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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Are you the kind of sick fuck that likes flashing your small cock for women to see and probably leave them disturbed for the rest of their lives? Welcome home, motherfucker. Dickflash.com, like the name suggests, is an adult forum primarily focused on, you guessed it; flashing. There are plenty of dudes showing off their cocks, but if you are too straight for that shit, you will be pleased to learn that there is a forum dedicated to perverted women flashing their tits and clits and whatever, probably to add some erotic excitement to their otherwise boring lives. It’s all about flaunting genitals to strangers, and if you are looking for the perfect exhibitionists’ forum, Dickflash.com has it all. This review should reveal to you exactly what you need to know about this reckless pervasive hole.

Exciting diverse content to look forward to

Well, there is simply no single way to see people flashing their genitals, is there? This is exactly the reason Dickflash.com has presented multiple flashing related forums, all of which are bursting their seams with horny dudes and wicked sluts who just can’t keep their privates zipped the fuck up. I doubt if there will be any complaints about that though. There is a mouthwatering supply of erotic photos which lovers of erotic photography will find useful during their long, cold, lonely nights. These fucks want nothing more than to have their genitals looked by whoever has a functioning pair of eyes. It could as well be you.

If you consider reading erotic texts an essential part of your arousal, you will also find plenty of stories written by members. Going by the details, they seem to be based on true experiences and should prove arousing for anyone with a twisted enough mind for written erotica. Anyone with even the slightest desire for flashing porn will find this the closest they get to utopia. A perfect voyeur experience awaits to help you live up your perverted fantasies.

Great forum organization

Dickflash.com is hands down one of the naughtiest places for anyone with an addiction for exhibitionism. Sometimes you bump on a site that merely exceeds your expectations and kind of assures you that it is brimming with the kind of content that makes your shaft dance in your pants. Dick/tit/clit flashing moments only come alive at Dickflash.com, but it is the way they’ve presented their wares that will leave you impressed.

Besides a clean and user-friendly interface, the forums are so well organized even a blind person would easily pick their poison. The flashing section has multiple forums dealing with exhibitionism including;

Experiences; this is for people who prefer reading porn as opposed to watching hardcore videos. If you have a perverted flashing experience to share with other freaks, this is where you need to be.

Male-female flashing; wanna brag about how you flashed your dick in the general direction of a woman because, you know, fuck women’s right to privacy? Share your experiences and photos in this forum.

Male-male flashing; if you are the kind of perv that likes showing off your genitals to other men or like seeing other men do it, you might find other sick fucks like you in this forum. I’m beginning to think you have a ‘nudist inside, possible nudity past this door’ on your fucking door. Fuck it; I can even imagine the shock that awaits the pizza delivery guy.

Webcam flashing; twisted exhibitionists are taking perversion to another level by using webcams to show off their privates to anyone who cares to see. Discuss flashing via webcam and share your successes with other freaks.

Rogue male flaunters; this is the perfect hub for exhibitionists as the forum only allows your own videos and pics. Do you have a collection of you showing off your cock? Post them here and see the reactions.

And who said it’s all about the cocks?

Well, if you thought Dickflash.com is all about exposed penises, you must have been misled by its name, but literally, it’s all about dicks and dicking holes. Well, at least the site realizes that some of us are just too straight a fucking cock serving only and it’s probably why they have a section called ‘Female Flashers & Watchers’ that is solely dedicated to women flashing their tits and clits and other parts of their bodies that will leave you sweaty. Some of the flashing content is posted by the women themselves (including videos of actual flashing!) while others are simply picked from the internet by hawk-eyed users.

Also, you can read stories by members talking of how they were lucky enough to see a woman naked, expectedly or unexpectedly. There are also bitter guys exposing their ex-girlfriends, and if like me you only jerk off to pussies, this is probably the best section of the site for you.

Perfect platform to hone your flashing skills

The ‘Tips, Tricks and Techniques’ section of the site is where you should be looking for no hold barred tips on how to go about perfecting your flashing craft. There are a few tips that should help you flash your genitals to strangers and make (or probably ruin) their day. You could also help out your fellow perverts by posting a few tricks as well. I personally don’t understand why you’d want to show off your genitals to strangers especially when it can get you in trouble with the law, but if you want to quench your thirst for flashing your cock, be my guest.

It’s a fucking beehive of activity

There are thousands of threads and tens of thousands of posts which speaks volumes about the site’s interactivity. Everyone is active judging by the number of posts and replies today. There were over 2,500 users online at the time of writing and over 20k registered users overall. They will flash, tell you how and where they did it, present pictures and video as evidence and discuss it in pretty colorful language. Fuck it, even posts from 3 years ago are still active!

What impressed me most about the site;

Plenty of activities; without exaggerating, Dickflash.com has one of the most active and enthusiastic adult communities on the internet. There is simply no other ways of explaining the thousands of threads and posts.

Great content diversity; the site may primarily be about flashing, but it has categorized the sections to ensure all fans of voyeurism and exhibitionism have something to shout about.

Image content; those who couldn’t give two fucks about videos and are perfectly at home jerking off to still photos should have plenty of x-rated snaps to sample.

Registration is not a must; if like me you hate giving out your personal details, you will be pleased to find that you can browse away without a username although you may register to show what a nice motherfucker you are and how pleased you are to be amongst a group of like-minded people.

Free access; enjoy access to the steamiest flashing vids and pics without worrying about your credit card statement and the explanation to give your wife since everything here is fucking free.

My concerns about the site;

A little spice on the design couldn’t hurt; not suggesting there are too many adult forums with sophisticated designs, but this one looks a tad too bland. No colors, no pictures, no nothing. Where is the creativity?

No way of determining the authenticity of content; well, this one is pretty inevitable. You will have to take the content as it comes since you won’t be able to verify its authenticity. Feels helpless, doesn’t it?

What I think should be done;

More pussy flashing please; the site should add more content showing the female genitalia. Not everyone is interested in seeing limp cocks. Some of us prefer tits and clits, thank you very much.

Bottom line

If you are into flashing porn and don’t mind being a part of a community of like-minded fellows, there is plenty of genital flashing going on at Dickflash.com to get you really excited. The site has lined up a diverse list of sections that should cater for different tastes. The forums are active 24/7 with interesting topics which include flashing photos, videos, and adult discussions. It is a fuckload of fetishes.

ThePornDude likes DickFlash's

  • Interactivity
  • Great diversity
  • Free access
  • Lots of image content
  • Registration is not a requirement

ThePornDude hates DickFlash's

  • Site design is a bit off
  • No guarantees that the content is authentic