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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The first time you visit kaotic.com, I am quite fucking sure that you will be very confused as to what the fuck this site has to offer. I mean, there is a lot of content, but many videos will cause your stomach to turn around, which is not something that I personally enjoy. On the other hand, there are some pornographic videos, too, and for the sick fucks who enjoy this shit, I am here to tell you everything that kaotic.com has to offer.

I am sure that at first glance, you might think that this site is quite plain or ordinary, but it is far from that. I mean, just explore a bit yourself, or continue reading, what else could I say. The site is very simple when it comes to the overall design, and because of that, you will be able to find your way around with ease.

On the homepage, you will obviously have a bunch of random videos listed, and even without creating an account you can watch all of the clips. Now, whether you will want to actually watch any of these clips is up to you, because I personally did not really enjoy most of this shit. I did explore quite a bit, and you have videos that will make your cock hard and videos that will make you question our humanity, pretty much.

So, if you are easily grossed out, or you find a lot of shit icky, you are not really going to enjoy 90% of the content on this site. The videos here represent reality, and what happens today that we mostly do not get to see. For example, have you ever wondered how a decapitated person looks after a car crash? If you have, you are fucking weird, but you are probably going to enjoy kaotic.com’s content then.

From people who lost their limbs in accidents, to chicks who get their heads shaved because they were being bad. I also found a lot of other questionable videos… like I said, I am not really into this crap. Well, you can watch all of it for free, but you can also create an account, that allows you to comment on different clips and chat with other members.

For those who are extra fucking weird and have a special shit they are into, you also have a special page for categories. Obviously, the categories are also very weird; you have tags such as funny, justice, suicide, shooting, robbery, fans and so on… That is quite disturbing on so many levels, but on the other hand, this is also a very unique website that some people could enjoy browsing.

If you want to talk to people who share the same weird obsession with bizarre crap, you should visit their forum page, which is self-explanatory, as I am sure we all know how forums work. While the forum page is a part of their site, it does look a bit different, and from the very start you will be asked to sign in or register, which should, again, be fairly obvious.

Once you create an account, you can chat with other sick fucks about shit on this site, or ask them anything you want to know. There will be many already created threads but if you have something in mind that has not yet been asked, you can also create your own topic and have some fun discussing that shit with the other members of their community.

On top of that, they have a special section on the forum page for webchat, which I did not explore that much, but you basically get an opportunity to chat with other members. As a member, you will be able to share videos yourself by uploading them to the website, and keep in mind that they do not always have to be gore videos; you can also upload pornographic content if you want.

For some reason, they offer a link to a site called efukt.com, and there you have plenty of other fucked up shit you can explore. However, that is a completely different site, so I will not really be explaining that crap here. I will just say that if you love kaotic.com, you will surely love efukt.com as well. One of the oddest things on this site, excluding the content they have to offer, are their overall functions.

For some reason, when you open the site as a whole, the usual menu offers different shit than when the site is opened in a smaller window. For example, when I open it normally, I get a suggestion called ‘Crazy Shit’ which takes you to another site that offers similar crap like here, while if I open the site in a smaller tab or on my phone, I get a tab that is called ‘Live sex’…

This shit really confuses the fuck out of me, as I do not really understand how somebody can fuck up their site this much. In addition, I realized that no matter which porn video I clicked on, the porn clip was never really from this site, I was taken to another website where I could enjoy that clip instead. However, all of the gore and fucked up shit is actually from this site… quite fucking weird if you ask me. Overall, if you are a fucked up person who loves to watch shit that will make most people vomit or not eat for a week, then you will surely enjoy kaotic.com. I mean, sure there are some pornographic videos offered as well, but I highly fucking doubt that people actually come here to watch porn…

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  • A lot of fucked up videos…

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  • Too many fucked up videos
  • Annoying ads
  • Questionable site functions