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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Welcome to one of my favorite Spanish porn sites called This place is pretty basic if any newcomers are interested, and I am pretty sure that you will enjoy everything they have to offer, as much as I fucking did. Even though the site is in Spanish, you can always just auto-translate it, and enjoy the porn, because that is why the fuck we are all here, right?

Great design and lots of free porn videos.

If you are searching for a simple porn site with the naughtiest amateur content, you have just found it. I mean, there are many similar sites on the market today, believe me, but I guess this was a basic-enough place for you to enjoy visiting. Then again, this does kind of depend on your personal love for this kind of shit, but overall, I think that you will love what they have to offer.

Now, the site’s design is also pretty great, and that is not something I will often say about free pornographic places… believe me. Usually, the free sites do not think they have to try, just because they offer content, their place does not have to be presentable. Well, is a site with lots of porn and a black layout which makes the nightly browsing so much more entertaining.

On top, you have all the navigation options, and I am pretty sure that that will be enough for you to find whatever the fuck you might be looking for. I mean, you really have a lot of random shit, and I am pretty sure that you will love every single minute spent on this site. The homepage is actually the ‘schoolgirl’ section of the site, and that was rather confusing.

I mean, upon first glance I was very confused, but as I continued to browse, I realized that they mostly offer amateur teens, so that made more sense. The videos and all that crap is presented in a rather odd way, as in I did not see that many porn places that had such browsing options… or so to speak. You have the description of the video on the side of the video, instead of below, and you have that on the fucking homepage…

First of all, that fucking description is very unnecessary, or well, that is what I would usually, say, but this place does not offer more thumbnails for you to see what a particular video has to offer… so I guess in a way the description does serve somewhat of a purpose. However, when you look at this place in a general view, it is pretty mainstream.

Do not expect too much, because at the end of the day, this place is just a free site with lots of free shit. They have a lot for you to enjoy, when it comes to porn, but there are not that many user-options… but then again, is that really a surprise to anyone? Most of the free porn sites will have no good search options, or any kind of user-options, with some known exceptions.

I am assuming that you came to just for that free porn, and that is exactly what the fuck you will get. If you are looking for a site that offers quality shit, great features, and awesome user-experience, you have definitely come to the wrong fucking place. You can check out my site for other places that might serve that purpose, but overall this site is pretty fucking basic.

The homepage does not exist, and you are immediately redirected to a certain search category. Now I am pretty sure that this is very obvious to many of you, as I have already mentioned it, but overall that is as much as you have to know about the site before I continue to tell you more about the videos, quality and all that crap.

Hot porn videos of hot amateurs in action.

As I have said, you will have lots of naughty videos listed. Most sections on this site, and there are not that many, will have a description of what they have to offer below all the videos. Luckily you have the basic pagination way of listing, which is actually very important. When I see the crappy ‘list until it refreshes’ bullshit, I cringe, because when that shit bugs you get to do everything fucking again.

There are lots of kinky videos, and they have the usual content, amateurs. I mean, is it safe for me to assume that you have watched at least one amateur porn video in your life? There is a lot of low-quality shit, many random positions, and naughty acts, and a lot of solos too. I guess, amateurs offer a little bit of everything, and the rest is up to you, choose whatever you want and have some dirty fun.

When talking about the video quality and all that shit, there is not much to be said honestly… I mean, these are all amateur videos on a free porn site, so you can already expect the video quality to be shit as well. Those who browse for such videos in the first place should really not be surprised by this fact… what the fuck did you expect?

Okay, the quality on most videos I checked out was not really horrible or anything like that, it was pretty watchable, but compared to the premium place where I usually watch this shit, you bet your ass that it was crappy. Though if you are searching for HD content instead, you should not be browsing the free porn sites… isn’t that fucking obvious?

Below every video, you will have the finished description, where they literally explain everything that is happening in the video. Honestly, I never understood people who actually take the time to read what these descriptions have to say… I mean, who the fuck does something like that? You have a video right in front of you, and you can view it as much as you want, but you choose to read the description before doing so? Are you retarded?

Usually, I refrain from using that term, because today, everyone gets fucking offended by everything. Well, I trust my viewers enough for me to be comfortable to write whatever the fuck I want, without being concerned that I will have some angry feminist on my ass. Then again, I do not think those sluts even browse porn sites.

This is basically objectifying them or whatever the fuck, but what they do not understand is that women were created to please and thus all the chicks on these sites are just doing their job. If you are a woman who does not like to please the opposite gender, you are not living your life to the fullest… obviously.

Crappy user-features and bad search options.

While I did enjoy the fact that this site offered a lot of free shit, and all that, I was hella disappointed to see that their options for searches and all that crap were really not the best. On top, you have some tabs presented, I already mentioned that. Well, those tabs are the only shit you basically get when it comes to searches, including the search box… We all know that that is nowhere near enough to satisfy our search needs.

You do have a section for the categories, but those categories are very fucking basics and just plain weird. Most of them are not really useful, which was fucking disappointing. This basically means that you will have to spend some quality time searching on your own, to find the shit that you find interesting and hot, or whatever.

On the other hand, their user-features are basically non-existent, which was again, very fucking annoying. I mean, creating the basic login, profile and like page would have been so much fucking better, but they just decide to offer nothing instead. Oh well, it is a free site, so again, what the fuck can you expect?

I would recommend this place to all the people who do not want to pay for shit, and still love to watch naughty content online. You have all sorts of kinky amateur porn videos, and they are mostly all mainstream, so you already know what the fuck to expect. You are bound to find the naughty shit on to browse all you want.

ThePornDude likes Colegialas De Verdad's

  • Free latina porn site
  • Lots of kinky content
  • Good design
  • No ads or pop-ups

ThePornDude hates Colegialas De Verdad's

  • Shitty search options
  • Bad video quality