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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Today we have to take a slight detour from our usual porn sites so that we can focus on something more significant than that. If you’ve been hanging around Reddit or any other site that allows sharing images, then you’ve probably heard about It’s a site specifically designed for storing and sharing regular photos and gifs, with a variety of different themes. Those themes range from the most innocent stuff, all the way to full-on pornographic pictures, so you actually have the freedom to search for and browse whatever you want. If that sounds interesting to you, stick around while I pave my way from kitten images to probably something much more deranged, because, after years of reviewing porn sites, that’s just what my luck is.

<h3>The usual first section dedicated to homepage</h3>

The homepage is quite surprising. Of course, during my life, I’ve seen multiple pictures posted on, but it was usually just me clicking on the link, observing them, and then getting the fuck out of there. So I really haven’t seen much of But, now that I’m reviewing it, I can see that the homepage looks excellent for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s really fucking clean which I enjoy. No boring-ass options, no complicated buttons to click, no ads on the main page, nothing. The only thing that I’m conflicted about is the colors. Even though they look great and everything blends and functions pretty smoothly, I can’t help but think about how those cheery colors just remind me of a couple of things. First, it reminds me of those awkward Christmas cards that you used to get in elementary school, with corny ass messages on them. And second, it kind of looks like a Tumblr feed of a thirteen-year-old girl who thinks she’s special because she’s into emo bands and unicorns. All in all, the site pretty much is perfect, and I’m just complaining because I can.


Luckily, navigation on pretty much doesn’t exist, so this time, I’m not going to bore you with technical details. Some people say that if a site doesn’t offer many options, that the creators are lazy and they suck. Well, I will tell you that it’s actually quite the opposite, and I’m telling you that because sometimes I can be lazy, and I can suck. It’s on specific days though, but I’m still pretty happy about myself, as much as I’m pleased about this site. The only real option that’s tied to the content is ‘explore more tags’ because pictures on are pretty much divided by those, and that’s how you can search and get to your preferred tags or style of drawings/images, whatever you enjoy. Just hope it’s not unicorns and emo bands as I’ve already mentioned. And if you do, go back to 2013 where you belong in the first place.

As far as the browsing goes, the options are minimal there too, but they’re pretty good. You can sort by newest, popular, best, or random. And you can choose whether you want to play the content already while it’s on the feed, or whether you want to view everything as the list with the thumbnails of identical sizes. That’s pretty much it, and it’s almost… And hear me out… Like it’s made for its purpose, which is viewing images. I seldom see sites made this well, just to serve their original intent, and to fulfill their goal. In fact, this site is so well done that it can teach people too. Don’t stray away from your goal, and just do things necessary for that. Otherwise, you’ll end up like the other sites. And by that, I mean filled with boring crap which no one wants to know about. And most people today are like that. They think that in order to be interesting, you have to fill yourself with unnecessary stuff, and you have to be loud for causes that have nothing to do with you. Everyone wants to be special these days.

<h3>The perks and content</h3>

Well, the biggest perk is the fact that this site is free to use. You can post content, you can view other people’s content, and you can also download pictures. Maybe they don’t have a download option per se, but you can still download them if you’re familiar with the right-click on your mouse. If you’re not, go back to kindergarten and fix that immediately, because that’s a big shame. As far as the content on goes, as I’ve already said before, you pretty much have everything. Are you interested in sea horses? Go and check pictures of sea horses out? Are you a chick in eighth grade? Go and watch images of horses all day. You’re an edgy dude in high school who can’t get laid? Well, you can either listen to Bullet for my Valentine while fantasizing about being a superhero and kicking your bully’s ass. Or you can just hit the gym and become a fuckable person. I don’t know?

<h3>The tags</h3>

You can use multiple ways to search for tags on The first one is right where they are displayed, and where it says ‘more tags.’ I mean I don’t know if I’m talking to developmentally disabled people, but it should be reasonably accessible. You also have the search bar, and you can use that to browse even furthermore because the option ‘more tags’ really doesn’t offer you anything besides the most popular ones, and at least the third of them are about dogs. Yeah, yeah, dogs are cute, but can we stop with this culture of worshiping them? My friends have dogs and guess how they treat them? Like dogs. I literally can’t stand people who treat their dogs like they’re their kids. A dog is a companion, not your tool to ease the pain and suffering induced by crippling loneliness that you feel. Go outside and bond with people, for fuck’s sake.

If you click on a specific tag on, you’ll find that you’ll get a list of displayed photos and gifs, and that’s it. Nothing fucked up, nothing complicated. Just simple browsing. Find pictures that you want, and that’s it. It’s almost like it’s a library right here on the internet, but instead of it being some fucked up library for NSFW or occultist books, this is just a standard library with images that usually move, and that’s it. It’s quite surprising when you see how advanced we are. I mean, it’s even a shame. We browse the internet all day, and instead of using it for education and business, most of us just use it to watch porn and ‘memes,’ whatever the fuck they even are anymore.

If you click on a picture, though, it can get a little complicated. I click on one image on, and it lets me comment. I click on the next, and I get fifteen more images waiting for me, forming a chain, instead of allowing me to comment like an average person. That’s the only thing that I don’t like. You never know what you’re going to get. But better to never know here, than on other sites, you know? Here, I might get fifteen images of some kind of a beautiful park, while on other sites I’ll get galleries of midget porn, so yeah. I pretty much rest my case here.

<h3>Registration and conclusion</h3>

About the registration on, here’s what you need to know. First, if you have a Facebook, you can register with it. Same goes for Twitter, Google account, and a Yahoo account too. But, if you want to create a brand new account because you’re trying to search for porn or pictures of clowns or whatever you sick fucks are into, you can do that too. Your friends don’t have to know. Just create a username and type in your email. You’re going to have to create a secure password and to type it once again to confirm it. You also have a choice of giving them your phone number too, for security purposes, and that’s pretty much it for All in all, the site is fantastic, and the options are fresh and straightforward, you can easily browse them. You won’t find a place this practical anywhere else, which is what I really appreciate. The only thing I know is that they also have NSFW content because people always share it on Reddit, but you can’t really access it from the site alone, so to my O.G fans – you have to find your own way.

ThePornDude likes Imgur's

  • Good content
  • Easy to use
  • Totally free

ThePornDude hates Imgur's

  • The coloring
  • Tough to find certain tags
  • The comments are unstable