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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Oh boy, was I confused the first time I visited ichan.net… the fuck is this site even about? I am pretty sure that without a bit of my guidance you will react the same way, so aren’t you thankful I decided to create The Porn Dude persona? That’s what I thought. So those who are interested in forum-like content with lots of information about different pornographic shit.

Solid design, but a bit lacking.

I was rather surprised to see just how laid back this place was… I somewhat expected a site that is not really flexible when I saw how this place looked like. Oh well, even if they offer what they offer, and they look incredibly plain, I think that everyone can find their way around the site with ease. Now, this might be just my internet acting up, but it took a shit ton of time to load their site… which is never a good way to start.

The homepage tends to explain everything that a certain site has to offer, right? Well, that is not the case with ichan.net, as their homepage confused the shit out of me. It looks hella plain with nothing special to offer, just a list of some random ass tweets and some shits on the top of the site. I was not really fucking sure what the heck to expect…

Believe me, there are many ways to create a good homepage for your site, and this is definitely not one of them. I had to take my time and browsed through to actually find something legit, and if I did not give them a chance, I would have probably thought that this was just an ad or some shit. So, take notes; if your site looks like an ad from the beginning and is very confusing there is a high chance that not many people will give it a shot.

On top of that, creating a place that looks legit is really not that fucking difficult. So, please step up your game, as I think that ichan.net could really use some tuning. Of course, this also depends on what the fuck you want to portray to the audience, but we are all here for porn… and nothing at the beginning screamed porn, which is a big no-no.

Well, lucky for you, I am here to tell you everything you really need to know about this place. I am pretty sure that as long as you are into animated type porn, you will love what this site has to offer… and in case that does not sound like something you’d want to explore, I have reviewed many other places, and you are more than welcome to start browsing.

There are some sections that offer cosplays or something like that, which will obviously not be animated, but for the majority of my browsing here I found shit that could be classified as animated porn… even though you do not really have videos on the site. But, you do have many links that will lead you to other places where you can explore this shit.

Keep in mind that ichan.net works just like a forum should; you have a lot of different sections, where the users get to post whatever the fuck gets them interested, and you can decide whether that is something you might be into or not. On top of the site, you can see all the sections that this place has to offer, and it is pretty obvious that you should start from there.

Personally, I do think that ichan.net is worth the visit, but that also depends on what the fuck you are into. You can start by browsing the sections, but if you are not into anything that is mentioned above there is a good chance that you will not really enjoy what ichan.net has to offer, overall. What you choose to do from now on does not concern me, but those who want to know what this site has to offer can continue reading.

So, how does ichan.net work.

Apparently, the Twitter posts that are listed at the beginning are just tweets from them, where you can read their updates and all the shit concerning their site. For example, one of the Tweets said that they are down due to maintenance, the other was an update on a section where it said that Guro and Futanari sections were merged into one… I guess you get the gist.

The first section that is listed on top is the ‘Anime and Manga’ one, and I really do think that that shit is pretty self-explanatory. First of all, are you even into anime and manga? Because, if you are not, I am not really sure why the fuck you are still here. Now, the loading of these pages really took a long while, and personally, I found that annoying… and I am pretty sure that it is not because of my connection.

This section was filled with just what you would expect it to, lots of anime and manga suggestions. Most of these were legit suggestions to manga the users think you should read or anime you should watch, and there were some naughty suggestions as well. You also had a lot of images featuring fanart which tends to be on the naughtier side.

You can choose to do whatever the heck you want here, I mean, you can post your own shit, talk to the users, or check out what they have to offer… The second tab is ‘Technology’ which was a very boring tab, so I did not really look into it that much, especially when there was also a section dedicated to video games. Keep in mind that the three mentioned sections were all under the General one.

The next big section was the ‘Adult’ one, where you had 4 different subsections again. You have a place for all your dirty requests. Here I’ve seen people search for their favorite pornstar, or post some other type requests, or anything that would fall under the category. Most of these subsections are pretty self-explanatory, and some of them have their own rules mentioned at the beginning.

Then you had the sexy subsection where you will get to see lots of sexy images of hot babes and other shit that would count as sexy. There were some videos included, and by that I mean you had links that would lead you to a different site where you can check out the videos that were teased on ichan.net… as I said, it all depends on what the fuck you want.

The next two tabs were basically in the same category, one offered the naughty world of live cam sluts and the traps and trannies. I mean, these two sections were also filled with naughty images of appropriate content, and you get to explore that as much as you want as well. I’d say that these two were my favorites, along with the hentai one.

The third big section is for the hentai, and here you have a place for Rule 34… and those who do not understand what the fuck that is, is too fucking young to even be here. You also have the separate hentai and separate furry section, which are two subsections that are pretty self-explanatory… wouldn’t you agree?

Now the last section is dedicated to random shit… from links to different porn or regular content, to some random confessions, or funny stuff. So, explore the site and check out their sections, because, for the most part, they stay true to what they claim they offer. But since ichan.net is user-driven, you might find some misplaced shits here and there.

Worth a visit?

At the end of the day, everyone always asks me whether the site is worth the visit or not, because that is what most of us really give a shit about, right? Well, would I really be wasting my time it this crap was not worth it? Fucking not. I mean, you have the ups and downs, here and there, but for the most part, they are definitely worth exploring.

Start by reading the rules of the site, which will tell you more about posting and how this shit works, and then explore the site yourself. There is a lot you can see on ichan.net, and I think that you will love what this place has to offer, simply because you have a little bit of everything.

ThePornDude likes iChan's

  • Free site
  • Forum-like place
  • Some user-features
  • Naughty sections

ThePornDude hates iChan's

  • The design is garbage