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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There are many kinds of people out there in the world. There are those who like amateur porn, then there are those who prefer it more professional, some people enjoy watching BDSM, and some like watching softcore babe porn. But one group of porn lovers keeps impressing me the most, and those are the people who want to watch nothing except for leaked footage of random chicks getting fucked. For them, it’s a lot more exciting when the footage is leaked rather than just put up on a site as amateur porn. I don’t know why this is important, but for people like that EmpressLeak.biz has everything that they need.

Every sort of leak that you’d hope or expect to see online

Starting from the content itself, you’ll notice that this place is composed entirely out of leaks. There are two main tabs on here and those are the All Leaks, and World Leaks. Everything else on this site is pretty unimportant, so the fact that you just have two places to check content out on simplifies things a lot. All of the content and all of the leaks are contained within the confines of those two sections of EmpressLeak.biz. If you’re looking for any other section that I’m going to have to disappoint you cause this is pretty much the only thing that’s being offered on EmpressLeak.biz.

So yeah, this brings some problems with it, like the lack of certain sections that you’d expect from a free porn site, but let’s not talk about those in the beginning. After all, it wouldn’t be nice to talk about all the bad things about a website first without talking about everything that EmpressLeak.biz is good at. So let’s focus on that for a second. Not only will you have an amazing selection of leaks, but there are two kinds of leaks that you need to take into account before you begin your leak journey. So get ready, take a leak, and start watching leaks, or even leaking videos yourself if you have any to use in that way.

Upload your own content if you have something juicy

I didn’t mention that, did I? Yeah, there’s a section all for uploading your own leaks to the website. You don’t even have to upload them directly to the site, as you can even send them to a WhatsApp number which is sometimes displayed at the top of the website. So the method really isn’t important, what IS important is that you make yourself useful as a member of the EmpressLeak.biz community and start uploading some sexy videos which can only be described as some of the best leaks that anyone could ever hope for.

All Leaks contains sexy videos with random chicks being exposed

But before we start uploading content ourselves, perhaps it’s wiser to check out what other people have uploaded to the website. If we go to the All Leaks section, this is where most of the site’s content is actually contained. EmpressLeak.biz has all sorts of leaks from every country imaginable, and if you were ever wondering if a girl from a certain country had her sex tape leaked, chances are that the did and that the leak itself is on this section of EmpressLeak.biz. There’s every nationality that you could even think of or imagine, so expect to find the perfect kind of content for yourself here.

In fact, there are 5100+ leaks on this section alone. That’s several thousand leaked sex tapes from all sorts of girls. They come in all shapes and sizes so it’s pretty amazing that you’ve got such a huge repository of videos to choose from. I mean think about it, even a few hundred videos would’ve been plenty if you really want to have an amazing leaked porn session, but over 5100 videos? Now that’s just overkill if you ask me. With so many videos, you’re pretty much guaranteed never to run out of content on EmpressLeak.biz.

Free content all the way, you don’t have to pay for anything

Now if you think that that’s not an amazing offer then let me tell you another thing about EmpressLeak.biz. All of those leaks that I just mentioned in this section? Yeah, they’re all fucking free. So if you want to watch some hot chicks get exposed for the sluts that they are, then this is the place to do it. I’m not even kidding, all the videos on EmpressLeak.biz are absolutely free for you to view and use in any way that you see fit. If that means that you’re going to have one of the best masturbation sessions of your life, then so be it. EmpressLeak.biz doesn’t make distinctions to how you jack off, so you’re free to do whatever the hell you want.

Sadly, no categories to filter through the content

The only thing that I think could be improved would be the inclusion of categories. If we had a category section on EmpressLeak.biz this would definitely make the entire experience of EmpressLeak.biz a lot better. For obvious reasons as well, as you’d be able to filter through all of these videos and watch only the ones which you find the most interesting and sexy. I’m not saying that there aren’t videos on here that are sexy in it of themselves, but it definitely helps if you get to choose the category or niche of the leaked porno, but alas, you can’t do that on EmpressLeak.biz. What a sad realization, however, we’re going to boost your moor in a second with the next section.

Celebrities and their nudes and sex tapes are also avaialble

Wondering what this next section is all about? Well, how about you imagine what people who love leaks love the most? Come on, I’ll give you a minute… That’s right, they like celebrity nudes and sex tapes. Celebrity nudes and sex tapes have been all the rage for a very long time, so if you’re someone who likes seeing that type of content then World Leaks are the place to be on when it comes to EmpressLeak.biz. All of the celebrity leaks are here, no matter whether they’re nudes or a full-out sex video that they made in a hotel room or wherever else they might’ve done it.

There are 17 posts on this section as of the writing of this review, and while you might think that this isn’t a lot, I want to reassure you that at least all of these leaks seem genuine as opposed to some other sites which claim to have celebrity nudes but actually don’t. So you’ve got chicks such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and even that Arya girl from Game of Thrones. I’m pretty sure that nobody knows her actual name, but Arya will do. Wait, she’s 18, right? Phew, over 20 in fact, we dodged a bullet right there if you ask me.

Ads are a bit distracting, but they aren’t that bad

Anyway, one more thing that I wanted to mention when it comes to EmpressLeak.biz is the presence of ads which is something that you probably predicted would have to be the case when you’re dealing with sites which are completely free. The ads are pretty out there and they’re definitely going to draw your attention until you get used to them. After that, it’s only you and the average design of the website which are going to be the center of attention on EmpressLeak.biz. So yeah, if you think that you can endure all the banner ads for a while, then EmpressLeak.biz is definitely a place that you should check out.

And at the end of the day, EmpressLeak.biz is a great place to get all your leaks, whether they’re just videos of amateur chicks getting exposed, or even celebrities having a go at it on camera and then being leaked online. Whatever it is that you crave as far as leaks are concerned you’ll have it on EmpressLeak.biz. You can even upload your own content if you wish to and have the appropriate means to do so. So if you feel like you want to be part of a growing community of people who enjoy leaked porn content, then go to EmpressLeak.biz and start browsing.

ThePornDude likes EmpressLeak's

  • 5100+ leaked amateur videos of random girls being exposed
  • Dozens of posts of celebrities with leaked nudes or sex tapes
  • You can even download your own leaked content on here

ThePornDude hates EmpressLeak's

  • No categories to sort through the thousands of leaked vids
  • Not that many celebrity posts to browse through