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Updated on 15 January 2022
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It’s obvious that all you porn lover wanting to cut your cravings for being aroused from the brain downwards always never have a shortage of options. There’s a multitude of options including hundreds of free or premium porn tubes and sites with a shit load of erotic content to help you polish your pole. However, most, if not all, of them are totally self-sufficient. I mean, some of them only feature a limited number of categories of erotica while there’s a ton fuck of them. Most of these sites will feature erotic videos only, images only, animation only, and some an assortment of both but nothing is nearly bang-up enough. I’m cocksure some of you sick fucks would die without porn and wouldn’t dare miss the latest release and trending porn videos and pictures. And that’s why I went through the extra trouble of finding an amazingly satisfying site in the name of

Intro Promises

I must mention that this is not your average porn site you porn craving perverts. In fact, this is the real deal since you can sample all sorts of erotic content regardless of where it’s coming from. Yeah, that’s right! You can search for videos and photos on major porn sites like Xhamster and Xvideos among other free and premium porn tubes and sites, and even on YouTube with just a few clicks to view or download. This site is literally like an all you can eat porn buffet. There are no search restrictions at all to whatever erotica gets the equipment in your pants throbbing with excitement.

Whether you need some Hentai, Ebony, anime, Latina, Japanese, and anything your sick fucking mind can conjure, this is the fucking real deal. As long as the content you want is on the goddamn web, you can be sure you’ll find it here, which is really fucking awesome. However, all this freedom comes with a caveat. The site mentions on its landing page that due to censorship in some regions, the site is not listed in search engine results. But that’s not a big deal because you can simply use the address to directly visit the site.

History of the Site

I did some bit of digging about the site’s history and discovered that it has been around for more than 11 years. It is owned by a Mr. Masaki Hori and although the site seems to be Japanese, I traced down its location to the United States. Its worth is currently estimated to be $298,080 and the site attracts 34,484 unique visitors per day with approximately 206,904 page views daily. According to Alexa’s rankings, the site has been ranked position 48,817 globally. And that’s all the fuck you need to know about the site’s history if you give a damn at all. Now let me delve into some of the more juicy stuff about the site to reveal some more surprising facts.

A Fucking Archaic, Cramped Up Design and Layout

I must admit that I wan not impressed at all by the first impression I got when I visited the site. The homepage looks somewhat scary and confusing especially since it is rather jumbled up and has an archaic look. There’s a ton fuck of writings and links, mostly in Japanese, and I got really confused at first because I took some time before I could figure out how I am supposed to navigate through the site. As you scroll down there are more writings and links and a huge thumbnail of 3 Japanese dudes and one chick who are all smartly dressed and look like they are celebrating some event over a dinner table. I couldn’t figure out what the fuck this thumbnail is supposed to mean or what function it’s supposed to serve on an adult site.

Fuck, there’s even a thumbnail of the Japanese Prime Minister! Overall, everything on the first page looks really messy and you might wonder if the site actually works. But if you think about it, this is a place where you simply want to pick whatever the fuck you want and get on with your fapping pleasure, which is precisely the main point behind the site, right!

How the Fuck do I Navigating the Site?

I already mentioned that from the first impression of this site’s appearance, I was pissed off because navigating through the site seemed like a real pain in the ass. Honestly speaking, simply looks boring right from the first time you visit. The plain white background with a ton fuck of writings and, in Japanese, and the thumbnails that are totally unrelated to the content of the site is some pure bullshit. In my opinion, it’s hard for anyone who doesn’t have an idea of how shit works on this site to stay put for long and one would quickly lose interest. And for this reason, I give the site the fucking middle finger!

However, I have to give the brains behind this site a thumbs up for adding numerous language tags including English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Deutsch, Korean, and more. There are also some helpful sorting features to simplify your navigation experience. They include popular search lists, popular tags, among others. The site also has two search tools to assist you in searching for content that you are craving for.

What’s Really in It for Users? basically serves as a search tool that uses an algorithm to sort out searches on the web-based on popularity and similarity. This enables users to search whatever erotic images and videos they would like to view or download and the site will provide the links for download or viewing regardless of what porn site or tube the images or videos are from. It’s like a free gate pass with limitless access so all you broke ass porn lovers don’t have an excuse as to why you would not find something erotic to jerk off to. And you don’t even have to worry about finding premium shit since there’s a shit load of it and some of it is up to 1080p.

In a nutshell, the site has really made it easy for porn consumers to find some jizz-worthy content with minimal effort. If you are looking for general porn content, you can look through the popular tags, porn videos links, popular searches, or existing images. Here you’ll find shit like pussy sushi, incest, nylon pussy on Porn Hub, dare, and more.

The two search options I mentioned earlier are meant for you shitheads looking for specific content; a YouTube downloads search and a general search for nasty erotic photos. All you need to do for both options is to enter your searches and click on the download or search button. If you want to download the images that are already available on the site, you only have to right-click on the images and voila! You add them to your collection of fappable content.

The Upside About this Site

Although the plain white simple design and layout of the site is hideous, it’s kind of impressive at the same time in some ways. At first, it looks very difficult and confusing but once you get to know what the fuck is going on, it’s a total breeze, like taking off your girlfriend’s panties before sex. The site is very helpful if you want to do a quick search for dirty videos and images online. The fact that it’s all free and there are no restrictions at all on the kind of content you can search for is a welcome bonus for all porn enthusiasts. Additionally, language tags are really helpful since you can enjoy the site in many languages of the world. Navigating the site is quite simple once you get the feel of it. Lastly, the site offers access to a shit load of erotic content and most of the videos are of really good quality.

The Downside

The site’s appearance will really piss you off as it’s very basic with a plain white background and lots of writings that look disorganized. It will also take you some time before you can figure out what the fuck the site is supposed to do. To make matters worse, numerous annoying pop-up ads seem to pop up from everywhere as you try to do your shit.

ThePornDude’s Final Take is quite a useful free erotic search engine. The fact that there are no restrictions on what you can search and searching for jizz-worthy content is easy and fast is an awesome bonus. However, they could do a few things to make the site better and the first thing they should do is create a better-looking homepage. They should also have a FAQ section to help readers figure out how to use the site and get rid of those shitty pop-up ads.

ThePornDude likes JPG4 ('s

  • Free unlimited searches
  • Loads of links to erotic content
  • Useful sorting features
  • Tons of quality videos and images

ThePornDude hates JPG4 ('s

  • Annoying pop-up ads
  • Boring and confusing site design