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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Looking for a free image hosting service? Of course, you fucking are, otherwise, why would you be here… a dumb question, my apologies. Now, let’s get back to the topic. is a site where you are allowed to use their free image hosting services, as you can store your photos forever, basically. But, just like any other site, there are a couple of ups and downs I want to address.

Obviously, this place is supposed to work just like any other image hosting site, but just like many other places out there, this also depends on the site itself; if you understand what I mean. Many sites tend to promise a lot of shit that they do not fulfill, and I am basically here to clear up all their shit. When you visit the site for the first time, there will be a wall of text explaining what you can expect to see; but how much of that is bullshit?

Great design, and user-friendly.

I was rather surprised to see that they had a design that made sense because places like this one tend to be full of shit. Well, you have a black design that makes everything easy on the eyes, and from the very beginning, you will be offered to upload your shit. I mean, that is what the site is all about, so that option needs to be presented at the very beginning, right?

On top of the site, you have all the shits that will help you navigate through… but it is not like you really need that much help with a site like this one. Well, you can check out everything has to offer for free, which is a good thing. Basically, you do not need to get dedicated without the need for dedication, and obviously, that is a big plus.

For those who want to use this site to the fullest should think about registering, for a number of obvious reasons. I mean, there is no need for you to do this, but at the same time, why the fuck not? This is pretty straightforward if you ask me, but for those who might be a bit confused, or it is their first rodeo with a site such as, do not worry. I am here to explain all this shit.

How does it work?

I am pretty sure most of you are interested in how does function, to begin with, right? Well, saying that it functions just like any other site that is dedicated to the same shit is a bit of a stretch when I just said that there might be some people who do not have a fucking clue how all this is supposed to work, to begin with.

Well, in simple terms, is a site where you can upload all kinds of dirty images, and if you create an account you are allowed to store the images online forever. I mean, what more would you possibly want, other than that? So, as I have mentioned, unlike other file-hosting sites, you do not have to create an account here, however, I would still advise you to do so if you intend to use this site often.

You are able to link directly to a full-sized image that you want to upload, and you will not be restricted with the bandwidth limitations. This site allows you to upload different types of images: GIFs both still and animated, PNG and JPG. If you try to upload anything else you will get rejected, obviously, but I think that those image files are good enough.

Now, for those who have a different format of the image they want to upload, like TIF or PSD, and you would like to upload that to this site, do not forget that there are many online sites that allow you to convert an image from one format to the other. On top of that, there are many programs that might already have that will allow you to do the same… so don’t be dramatic.

Now, there are also some limits that you should be respecting. First of all, you cannot upload images that are bigger than 10mb, but there is such a limitation on most file-hosting sites, so you might have already expected this. You are also not allowed to violate the terms and all that shit, but overall the photos will not be deleted, aka the storage is forever.

To register or not to register?

As I have mentioned, you can register if you want, or not, I personally do not give a shit, but you do have some benefits of registering. The registration is also free and simple, and it allows you to do some extra crap. Without an account, once the images are uploaded to this site, you will always be asked to clarify if this is an adult of family-friendly content.

You will also be asked whether you want a thumbnail or a full-sized image, and a lot of other shit. This is something that you will be asked every time you choose to upload an image, so if you intend to use this site often, you might as well make your time easier and create an account. Once you are a member, you are able to configure everything within their settings, and thus will remember all the shit you specified.

The account is free, so why the fuck not? I mean, with free registration, you will be able to configure a lot of personal shit. Including the option to easily delete, add, edit or comment on other galleries that were posted by the users of It all depends on you, and what the fuck you even want to use this site for. I guess, if you just want to upload one pic and be done with, you do not really need to register.

Quite a useful place for image uploading.

I do not think that this needs to be specified, but is a rather interesting and useful place for those who want to post their images online, and it also allows you to post dirty pics. So, if you are trying to create a dirty gallery of yourself or your own collection, you can just mark everything “adult” and post whatever the fuck you want; of course, it needs to be legal.

The images you upload can easily be shared on social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or even Reddit. You can choose the size of the uploaded links, and you can also choose the HTML code and BBCode links, that will be shown after the pics are uploaded. You can disable or enable commenting once you upload your picture.

If you are not registered, you will be given a delete link, which will allow you to do just that, if later you have decided that you do not want that picture online anymore. That same link can be used for you to disable or enable comments even after the image has been uploaded. As you can see, this place really thinks about their users.

On top of the site, there is a section that suggests that you can also upload a video on, but obviously that is just a link that will lead you to a site that allows that instead. That site is called and I’ve tried it out. Turns out that site works just as well as, but it is designed only for those who want to upload dirty videos and not images.


So, should you visit and use, or not? Well, for a site that allows you to upload your images online for free, and has so many options for both the registered and non-registered members, of fucking course, I’m gonna say that you should visit the site. I mean, if this place was fucking useless, I would not be wasting my precious time talking about an image hosting site, now would I?

All the details that the site itself has provided to the users are pretty much correct, and if you have read what I wrote above, then you already know everything you need to know about There is not much to be said; create an account for free, upload all kinds of images, comment on other people’s shit, delete the posts whenever you want or share them to social media. It is pretty simple and fun.

ThePornDude likes ImgBox's

  • Great user-features
  • Free image hosting site
  • No storage expiration
  • Supports hotlinking

ThePornDude hates ImgBox's

  • You cannot create titles or descriptions for your uploads