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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Free image sharing and hosting don’t always come easy. Image Bam, however, is an exclusion. The site is not exclusively dedicated to adult images, but The Porn Dude wouldn’t look at it twice if it didn’t allow it. If you are the kind that likes sharing erotic photos on sites like 4Chan, Reddit and other porn boards where you hook up with other kinksters, then you might want to stick around for this.

If there is a hard combination to find when it comes to image hosting and sharing sites, its speed and reliability. Luckily for you, The Porn Dude was researching for sites to review and bumped upon ImageBam, which features the aforementioned potent combination. The site knows the last thing you need is a slow, cumbersome, complicated and annoying way to upload your files and have saved you the agony.

This site can handle any file you are uploading. Better yet, the site supports compressed (zip) images uploading of up to 250MB in size which is ideal for archives without an index. There is also a 10MB file size download limit for pictures, with zero limits for the number of uploads or downloads. There are also no restrictions regarding the time your images can stay online. I tried it, and the speed was just incredible. You no longer have to worry about where to dump your huge collection of memes and other snaps you feel like sharing with other likeminded freaks. This is because the site promises to be there for you and your photos ‘Permanently, Reliably & Free!’ However, only JPG and PNG files are supported on the site.

Image Bam doesn’t require users to have an account, and a majority of the site can be accessed without a user account. Signing up is optional and among the benefits of having an account include photo management tools, the ability to organize your gallery and add titles and descriptions. Oh, and its 100% free to register so you might want to consider that.

Unlike other image hosting sites that focus on fostering a community and interactivity, Image Bam mainly focuses on its file hosting services. It simply provides users with a straightforward browser-based interface. That said, the site allows you to procure a link for files shared so you may share them on other platforms, although you will have to be careful what you share since some social media sites are stricter with content shared on their website. Options for multi, basic and zip upload are available from the top navigation.

Users can also upload videos instantly, although the link directs to another site called Nevertheless, the porn dude’s best understanding, it’s the latest partner to team up with the suite to continue providing you with excellent, large-scale file hosting. The quality of service remains unchanged, and the site has a bigger capability to host the billions of files freaks like you plan on sharing and uploading. In return, you get crisp, gorgeous playback in HD quality, privacy (unless you share the links of course) and mobile support.

It is nearly impossible for a site to be more minimalistic than Image Bam has, and that’s why it has found a way into The Porn Dude’s good books. Uploading files is easy; all you need to do is drag and drop, copy and paste, or browse images from your computer. Thumbnail options include 100 by 100 pixels up to 350 by 350. You may also keep aspect ratio or go square. While the site may not require you to register, it is important to note that human editors will scrutinize the files.

It is difficult not to commend the site for giving their users a 100% ads free experience. No one wants to use a site that bombards them with ads after every five seconds. Ironically, The Porn Dude was left wondering how a website offering free services pays its bills. But I’m guessing that is none of my business.

There is no sleek and sexy design to write home about, but ultimately, The Porn Dude would choose simplicity over complication any time of the day. If you want a site that cuts out time and improves your ability to share photos and videos, then Image Bam should be on top of your list. The good folks on this site know a thing or two about maintaining high-quality standards, and you won’t be disappointed.

ThePornDude likes ImageBam's

  • Zip file support
  • Fast and reliable
  • Unlimited hosting
  • No ads

ThePornDude hates ImageBam's

  • No GIF optimization
  • No drag and drop