you know that you must be pretty fucked up, and you won’t find much content that could please you here. But I bet you will find the naked girl of your dreams here performing in some of the most exhilarating scenes, from hot blondes, redheads, and brunettes to sizzling ebony hotties and buxom Latinas.

Some Tempting Perks for Signing Up

I already mentioned that signing up as a member on is free. The page makes sure to mention it a couple of times throughout the registration process, so you have nothing to worry about. Now let me take you through some of the benefits that you get to enjoy for signing up. Once you sign up, you can watch full-length hardcore HD videos, and gain access to a vast database of more than 300 premium studios and 12,000 pornstars. The process is also quite simple, so really don’t have an excuse not to join, unless of course, you’re a dumb jack ass who doesn’t understand simple processes easily.

As a member, you also get to download and upload videos, post your boring comments, and bookmark your favorites. The registration page is quick to point out that there’s a shit load of “hot” videos that you must check out, and they are usually on top of the page so you don’t have to wander around too much trying to find something to jerk off to. Then it will suggest for you the most recent clips that have been posted to the site by the users. And you also get to watch the hot trending pornstars in action. So don’t waste your fucking precious time, if you need to have a good wank and visit right now because I can’t mention everything you can see on it.

User Experience

First of all, I was really pissed off by the fact that this place told me I must disable Ad-block if I want to enjoy all the features. Frankly, whenever a site demands that I must turn off my ad-blocker, it immediately loses some of my respect. And for that reason, I give this site the goddamn middle finger. But I still decided to persevere through that shit so I could present you this review and honestly I felt the site is still worth a visit. In terms of user experience, the site works just fine. Apart from the fucking blinding white theme, which is literally a death wish if you’re opening the site at night, I enjoyed navigating through the site. Generally, the layout is pretty basic and there’s nothing that’s fucking special.

The Upside

The first thing about that impressed me is the ton fuck of videos I found here. The site features more than 800K erotic videos in a wide array of categories and niches so you can always find something that will get the junk in your pants pumping with excitement. Additionally, there are numerous great videos in HD and it’s all free to enjoy this content. The fact that signing up is free and gets you some special privileges is an awesome bonus for all you fucking cheapskates out there. The site also features other sites within their network, which is a welcome bonus too.


I will say it again that the design of the site almost made me blind and I didn’t take kindly to this aspect of the site. I also didn’t like the fact that I had to turn off my Ad-blocker to enjoy the full features that the site offers. The site actually lost some of my respect due to this issue. Lastly, I really don’t give a fuck about the dedicated pornstars’ section that they have so I suggest they do away with it.

ThePornDude’s Final Take

In a nutshell, is as great as any other free porn tube out there but with some added unique, exciting features. With thousands of videos and scenes in a broad array of niches, you have any trouble finding something that will satisfy your wanking experience. But all that depends on whether you are ready to withstand the fucking bright, white theme that almost made me go blind when viewing the site at night. Otherwise, I suggest you visit the site for some awesome, free porn.

ThePornDude likes KeezMovies's

  • A ton fuck of amazing HD movies
  • The site is totally free
  • Basic categories and additional niches and kinks covered
  • Free to register as a member and some additional privileges
  • Additional sites in their network

ThePornDude hates KeezMovies's

  • A freakishly bright, white blinding theme
  • You must turn off ad-blocker to enjoy all features