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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Goddammit. I just got banned from Facebook again. I’m not sure who reported me or what pissed them off this time, but those prudes won’t even let you share the miracle of female orgasm on video. Maybe that’s just another reason why sites like Forumophilia still exists today. is 13 years old, which is ancient in Internet porn years. The forum’s style and format wasn’t even new then, but it’s never been the layout that drew users. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the site’s 25k daily visitors are mainly there for the pornography.

Timeless Classics of Smut Sharing

The Internet’s a really magical thing. It lets us communicate instantly with people on the other side of the globe, even translating across languages in a way that was unthinkable a generation ago. It’s changed the entire way we live and frankly, we owe it all to porno.

These days, everybody and their grandma shares cat pictures and orders food from their phone, but that’s all an evolution of shit like Forumophilia. A look at the site is a look at the earlier days of the Internet. It’s basic as all hell. The front page of the forum is a list of sub-forums and nothing else.

It ain’t much to look at by any modern standard. Every other sex site in 2019 throws you into an orgy of group-sex photos and animated GIF stripteases dancing across the page. Besides a classy but dated logo, there are no graphics at all out front. I hope you like text and a delicate blue color scheme.

Don’t let the all-words format trick you. There’s a fucking ton of filthy content here. It’s laid out in clear numbers at the bottom of the page. Forumophilia’s 331,596 registered users have posted a total of 13,147,926 articles. Right now there are about 2,000 users online.

Before you get your panties in a bunch about signing up for a sex site, relax. It’s optional. You’ll need to sign up if you actually want to post, but you can peruse to your heart and boner’s content without registering. Most of the users currently online are guests.

Follow the Signs to Your Porn of Choice

One of the great things about Forumophilia’s very basic layout is that it doesn’t allow for any bullshit. What you see is what you get here, and it’s all spelled out in clear English.

The front page is a map of the whole site. There are a few dozen forums, broken down into some broader categories.

The Teen Babes Fanclub section has sub-forums with teen video clips, pics, and user collections. They’ve even got a non-nude board for those of you who like to let your imagination do the heavy lifting.

The Popular Models, Pornstars and Celebrities boards are what they sound like. The subs include more photos, vids, discussions and requests. The section of Popular Model Shrines Pictures and Videos, which is “not for porn stars but for pictures and videos of glamorous models” is full of well-adjusted gentlemen not acting creepy.

The Entertainment Videos Megathreads area has the widest range of sub-forums. Each one is a category of porn, and that’s exactly what you can expect in each. The Webcam Teens and Cam Girl Videos is full of shows that were good enough to save, and the kinkiest stuff is filed under BDSM/Themes and Fetishes Videos. There’s a board for Lesbian Videos, another for Ethnic Porn and even one specific to JAV (Japanese Adult Video). There are Anime, Toons, Comics and Manga, and an active sub of Amateur, MILF, Candid, Voyeur Videos.

The page rounds out with sections of Full Movies, where each thread is a single movie, Entertainment Photos, and a general VIP and Chat. Ironically, the VIP and Chat board is the only one that doesn’t have activity on it today. Forumophilia is a hopping place.

A Rich Selection of Free Porn Downloads

The front page has a pretty good breakdown of Forumophilia’s content, but could honestly go a little deeper as far as sub-genres of porn go. They’ve got Retro, Lesbian and Solo video sections linked from the front, but where are the blowjobs, anal, Ebony, or threesome? Well, the easiest way to jump to any specific category like that is the Tags page.

They obviously know how important this master list is, because they linked it up in the header right next to the Log In button. The All Tags page is massive and unwieldy, and gets even worse when you hit the Advanced Search button. You’ll need to know what you’re looking for and you’ll need to Control+F to find it.

I searched the page for Taboo, because I’m the kind of deviate who loves that pseudo-incest with flawless pornstars pretending they’re related. My browser actually found the word Taboo 4 times on the page, usually as part of a paysite’s name.

So Much Free Porn for the Taking

Forumophilia pulled up more than 4,000 posts tagged with Taboo. Posts on the site tend to follow the exact same format, which means there are probably more than 4,000 different taboo videos to download.

The search results come up like one big forum thread. Each post lists at least one porno video to download, including a full description, screengrabs, and download links.

If you have moral objections to video piracy, you’re not going to be happy with what you find here. On the other hand, it’s hard not to be happy with what I found here. The first video in my results, posted today, is Gabi Gold in Giving His Sister A Hand. It’s a brand new movie that somebody has posted in 1080p HD. The screengrabs of Gabi sucking off and fucking her step-brother have me raging hard instantly.

As if to further test my resistance to free stolen smut, this post is a double-feature. The second movie is Chanel Preston in My, How You’ve Grown! The tags include Stepmother/Stepson Incest, MILF, and Deepthroat.

The download links for everything on Forumophilia point to free file hosts like Filejoker and Keep2Share. These come with their own set of problems like spam, dead links and financing the Russian mob, but none of those are Forumophilia’s problem. That’s kind of the whole point.

Get a Load of These Babes

Another way to browse Forumophilia is via the Babes link in the header. It’s actually a more modern-looking part of the site since it’s full of thumbnails of the Babes in question. It immediately loads up with babes like Katra Collins, Jia Lissa and Nikkia Delano in the top slots.

The Categories dropdown lets you narrow down your type of slut. You into Asian girls, Celebrities, or BBWs? I wish you could combine them and get a Latina MILF with a Big Ass, but hey, I guess that’s what the advanced tag search is for.

The very idea of an old-school Internet forum like Forumophilia is hard for a lot of people to swallow. It’s not an app, you can’t log in through Facebook, and none of it works in VR. It involves a lot of text on the page when we’ve all grown so used to moving pictures and interactive buttons. Right behind that text, though, is a fucking treasure trove of free porno.

Forumophilia could be a dump and the content would still draw perverts like flies to shit. It’s not a dump, though. While it might not be pretty, the site is organized very well. The streamlined, no-bullshit approach works perfectly here, letting you hone right in on exactly the freaky shit that gets you hard. It’s a massive and constantly growing collection, so users would be lost if the site didn’t work so well.

Some porn fans aren’t going to be happy about the stolen content that litters the site. Others, like those hard up for cash or just thrifty as hell, won’t be able to resist Forumophilia’s extensive archive of free sex movie downloads.

ThePornDude likes Forumophilia's

  • Free
  • Extremely active porn forums
  • Constant new content
  • No-bullshit layout

ThePornDude hates Forumophilia's

  • Third-party download sites
  • Broken links
  • Piracy?