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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Bit Porno! With their nice and short introduction that I saw at the beginning before actually exploring the site, I immediately knew that I would actually enjoy my stay at But as I said, this was all before I actually got to explore all the crap that this site has to offer, and whether my opinion changed or not, you will be able to read in this review.

There is quite a bit I love about this place and a couple of things that I’d change as well. For example, half of the site had a great design, but then when you browse the clips you get a white background, and I just do not understand why the fuck couldn’t they have kept the black background like you have on top of the page? That shit would have been the bomb if you ask me.

Of course, you know that I am quite picky when it comes to an actual good design, so I will not pester you with such details, because I am pretty fucking sure you came here wanting to know about the content and user-features that they have to offer, right? I know I am right because I always fucking am.

The first thing I noticed is that this place might not be as popular as some other free porn sites since the view count on their clips is not that big. In addition, some of the clips did not really have their category listed below, instead, they had a small red text asking the users or whoever the fuck is reading to set a category instead.

That is a bit stupid since this means that anyone can do this shit, and honestly, do you guys even fucking care? When you visit a site like this, and you realize that it is half finished, you will either stay to just randomly browse, or you will visit a different site instead… so my advice to the admin of the site is to fucking hire somebody who will do that shit, and not make their users do so.

It did not take me long before I realized that most of these clips were taken from other, great pay-porn websites, which is a good thing. This allows you to see just what kind of content the premium side of pornography has to offer, but keep in mind that no matter which quality the clip is on this site, if it comes from a premium website, it is going to be in HD, 99%.

Most of the clips I did open were of solid quality, and that is not so bad considering that all of their shit is free and it comes from great premium websites. Of course, I found plenty of amateur clips as well, and they were also quite fucking hot. You will be able to tell if the clip is amateur or if it came from a premium site with ease since the quality and production will not be the best.

Honestly, this all depends on your personal preference and what you came here to watch since as much as I explored; you have a little bit of everything. They even have a good portion of Asian pornography which is definitely my favorite. I love watching the horny Asian babes squeak as their pussy gets ravished by a couple of hard lads.

The homepage and the ‘Videos’ tab will basically offer the same shit, a list of clips. However, the ‘Videos’ will list all of the clips on this site, not just the featured one, so you will also have the clips that have 0 views… On top, you will be given some ways of listing the clips, but other than the categories, other options are fucking dumb.

At least, they covered all the basic categories, which is a good thing, but they could have added the advanced search options. If you intend to because a frequent on this site, you might also want to create an account, which is not really necessary, because most shit can be done without having an account, and that is something I can really appreciate about this place.

The registration is completely free, so check it out, and I am pretty sure that you’d also want to check out a tab ‘Earn Money’ as well since that shit got me interested in an instant. As I have suspected, you can earn money by posting videos on this site. The amount you earn depends on the number of views you get, which was to be expected.

You can earn up to 40$, at once, which is funny because they do mention that they only pay once you reach $50… so basically, when you do earn $40, you will have to wait and earn more, so that they will actually give you the money. There are a couple of flaws in their rules, so make sure to check them out before you get your hopes up.

In addition, if you have any questions or you are just being a pansy and you want to ‘talk to the manager’, there is a special ‘Support’ page for you ladies. I am sure that the only people, who would complain about this place through email, are the stereotypical women who have nothing better to fucking do.

Overall, there is a lot you can enjoy on this site, and I am honestly not fucking sure as to why this place is not more popular. It offers great free porn videos, all the basic categories are covered, and you can become a member for free. So, if you have not yet found a site that satisfies your dirty needs, you might want to explore

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