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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Some websites, whether they are premium sites or fap forums, which cater to a specific niche, they are usually pretty easy to describe. But this one is pretty different. The best way to synopsize this unique forum would be to refer to its own summary…

“The ORIGINAL Cum Tribute Porn Forums Social Network and Gallery! Cum On Printed Pics Post your girls to get cum tributed, COCK tribute and photoshop faked nude! All your tribute me 24/7 fun”

So, to put aside the weird grammar and spelling, this is a (predominately) hetero site which focuses on pictures of pretty girls…usually “enhanced” with a little or a lot of sperm all over them.

Sound sexy? Sound boring?

No matter what you think, keep reading on because there is far more than what you might think.

Keep Up With What’s Popular Through The Active Topics

The first thing that you should be aware of is that this forum if fucking huge. And as with other forums, this is a problem – or at least it could be if the site designers didn’t add some sweet features. After all, with so many threads being active and new posts being made all the time it can be hard to keep up with what’s fresh and what’s popular, and therefore what’s worth posting and pulling it to.

Fortunately, the most active section on the site is the Recent Topic section which automatically organizes the most active threads on the site. Further, below that section is the Currently Active Topics which also acts as an archive for previously popular posts. Below that is BEST COPP Topics which is an always growing list of not just what has been active, but the best examples of what has been posted to Cum On Printed Pics.

Who knew there were some many variations on, and some many people attracted to, such a specific fetish? I sure as hell didn’t.

Beyond there’s even more to not only wank to but also print out and wank on. For instance, the COPP Live Sex Streams link takes you to Chaturbate in all of its glory.

While I have no way of knowing, I image the site designers are trying to encourage you to take a few screen caps of the performers and pop off onto these print outs and post it to the forum.

Another neat section is Cum On Picture Gallery which has a section for picture requests, videos to wank to, an entire glory hole section, and more.

There are also specialty sections for all kinds of amateur porn, fake amateur photos, and even for celebrity nudes – both real ones and fakies.

There’s is also supposed to be a link to my site, but it takes you to a Chaturbate affiliate link instead.

Hang Out On The General Forum

Once your head clears after being filled with images of fine females and similarly salacious there’s plenty of other stuff to see on the general pages. There you’d think that you would find what is supposed to be a place for general section threads – you know, talk about politics, religion, anything but sex.

Of course, on this forum, all of the threads are still pretty racy and includes posts posing questions like “Which pic [did] you last jerk to,” a link trading thread topics, and links to users’ favorite dropbox subsites.

Check Out The Chat

Like any good forum, there is an always active chat room which is active 24/7 and having checked it at different times; it’s like New York City – no one in it never sleeps. On the one hand, there isn’t that much discussion most of the time (though there is some) most of the text is a commentary on or promotional links to posts of porn on COPP or offsite. And there’s more than just pictures of porn dripping with cum.

(Just make sure that your anti-viral software is up-to-date since even I don’t recognize all of the porn URLs which I’ve seen in that site.)

While just about anything is up for discussion, the big rule you have to follow is that everyone’s got to be 18+. I know that seems obvious, but you’d be surprised the number of minors who sneak onto sites like this. That and I’m not trying to get picked up by the law for promoting anything with underage smut.

Enter Into A Contest

I’ve covered sites like this before, but it is nice to see a trend in smut forums as well. I’m referring, of course, to paid events where you send in your smut, get rated, and might be able to collect a prize. If you do join one, be sure to read the rules thoroughly, not only so you have a chance of competing but also don’t get kicked out.

(I am serious about that last part – as fun locking as they are, the guys running COPP have no tolerance for trolls and spammers.)

Anyway, the contest range from what you think would be standard on the site like guys cumming on pics of girls, there are contests to see who can post the sexiest selfie – or selfie of there girlfriend. In addition to that, there are polls, the survey kind, not dicks, though you might find pics of some guys as well if that’s your thing.

But since this is predominantly a hetero site, you’re going to see tits vag and ass for days…as well as a good deal of baby batter, too.

There’s Even A Rando Porn Section!

Yeah, even on niche sites, there are links to tons of types of porn, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. No matter your fetish, you’re going to find just about what you want – assuming that is you’re not into…let’s say playing in the mud.

For example, there are compilations of some of the best naked, nubile girls of this year, the good ol’ amateur blowjob photos, and all the stuff you’re used to and a few things that you may not be. Be careful when you delve in because not only will some of this content (if authentic) not only might scare the horses (and for good reason), but might get you locked up in some jurisdictions.

And just like the rest of the forum, there are regular updates to this section, and plenty of activity.

Ads All Over The Place

One thing about this site that I first had a problem with, and you might too, is the dick load of ads. I’ve said it before, and I understand that people need to make money. But when you can barely navigate the site without being taken off-site to a world of spam, it’s hard to think highly of your site design skills or your business acumen. My advice if you click over to COPP without an account, be sure to only click on links directly and carefully. Otherwise, you risk getting not only frustrated with all of the advert redirects, but also you might be saddled up with malware.

Fortunately, registration takes care of that. When you set up your account, in addition to being able to post photos, fully access all topics, private message other users, and chat, you don’t have to put up with all of the pop-ups which plague this site.

When setting up your account, you’ll have to read a massive user agreement statement (and I do recommend you at least scan through it), and then you’ll go through the typical forum registration stuff. In addition to a username, email, and password, you’ll also have to specify your native language, timezone, and age (for some reason) but after that, you should be good to go.

The Mobile Version Is Pretty Good

The measure of any website is – or at least should be – what it looks like on mobile. Well, as per usual I checked this site out both the desktop and mobile version, and I gotta say, the mobile version ain’t bad. Well, I should say that there is a mix of both good and bad.

For one, the ridiculous number of ads crawling on every non-link on the site, just like the desktop version. Moving on to something better, all of the same categories and threads are there and the aesthetic, though simplified, is about the same as the desktop version as well.

Furthermore, all of the features work just as well (so long as you click on actual links) on the mobile version. Click on the picture gallery and BAM (!) – you get a screen full of pictures and gifs. Click on the Hall of Fame, and you’ll be treated to a scrolling series of pics of gorgeous gals.

All in all, they are both as good.

So, What Do I Really Think?

For a fetish forum, this site ain’t too bad. The colors scheme is pleasing; there are tons of threads which focus on literally cum drenched pictures, and some more standard porn for variety. The contests and Hall of Fame sections are pretty good, and a nice break from the typical porn forum formula.

There’s tons of networking and plenty of people participating from all over the world. After all, in addition to British and American English, there are other threads for those who speak different dialects of Spanish.

But then there’s the problem of all the goddamn pop-ups. Even f you’ve got good ad blocking software if you start clicking around the site without an account, you’re going to be blasted by a ton of redirects to all sorts of spam pages.

Another thing that I can’t get past is some of the sketchy content you’re going to stumble across on this site. Plus, there are tons of links both on threads and in the live chat which I can’t verify as being genuine, spam, or linking to illegal shit.

ThePornDude likes CumOnPrintedPics's

  • For such a specific fetish, there is tons of porn and activity on this forum
  • There is no shortage of “tribute” in the form of requested sexy pics being posted
  • Besides sections which focus on the fetish, there are tons of other kinds of porn to fap to

ThePornDude hates CumOnPrintedPics's

  • There are far too many ads both in the form of banners and redirects
  • Some of the content on certain posts and links to some other sites is sketchy as shit