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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Sometimes you have to put aside all those classic porn tubes you’ve been depending on for your fap-induced dopamine release all these years and get a little inquisitive with the porn you fap to. There are hundreds of those same old classic porn tubes plastered all over the XXX part of the internet, and the better part of them are essentially generic XXX domains which provide the same batch of videos in the same manner without switching it up a little bit in terms of content and/or presentation. These hoards of basic porn tubes which half of the world faps to during any given moment may be what internet pornography is best known for (which is of course easily accessible smut), but they do all start to blend in after a while, and this is noticeable from any given frequent or semi-frequent porno consumer who spends any time searching for some good porn online.

This isn’t your ordinary porn website – not only is it a community-ran treasury that contains all manner of pornography, but it’s also a domain that doesn’t present you the XXX content you’re longing for in a typical, orthodox manner that’s comparable to other XXX domains. For starters, Fritchy is a website with a foundation that’s built on discussion boards – these discussion boards are segmented into different topics depending on the kind of XXX content they cover. For example, you have classic/vintage boards, general boards, fetish-centric board and many others which focus on a certain genre or theme of porn. These boards would be barren if it wasn’t for this site’s incredibly active community which I personally found to be quite inquisitive when it comes to XXX content requests – some of these guys will find that one obscure video, porn star or imageset you’re searching for in minutes, regardless if it’s comparable to finding a needle in the haystack or not. This site practically lives off its community – without it it’d be nothing more than a content dump with download links attached, which probably wouldn’t amount to a very attractive XXX domain in general. But is Fritchy really the ideal porn forum board it’s cracked up to be, or does it hide several flaws beneath its otherwise promising front-end presentation?

Like Fapping to Still Images?

(babes solo, unknown girls, amateurs, ethnics, and hardcore)

Still, images are what the porn industry was built on – back in the 70s, 80s and the better part of the 90s, pornography in video format was very difficult to come across. You’d have to enter XXX stores or general multimedia marketplaces (real-life ones, not ‘online marketplaces) and shamefully make a purchase of an erotic video in person, which definitely wasn’t something that the majority of people living in that era felt comfortable doing. Remember, porn was still a relatively new thing in the 80s, so it was, by all means, a taboo subject that was deemed shameful by the better part of society.

Back then people mostly depended on a certain secret stash of porn magazines hidden away by a relative or friend in order to get their fill of pornography, and you can bet your fap hand that it did the trick because porn was definitely rarity back then, so any kind of content would be a surefire hit with literally anyone who’d come across it. Nowadays though, people share still images on social media in seconds for several hours per day – technology has advanced so rapidly that a 6-year old could pick up a phone and go on Instagram where the world would have to bear all the nonsensical, premature content it’d upload because what the hell could a 6-year old upload on the internet anyway? Digital images have become such a trivial thing by now, and the porn industry has long since moved on from being a predominantly image-based medium, but that doesn’t mean that this format has died off completely. Plenty of XXX domains such as this one contain thousands of XXX images which could all be fapped to, especially full photosets of XXX models and pornstars slowly taking their clothes off and shoving things in their vaginas, or having things shoved in them by other people. There are all kinds of imagesets here which focus on all kinds of genres, from solo amateur babes taking selfies to hardcore stuff which contains cock, balls, ass and everything else that sex contains – anyone looking to treat themselves to a nice fap whilst using their imagination and focusing on still images should definitely pay a visit to this site.

Of Course There’s Videos Too

(solo babes, full movies, hardcore pornstar clips, ethnic, amateurs)

You didn’t think that a XXX domain with pictures wouldn’t have videos in it too, right? Of course, you didn’t – there are all kinds of videos here on top of the staggering amount of images and photosets, and they too can be accessed for free. In addition, the videos here too are also as varied as the photos, which should make for some great, memorable faps should you choose to blow your precious daily load to some of this stuff. There’s classic pornstar clips for all you pornography connoisseurs out there, ethnic babes, solo girls if you don’t like seeing any cock in the porn you fap to (because you’re impossibly homophobic but deep down maybe you’re actually gay?), full XXX works and titles if you’d like to not only fap to the visual pornographic eye candy but also get aroused from the plot too, and amateurs, because nothing says “I’ve actually had sex in my life” than fapping to some amateur porn which your brain can actually visually relate to more than that professional HD stuff.

Have a Fetish in Mind?

Yes, just like there’s the vanilla side of porn on this site’s content, there’s also the hardcore, taboo site which focuses on different fetishes and whatnot. Fetish-centric sex is becoming ever more commonplace in the world, so it’s only right that this website has its own section that’s dedicated to pumping out nothing but downloadable fetishized sex that’s meant to be viewed and enjoyed by all you ‘freaks’ out there who just have to have something bizarre or taboo implemented into your choice of sex in order to be able to enjoy it. This can include anything from forced/rape sex, bondage, latex, spitting, pissing, humiliating, torture and every other kind of thing that you can imagine which would belong in a dank, dirty German sex club in the 80s.

Take the Classic Route

Maybe you’re just not someone who belongs in this day and age and prefer to fap through content that will fill you up with a decades-old nostalgia which will take you back to the days when video cassettes and nudie mags were the only way you could view pornography. There is a standalone section on this site which is dedicated to nothing but classic porn, featuring familiar and currently old as hell faces like Nina Hartley and Ron Jeremy, going at it like two caged animals on coke who’ve been sex deprived for years. Nothing says “I’m a true fan of pornography” like fapping to some classic decades-old XXX content which can easily be found right here on Fritchy.

Fap to Your Favorite Celebrity Crush

Celebrities have long been the sexual awakening for many people around the world – kids everywhere fantasize about seeing Scarlett Johannson naked, or seeing Megan Fox take a huge cock. There’s a standalone celebrity-based section on this site which features nothing but, you guessed it, celebrities! Everything from sex and nude scenes ripped from movies to fake pictures and videos can be found here, so if you’ve got a relentless crush on a certain celebrity figure you might just be able to find something worth fapping to here, and it’s literally just a few clicks away.

General Discussion Board are Here As Well

Sometimes you gotta put down the porn and reflect a little on life and just how much you masturbate as well as possibly how much you’re hopelessly unable to find someone to fuck or love in real life because you’re way too deep in the hole that is pornography. Or maybe sometimes you just wanna talk about your favorite dinosaur, Linkin Park album or Marvel superhero with a stranger from the internet? The general discussion board on this site should be more than enough to satisfy your chit-chat needs, should you have any.

ThePornDude likes Fritchy's

  • Quality image sets
  • Quality video clips
  • Full works and titles
  • A very responsive community
  • No ads

ThePornDude hates Fritchy's

  • Visual aspect looks dated
  • Download links set off your antivirus
  • Some links are broken
  • No search bar
  • Limited access if visiting as a non-member