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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Fresh MMS! Desi girls are pretty fucking hot, don’t you think? Their pornographic content is known to be natural and filled with cock-loving fashion, and this site definitely lives up to its reputation. Ah, where are my manners!? Welcome to A site filled with Pakistani amateurs, who just love to share their homemade fucking clips, and I ain’t here to stop them.

Sure, some of us prefer the quality content, but then again, these beauties are working very hard. There is nothing hotter than watching a slut who understands that her point in life is to please men. These Desi girls are basically living up to their name, and they are great at what they do. So, if you are a person who appreciates natural beauty and loves to watch Pakistani couples fuck, is the right place for you.

The heck is that design?

I refuse to believe that we could not have created something much fucking better than this… What the fuck is that design supposed to represent? Don’t get me wrong, the design is not as important as the content, and the content is fucking great. However, I am a person of class. Thus I prefer my porn sites to look as great as the porn they offer.

I guess on, it makes sense. Sure, their porn videos are fappable, but at the same time, are they really quality? I don’t think so. Mostly, the premium sites will offer quality, while these sites will offer whatever the fuck this is. Oh well, at least they have some structure. But I have to repeat, having a proper design on a porn site, in 2019, is not that fucking difficult.

On top of the site, you have the usual menu that serves no purpose. I mean, the homepage is basically where all the content is, the other tabs do not really matter. Sure, you have a section for the photos, the forum, and the contact page, but do you really care? I assume the rest of you are here for actual porn and not a fucking session with images.

Personally, I do not mind when a porn site has a section for the pics. It adds to the quality of the site, and it is a neat option. However, you can’t deny that we are all here to watch some porn videos, instead of scroll through the pictures. If you just want the images, I have reviewed many image sites instead… so why not check those out?

Another thing that is important to mention before I go into the details of the content is that you are not able to watch any videos on this site. This site provides only the download options for both the videos and images, and yes, it does bug sometimes. But, isn’t that what you have expected from a free porn site? I mean, that is basically the stereotype.

Desi girls are hot and ready to bang!

The reason why watching these Desi babes get rammed hardcore is so fucking hot is probably that they are all-natural, in most cases. Sometimes, it is a lot more fun to see a beauty who is natural, instead of a slut with fakes. On top of that, the Pakistani babes are known to be very cum-thirsty. And as I have said already, the beauties from live up to their name.

One of the first videos I checked out featured a gorgeous brunette babe, sucking off her husband’s hard cock… and she basically wanted nothing in return. She was ready to make him feel good and just leave it at that, and World needs more beauties like that. Not to mention that this particular Desi girl was incredibly skilled when it came to dick pleasing.

There was another bundle of joy, just a scroll away, and she was alone. She used her favorite toys to make her pussy feel good, and boy, I enjoyed that session. Sometimes it is a lot more fun to watch a solo Desi girl instead, especially if she is as dirty as the hotties I’ve seen here.

Of course, this also all depends on your personal taste. If you are not into these tanned Bangladesh sluts, you should probably browse elsewhere. As I have said multiple times in my reviews, I have basically reviewed everything. So if you are interested, you can just check out other reviews, and find a site that suits your desires.

As for those who know how to appreciate the beauty of horny Desi girls, welcome to your heaven. These gorgeous chicks like to suck, get fucked, exposed, licked, teased, and so on. They love to use different props as cock substitutes, and I must say… they are very fucking passionate and addictive!

Oof, the statistics are not looking good.

When I say statistics, what I mean is the overall quality of the clips and options. Sure, these are all amateur videos, so nobody expected top-notch quality, to begin with, right? Well, that is all fun and games, but they could have added some better options, at least. You do not even get to see what you are downloading before you start the download.

Not to mention that you will be asked to disable your Ad-block, which is a fucking red flag. I understand that sites need ads for them to survive… but if you are not able to offer regular porn on your site, and I have to download, fuck your ads honestly. Once you disable ad-block, you will be able to see what the site has to offer.

The only thing you can see about the video before you download is the thumbnail and the tags. I guess that should be enough to tell you whether you like what the video has to offer. However, they could have added the overall screenshots from the videos, or you know; actual streaming options. It ain’t rocket science.

I understand that a lot of us like to download porn and save it to our PC, phone, or wherever. But I never really understood the sites that only ever offer downloads. So there are no streaming options or anything like that, and it is fucking annoying. I prefer to stream my content because I actually have a great internet connection, so why the fuck would I want to download porn?

At the same time, I know that some people are not gifted with a great net service. But then they should include both streaming and download options. It ain’t that fucking hard guys. Oh well, this is the hand that we were dealt with, so there is not much for us to do. I am sure that those who love Desi porn videos are used to such bullshit. Most sites that offer such porn are known to be a bit crap.

Are there any other features?

There are, but are they really worth the mention? Eh, I am not sure. I shall still talk about them, but then again, you could live without knowing about them, so it does not matter. So, you have the homepage, which is basically where all the content is listed. I have explained the gist of their homepage, we can move on.

The next section is the contact page. This is actually a drop menu, where you can choose to contact the admin of the site, or you can ask for a video to be deleted. I mean, you never know who might share your private videos here, and I guess if you have the proof that the video is yours, you can also ask them to delete that. Easy, peasy.

The section for the photos is basically like the homepage, but instead of videos, you have photos…duh! Other than that, you have a forum section where you can meet the users of the site or whatever. For that particular section, you need to register, which makes sense. Once you are a registered member, you can talk to others or do whatever the fuck people do on forums.

Overall, I’d say that those who love Pakistani babes and do not mind downloading videos will enjoy This is a pretty simple site with lots of interesting pornographic videos, but at the same time, it does look a bit shitty. There are many videos and photos that you can download, and not much else for you to do. So, is pretty simple and gets straight to the point, or whatever.

ThePornDude likes FreshMMS's

  • Free videos of hot Desi girls
  • Gallery and video downloads

ThePornDude hates FreshMMS's

  • Annoying ads
  • Shitty design
  • No streaming options
  • The quality is quite shitty