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Updated on 15 January 2022
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At its very core, Iyot Tube is a fantastic porn tube that focuses on some of the most underrated girls in the Asian porn scene; Thai and Filipino in many amateur galleries and videos. These South East Asian chicks will pose and strip solo, fuck and suck dicks, take cum shots, get their fuckholes stuffed with huge rods and so much more. Looking at how depraved some of the sluts are, it’s hard to imagine there are not many more sites featuring Pinay babes as there are Japanese sites. That’s a question I’ll probably have to ask one of the sites millions of viewers.

Like I quickly discovered in my daily task of looking for masturbation portals, Iyot Tube is the home of sex scandals where you can catch the hottest amateur Filipino babes getting nasty on camera with their tiny fit bodies, charming eyes, perky tits, and some sensual moans as they move from sucking cocks to licking moist twats without missing a stroke. Is there something these whores can’t do? Let’s take a mini-tour of Iyottube.com and find out.

Curious choice of a domain name

Well, anyone who is not Filipino must be wondering what the fuck Iyot means. I have a limited grasp of the language, but when the site’s motto is “Sex Scandals”, you know it is certainly something lecherous. Google seems to suggest that iyot means “attacking a woman sexually” although it could simply mean sex. Either way, we can all agree; it’s probably not something you would be encouraged to utter in the presence of your elders. Think of it like telling your grandma to go fuck herself.

Your elders aside, uttering the f-word is not considered as scandalous, so these fucks might have to give me something more depraved. What kind of sex scandals are we talking about here? Does it have something to do with the naked, sweet looking whores on the homepage? The site appears to focus more on amateur porn, which is a good thing because I’d jerk off to amateur sluts all day long. Anyone looking for raw, unadulterated amateur whores doing all manner of nasty, this is the real fucking deal. The girls here look soft on the outside, but they are clearly little sexual devils in the inside. They are hot and exotic as fuck and I better jerk off to one of these right away.

Beware; ugly ass layout

Whoever designed this site clearly has little idea on what makes a decent site layout. The outlook is ugly as fuck and it doesn’t look like a lot of effort was expended towards making the site attractive. I sure like the black hue for a background as it means you can go about your perverted nighttime activities without worrying about losing your sight, but there is not much else to write home about.

However, the site has provided users with several filtering options. The search feature, for instance, allows you to search through videos, images, and models among other options. By default, the site presents you with the most recent videos although there are options to filter the content by all time, today, last 7 days and last 30 days. There is also an upload button at the top right although you will inevitably have to be a registered user to utilize it. At the very top of the homepage is a list of the site’s ‘friends’ which includes yours truly. However, you can still expect a bluntly honest review from me, and if the site is fucking you up, I won’t sugarcoat.

Am I the only one confused with the rating system?

Just like many porn tubes, Iyot Tube has a thumbs up/thumbs down rating system although I was left confused as to its applicability. For instance, every video on the homepage either has a 0% rating or 100%. Excuse me, how does that even work? One of the recent videos titled ‘carla dorimon scandal’ has 1199 views and a 100% rating while another one titled ‘hotel sex with Asian girlfriend’ has 1074 views but a 0% rating. Who is fooling who?

Plenty of fapworthy videos

Throughout the site, there are hundreds of homemade vids starring South East Asian chicks who are all natural and shit (look away freaks who prefer huge knockers). However, most of the clips are shorter than your cock, and you will struggle to find videos longer than 5 minutes. The rows of screenshots below the video player would be more useful if the videos were longer. Additionally, most of them come in pretty mediocre quality, and one of the videos I watched had a shaking camera, and it was hard to pick out the penetration and other treacherous acts. I know it’s an amateur site and shit, but if these fucks are going to record themselves having sex, at least invest in a better camera and know how to handle it. Additionally, none of the videos I watched seemed scandalous to me, unless they have a different definition of scandals in the Philippines. Much of the sex seems pretty much consensual, only homemade.

The only positive thing is the social media features baked in as you can comment, like, share, or flash videos. A download button has been thrown into the mix as well in case you are down for filling your hard drive with mediocre quality stuff. What about me, you ask? No thank you.

That said, videos have been availed in categories although most are represented by professional thumbnails of mostly White pornstars getting fucked, something I find quite unusual for an Asian porn site. There are not too many categories here either with just about 35 genres to check out. Most of them are what you would expect in another porn tube, but there are a few uncommon ones including Pinay, Pinay 18+ Movies, and Molested. The videos in the last category are as rough and rapey as you would expect and although the clips are few and far between, enthusiasts of violent sex will find something to get their little buddy standing at full attention.

Get an ad blocker as navigation is a fucking nightmare

There is no better way to say it; prepare yourself to be bombarded with an absolute shit-ton of pop-ups whatever you click. As if that’s not annoying enough already, you will be redirected to some stupid ass sites each time you attempt to click on practically anything on the site. How these fucks expect you to sample the content is still a puzzle. Unless you a good ad blocker, you will have a hard time finding anything on the site. Iyot Tube prompts you to register so you can use the interactive features, but trusting your email to a site with so many ads isn’t something I would recommend.

The site had it for me in terms of:

Free Thai and Asian amateur porn videos; anyone who gets a hard-on from seeing amateur Asian sluts having their brains fucked out will have a solid collection of amateur videos to pick from, all available for free.

Free downloads; the amateur videos featuring amateur Pinoy chicks are not only available for streaming, but they can also be downloaded which is sure to be good news for any collector of amateur smut.

Free photo galleries; besides the videos, users who prefer getting off still photos can pick from the hundreds of galleries in which these Asian whores are unafraid to show off each fold in their sexy bodies for your fapping pleasure.

Possible concerns

Mediocre layout; who the fuck designed this site? A fucking amateur could have done a better job for crying out loud. Such a hideous layout should not be seen on any site in 2019.

Tons of ads; you won’t have a shred of peace all thanks to the site’s innate ability to bombard you with annoying ads whichever part of the site you click. It’s so fucking frustrating if you don’t have an adblocker.

What I think should be done

The least I expect is for these sick fucks to sort out the ads menace if they are serious about leaving a mark on the Asian porn scene. Fuck, did I even have to the point that out? Bunch of twats.

Bottom line

Iyot Tube has a solid collection of amateur Filipino smut, and anyone looking for see a collection of amateur Thai porn with Pinay babes will have plenty to jerk off to. However, the site could use better organization and go slow on the ads. That said, there is still plenty to get your rocks off with scenes available for free stream and download. Ultimately, everything is free, so you have nothing to lose for giving it a shot.

ThePornDude likes iYotTube's

  • Free Thai and Asian amateur porn videos
  • Free downloads
  • Free photo galleries

ThePornDude hates iYotTube's

  • Mediocre layout
  • Tons of ads