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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Free Porn Tube Sites
Stream free sex videos on the most popular adult XXX tubes online!
Stream free sex videos on the most popular adult XXX tubes online!
  • 1. PornHub
    How do you introduce an old friend who everyone already knows? This site has gotten you through times easy and hard, but usu...
  • 2. XVideos
    When it comes to free porn tubes, there is certainly not a shortage of sites to choose from.
  • 3. xHamster
    Ah, xHamster, one of the oldest porn tubes on the internet and also one of the best in my book and unless you've been living...
  • 4. XNXX
    There is so much porn out there on the web, sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about.
  • 5. Beeg
    It’s time to do away with all the cluttered menus, busy site pages, and unnecessary frills that most porn sites like crammin...
  • 6. PornHD
    As you may know my disciples, I've probably seen more porn tube sites than a typical gynecologist sees vaginas in the course...
  • 7. HQporner
    Tubes sites are all over the place these days.
  • 8. Eporner
    Are you the kind of person who requires fast, on-demand porn regardless of whether or not you’re at home wasting away in fro...
  • 9. YourPorn
    The Internet is kind of like a weird garden where porn tubes grow out of the ground.
  • 10. SpankBang
    Giving out free porn is like turning on a light in the dark.
  • 11. PornTrex
    PornTrex may be just a run of the mill, generalist-style porntube whose owners want to make sure delivers all the best HD po...
  • 12. YesPornPlease
    Hey, fucktard! Yeah, I’m talking to you. W
  • 13. DaftSex
    Nowadays, we’re living in a new and advanced era where the quality of pornography mainly boils down to how accessible it is ...
  • 14. YouJizz
    Sometimes after a hard day of work, whether you’re driving a truck or pushing papers or looking at pornography all day, it g...
  • 15. Motherless
    I know you’ve all heard of this next one. B
  • 16. RedTube
    If you regularly watch porn and you’ve never heard of Red Tube before, what the fuck have you been doing? Anyone with an int...
  • 17. YouPorn
    Hey, you! Yeah, you. Put away your cock for two fucking seconds and read something, you fap-addicted man-monkey! I have anot...
  • 18. PornOne
    I just flew in from overseas, and boy are my arms tired! That’s because I was masturbating furiously on the airplane. T
  • 19.
    The internet is porn says the now ancient viral tune, and it's as true then as it is now.
  • 20. VEPorns
    Don’t you wish you could afford those premium porn memberships? You see previews for them everywhere. M
  • 21. PornkTube
    Ever since the first decade of the aughts was about to end, it seemed like everyone, and their circle jerk buddy had set up ...
  • 22. GotPorn
    Raise your hand if you’ve got a boner. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Get
  • 23. 4Tube
    Here’s the deal. If you want a porn tube site, you already know that you’ve got so many of them to choose from that it’s goi...
  • 24. PornTube
    Pornography is man’s escape into instantaneous sexual pleasure – the term instantaneous should be focused on here, because i...
  • 25. 3Movs
    There is so much fucking porn on the internet.
  • 26. Tube8
    There are so fucking many free porn tubes out there.
  • 27. CumLouder
    Yes, the Internet is for porn! More and more! I agree with the motto that I have found in the header of CumLouder.
  • 28. TXXX
    You can waste a lot of time trying to find the right porn video for a given mood.
  • 29. PornGo
    Porn Go! Well, guys, we’ve hit the motherload it seems. I’m about to take you on a porn adventure of a lifetime. We’
  • 30. TubXPorn
    Sometimes, the basic shit is exactly what we need, and let me just tell you that tubxporn.
  • 31. PornDoe
    See, from the moment I landed on Porn Doe, I saw all these little banners, shinning and blinking.
  • 32. TNAFlix
    TNA Flix? What would you expect of a site that calls itself Tits ‘n’ Ass Flix? Nothing but a wonderful array of porn videos ...
  • 33. PornDig
    All I want is a solid porn site with free 1080p videos from amateur a professional sluts alike.
  • 34. Xfantasy
    There are so many free porn tubes out there to choose from, but how are you supposed to know which one will be right for you...
  • 35. VePorn
    Ve Porn! Tell you what, I’ve been looking for ways to help you bunch of pervs to save some money, and I have good news to re...
  • 36. PornDish
    Shall we have a look at Porn Dish? So, you want the best quality, HD, full-length porn videos from all of your favorite networks.
  • 37. Porn4Days
    Alright, listen up. Everyone and I mean everyone likes some good HD porn in their life.
  • 38. PornHD8k
    We want quality, quantity and top notch shit when it comes to porn and I can tell you for sure that there ain’t any premium ...
  • 39. LuxureTV
    Who doesn’t like free porn? Let’s be honest, everyone is up for a bit of free porn fun every once in a while. Now
  • 40. PerfectGirls
    My many adoring fans often ask me a common question: does the perfect porn tube exist?Which is understandable given my e...
  • 41. Porn300
    Starting off with Categories on their homepage, starts offering a different impression from the jump.
  • 42. AnySex
    This tube site starts teasing you from the lift-off meaning when you have a site that's called Anysex.
  • 43. DrTuber
    With the rise of porn tube sites, it seems that pretty much everyone is ready to delve into the business of making their own...
  • 44. WaxTube
    Tired of the same old porn tube sites clogging your jack-off time? Well, if you want I can introduce you to a completely new...
  • 45. NetFapX
    When ThePornDude says is an ultimate home of porn, you better fuckin’ believe it. T
  • 46. XMoviesForYou
    I don't think I've ever seen a page as simple as this one.
  • 47. LetsJerk
    The site Lets Jerk, might be one of the simplest free porn websites that I have visited so far.
  • 48. Likuoo
    Are you guys ready to have your porn experience online changed from the ground up? If you thought that there is no way to wa...
  • 49. PornoBae
    Man, there are a lot of fucking porn tube sites. At first glance, they might all look the same.
  • 50. XXXStreams
    The top dogs in the adult industry are always a step ahead, but it isn’t always straight forward to get a glimpse of what th...
  • 51. Porn00
    Welcome to Porn00 – one of the most fast-paced porn tubes you’ll ever encounter – the people who created this devilish websi...
  • 52. RushPorn
    In this day and age there are thousands of these ‘run of the mill’ porntubes that were created for one sole purpose: To prov...
  • 53. Pornky
    When talking about good porn websites that I know you would enjoy visiting, how could I not suggest pornky.
  • 54. JoysPorn
    One thing that I always didn't like on most tube sites was the fact that you can always count on the lousy quality of the videos.
  • 55. PlusOne8
    If you're looking for a website that enables you to make your way to your porn real quick, then you should know that there a...
  • 56. FreeoMovie
    If I were to ask you what the biggest problem with the majority of free porn tube sites out there right now is, what would y...
  • 57. AnyPorn
    Are you someone who experiences overwhelming sexual urges in the middle of the day? Do you have random flashes of twerking b...
  • 58. VQTube
    VQ Tube! You’ve searched and searched for free HD porn, but it is not that easy to come by, right? Well, what if I told you,...
  • 59. ClipHunter
    The name of this next site always makes me think of celebrity dipshit Steve Irwin.
  • 60. XTapes
    No matter how you love paying for porn, every now and then you still need a porn tube that stacks the hottest smut in high q...
  • 61. HDpornstarz
    When looking for the best sources of free smut, porn tubes are your best bet.
  • 62. PervertSlut
    You don’t need to be an Apple genius to know what is all about when the domain name gives everything away. F
  • 63. Xopenload
    How y’all folks doing? I know you are reading this because sites with good smut are hard to come by and you are here to see ...
  • 64. PornoVideosHub
    You’ve heard of PornHub, right? I mean even your auntie’s probably heard of PornHub, the most popular porn website in the wo...
  • 65. FullXXXMovies
    So, everyone loves seeing full-length pornos. I mean, it’s really no surprise there. W
  • 66. FAkingsTV
    Now, we all know that Spanish chicks are some of the craziest sex addicts in the world.
  • 67. VRPorn
    You ever watch some super kinky porn and go “Fuck, I wish that were me.”
  • 68. EmpFlix
    Chances are you’ve come across Empflix at some point in your fapping endeavors and wondered whether it is a genuine destinat...
  • 69. Taxi69
    Just because a porn site is free does not always mean that it is worth the visit, and I had to learn this the hard way… Howe...
  • 70. Slutload
    Back at the dawn of the 21st century, this old dude referred to the Internet as A Series of Tubes.
  • 71. Fux
    From time to time, what we really need is to browse for naughty content on a very basic website, and I am here to tell you a...
  • 72. JustSwallows
    While not many men probably believe that porn doesn't have enough cum shots and cream pies in it...
  • 73. CastingPornoTube
    Do you like to watch some of those mainstream casting videos, where the chick gets introduced and then later, she obviously ...
  • 74. SwingerPornFun
    Swinger Porn Fun! Swingers are basically people who are out looking for sex - so basically everyday normal people, except in...
  • 75. 0DayPorn
    Yea Porn Pls! It seems like something I’d say at the end of the day when my dick is rock solid and ready to rumble. W
  • 76. NonkTube
    Nonk Tube! Porn, porn, and some more porn.
  • 77. X18
    Don't you want to have your very own infinite resource of videos to watch and fap to for free, whenever you want? Don't you ...
  • 78.
JAV Porn Sites
Asian porn! Japanese pornstars with hairy pussies are going to fuck you longtime!
Asian porn! Japanese pornstars with hairy pussies are going to fuck you longtime!
  • 1. JavFinder
    JavFinder. The name says it all. If you’re confused, JAV is short for Japanese Adult Video, which is long for Japanese porn. J
  • 2. Avgle
    I really admire Japan. For such a small country, they put out an incredible amount of porn.
  • 3. VJAV
    There are a fuck ton of Japanese Adult Video (JAV) sites out there on the web.
  • 4. HPJAV
    The net has tons of porn sites as I’m sure you’ve realized but when it comes to finding out which ones are worth wanking to ...
  • 5. JavBangers
    Jav Bangers aka JavWhores aka Jav Tasty! Few things in this world are better than a sexy little Japanese minx sucking cock a...
  • 6. JavDoe
    Asian porn from the Americas and Europe is great, but just like eating Chinese food, it's not as good as the real, authentic...
  • 7. JavGuru
    Do you have an insatiable lust for quality JAV porn? I mean, you should if you’re reading this. I
  • 8. JAVQD
    Yellow fever is a serious condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and the only cure for it is some good old fas...
  • 9. KissJAV
    Greeting y’all perverts. Anyone who gets off Japanese porn knows it, but for the greenhorns, JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video.
  • 10. JAVMost
    The online world is filled with some good-quality basic porn and that can get boring really fast.
  • 11. PopJAV
    Just like video games started in the West and then the Japanese started making them -- and made them better (!) -- so the sa...
  • 12. JAVHiHi
    I don't know if these Asian sluts are high or are they laughing but the name of the site JAV HiHi made me question a couple ...
  • 13. 91Porn
    Porn is as old as mankind (yeah, I put it that way just to piss off the feminists) and over time people have experimented wi...
  • 14. JavSin (JavSex)
    Alright folks, it’s time to whip out your rice balls case we’ve got a JAV site on our hands. Yea
  • 15. OhYeah1080
    Japanese girls are always filled with naughty acts and they love to show off their curves in front of the camera, preferably...
  • 16. ThisAV
    Where can you see housewives having their tits fucked, office girls getting tied up and tickled, and teenagers shopping with...
  • 17. JavFun
  • 18. JAVout
  • 19. BeJav
  • 20. PornBraze
    Porn Braze is a weird name for a porn site. It sounds kind of like braise, which is a term for cooking some delicious food.
  • 21. XKorean
Asian Porn Premium Sites
Uncensored full-length HD porn movies of Asian pornstars, JAV Idols and AV models!
Uncensored full-length HD porn movies of Asian pornstars, JAV Idols and AV models!
  • 1. JAVHD
    I haven’t beaten off to any Asian porn in a long time, maybe like five or six hours. I
  • 2. R18
    Ever since the civilized world discovered Japan and established trade routes with the island nation, we’ve been trading all ...
  • 3. Erito
    It’s no secret that the Japs have been having a lot of trouble getting laid these past few years. F
  • 4. LittleAsians
    Is there anything better in the world than a sexy, petite piece of ass? I don’t think there is. N
  • 5. JapanHDV
    I love Japanese porn. Who the fuck doesn’t at this point? It’s full of insane scenes, hot bitches, and it’s usually the best...
Taboo Porn Sites
Forbidden taboo porn! Hot family sex between daddy-daughter and mom-son!!
Forbidden taboo porn! Hot family sex between daddy-daughter and mom-son!!
  • 1. IncestFlix
    Who hasn’t fantasized about some kinky family bonding? I feel like everyone of you horny fucks out there have thought about ...
  • 2. Motherless Taboo
    If you are here, you know what you are looking for. Cause the "incest" thing is not for everyone.
  • 3. PornHub Taboo
    Everyone has heard about PornHub before, and in that case, you probably know about their incredible selection of categories.
  • 4. TabooPorns
    It’s in the name, you know what you’re in for, welcome to Thi
  • 5. Milfzr
  • 6. Momzr
    With a name like, it’s easy to guess what this porn site is going to be about. Y
  • 7. FamilyPorn
    As you may have noticed, porn has become saturated with these "incest" related porn videos that have recreated this wild fan...
  • 8. IncestVidz
    Looking for some taboo porn at Incest Vidz? Considering that demand for incest porn has been rising significantly over the y...
Taboo Porn Premium Sites
Exclusive inbreeding orgies! Sign up now, before these taboo websites are banned!
Exclusive inbreeding orgies! Sign up now, before these taboo websites are banned!
  • 1. PureTaboo
    Taboo is such a loaded word these days, one that can mean so many things.
  • 2. PervMom
    If you are following the latest porn trends, then you, just like me, should have already noticed that step-mom porn or how t...
  • 3. SisLovesMe
    Back when everyone’s favorite superhero was Batman, Superman or Wolverine, I was really into Underwear Man. H
  • 4. Filthy Family
    Incest porn is morally wrong and disgusting.
  • 5. Perverse Family
Indian Porn Sites
Ready for rare MMS scandals, homemade desi porn and pornstar Sunny Leone?
Ready for rare MMS scandals, homemade desi porn and pornstar Sunny Leone?
  • 1. PornHub Indian
  • 2. DesiXNXX
    Are you by any chance an Indian? If that's the case, then you will definitively love
  • 3. FreeHDx
    Now, before you get it wrong, no, this isn’t This is
  • 4. IndianPornVideos
    Indian Porn Videos (2)! You don't need to work at NASA to understand what you'll find here! It is unfortunate that Indians f...
  • 5. ClipsAge
    I know some of you fucks are absolutely crazy about kinky Desi sluts. The amateur porn scene in Indian is wild.
  • 6. FSIBlog
    My plan for this evening was to pop a couple of bootleg Viagra and then beat off to expensive, ugly Indians.
  • 7. xHamster Indian
    The best way to start this review about xHamster's Indian section would be to quote a text taken right from the landing page...
  • 8. XVideos Indian
    XVideos is a big fucking deal. It’s the tenth most popular website in existence. Not porn websites, everything. I
  • 9. DesiPlay
    Desi Play! When I think of hot desi porn, the first place I look for it is any porn site that has the word desi in its name.
  • 10. SuckSex
    Suck Sex advertises itself as an Indian sex magazine, and honestly, I don't see how that works out.
Indian Porn Premium Sites
Exclusive homemade sex tapes of Indian bhabhi's and desi college students!
Exclusive homemade sex tapes of Indian bhabhi's and desi college students!
  • 1. Indian GF Videos
    Girlfriend porn is the kind of porn that makes it on the internet as a result of a bad breakup - nowadays, every younger cou...
  • 2. Fuck My Indian GF
    Everyone who prefers to watch the lovely Indian babes has chosen the right site to visit.
  • 3. DesiPapa
    Indian girls are some of the sexiest in the World and boy, can they cook! When your Indian babe isn't in the kitchen, you'll...
  • 4. IndianHiddenCams
    Indian Hidden Cams! Right after shooting a hot load of cum and satisfying my thirst for a hardcore porn scene, there is this...
  • 5. Sunny Leone
Extreme Porn Websites
Are you a sick fuck? Find disturbing, violent and shocking content that is barely legal!
Are you a sick fuck? Find disturbing, violent and shocking content that is barely legal!
  • 1. CrazyShit
    At this point, I’m sure most of you know that the internet can be a black hole where you need more and more crazy shit to sa...
  • 2. Twisted Porn
  • 3. SickJunk
    The name of the website really tells it all! You can't really expect to see normal porn on a website like this.
  • 4. CutScenes
Lesbian Porn Sites
Pussy eating action! Straight girls get tricked in a first time lesbian experience!
Pussy eating action! Straight girls get tricked in a first time lesbian experience!
  • 1. PornHub Lesbian
    Feminists, for all of the problems that they have caused, come with few other things that work in our favor—most importantly...
  • 2. xHamster Lesbian
  • 3. YourPorn Lesbian
    Don’t let those #MeToo bitches tell you what’s, ‘appropriate,’ and what isn’t anymore: there’s nothing hotter than watching ...
  • 4. PornTrex Lesbian
    Sometimes men in porn just don’t make the cut for a lot of people who are otherwise addicted to pornography – their muscle-c...
  • 5. YesPornPlease Lesbian
    What better way to spend your free time alone, than to explore some of the hottest porn websites out there, like yespornplease.
  • 6. DaftSex Lesbian
    Just like it’s impossible for fat asses to pass up a buffet, so too is it impossible for any straight man to look at lesbian...
  • 7. XVideos Lesbian
    When it comes to pornography, the internet is certainly a sumptuous buffet that it sometimes becomes hard to find a specific...
  • 8. RedTube Lesbian
    A lot of people in the world don’t mind watching pornography that depicts girls getting railed by muscular, well-hung men wh...
  • 9. LesbianPornVideos
    Man, honestly, who doesn't like lesbian porn? Like, even the most straight girls out there find it to be very appealing.
Lesbian Porn Premium Sites
Premium tribbing vids! Lesbian pornstars kiss, lick, finger and squirt like crazy!
Premium tribbing vids! Lesbian pornstars kiss, lick, finger and squirt like crazy!
  • 1. GirlsWay
    Childhood is fantasizing about sliding your dick into a girl’s pussy. A
  • 2. WhenGirlsPlay
    There really is nothing better than lesbian porn is there? After all, unlike two guys, a couple of girls (or a throuple or a...
  • 3. SweetHeartVideo
    According to a recent study released by National Geographic, there have been nearly 3 million fake genders and sexual identi...
  • 4. WeLiveTogether
    Who's living together? Well, these lesbian chicks! They live together just to enjoy some sex, every single day of their existence.
  • 5. MommysGirl
    I know a lot of you used to get shit about being little mama’s boys when you were younger, but it’s time to let that all go. Wel
  • 6. Sapphic Erotica
  • 7. HazeHer
    We all know how some of these sororities can be fucked up these days.
BDSM Porn Sites
Painful pleasure! Watch a kinky mistress punish submissive slaves in her dungeon!
Painful pleasure! Watch a kinky mistress punish submissive slaves in her dungeon!
  • 1. Heavy R
    I know I usually try to keep this pretty light and family friendly, but today we’re going to look at some real grown-up shit. T
  • 2. BoundHub
    A little bit of clever wordplay in the name of the website isn't enough to make me smile, but that's a good start. BoundHub.
  • 3. Spanking Tube
    Swatting, paddling, whipping, buttering the biscuits... All of those terms are cute euphemisms for spanking.
  • 4. BDSMstreak
    Well, there is hardcore porn, and then there is BDSM and seriously this kinda shit is not for the faint-hearted.
  • 5. HypnoTube
    Oh boy, do I have a weird-ass fucking site for you today. HypnoTube.
  • 6. hcBDSM
    For all the lovers of BDSM pornography, I am here to introduce yet another site that offers just that, lots and lots of hard...
  • 7. Tube BDSM
    Ah, a BDSM Tube, TubeBDSM or whatever! By now, these oversimplified porno pages have really started to piss me off.
  • 8. Feet9
    Is there really a need for me to clarify what feet9.
  • 9. Stocking Tease
    I’ll be the first to voice the unpopular opinion that chicks look better with some clothes on. We all do. Y
  • 10. Hypno Porn
    What kind of crap do they serve at hypnoporn.
  • 11. BallBustingTube
    Who loves to get their testicles crushed by an amazing piece of ass? Ballbustingtube.
  • 12. PunishBang
    Having a BDSM fetish is way better than having a scat fetish or something like that so with Punish Bang it is easy for me to...
  • 13. Cosplay Porn Tube
    CosplayPornTube! So, do you like to see hot babes in particular outfits, show off their curves and get fucked on cam? cospla...
BDSM Porn Premium Sites
Donate your hard earned money to your dominatrix like the cash piggie that you are!
Donate your hard earned money to your dominatrix like the cash piggie that you are!
  • 1. Kink
    It’s a good time to be a freak. I
  • 2. AbuseMe
    If you're feeling bad, then you must have some sort of craving for violence.
  • 3. FetishNetwork
  • 4. Submissived
    Submissived aka Punish Teens is a fetish porn paysite that makes its intention very clearly known by the title.
  • 5. My BDSM GF
    Do you know what BDSM means? An overlapping abbreviation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadi...
  • 6. Horror Porn
    You know my bros, if there is one thing you can say about me it’s that I don’t take much shit from anyone. You
  • 7. House Of Taboo
    All I have to say about HouseOfTaboo is that if you don't understand the BDSM culture and what "sinister edge of erotica" me...
Funny Porn Sites
See porn bloopers, XXX fails and hilarious WTF moments in the adult industry!
See porn bloopers, XXX fails and hilarious WTF moments in the adult industry!
  • 1. eFukt
    By looking at my site, I’m sure you can see that there is a lot of fucking porn out there in the world. M
  • 2. Inhumanity
    The first time I saw the name of this site, I thought that I was going to see a lot of fucked up shit, but it is safe to say...
  • 3. Humoron
    I'm going to be as blunt as possible in this intro since there's not too much to say about this page that isn't visible as s...
  • 4. 9GAG NSFW
    Welcome back, my dudes! I am here to talk about yet another amazing user-driven website; I am sure everyone has already hear...
  • 5. DaftPorn
    So, I heard you are a fan of bizarre pornographic videos… or well I am assuming that seeing as how you clicked to check out ...
  • 6. ShooshTime
    Sometimes I think that historians will look back on modern times and hail it as a golden age of virtual pornography.
  • 7. Porn Memes
    r/PornMemes, aka Reddit PornMemes! Here we see a combination of two of my favorite things, Reddit and porn.
  • 8. NSFW Memes
    Sometimes it’s always refreshing to take a break away from dirty videos and images on regular porn tubes and sites so you ca...
Porn Parody Premium Sites
Laugh your ass off with XXX parodies of Hollywood movies and popular TV shows!
Laugh your ass off with XXX parodies of Hollywood movies and popular TV shows!
  • 1. Digital PlayGround Parodies
  • 2. ThatSitcomShow is a premium porn site where you can get some of the best acting that the porn industry has to offer.
  • 3. ParodyPass
    The fact that I am reviewing this site, and that it has such a name should already give you an idea of what parodypass.
  • 4. HustlerParodies
    So, I’ve heard that you’re into parodies! Well, do I have a treat for you today. Of
  • 5. Movie Porn
    I know I’m a huge pervert and everything, but I know I’m not the only one who gets a raging hard-on while watching regular m...
Live Asian Sex Cams
Chat with hot Asian girls live on cam! Tip them to see them play with their pussy!
Chat with hot Asian girls live on cam! Tip them to see them play with their pussy!
  • 1. LiveSexAsian
    You wanna have some fun with women that will love you long time? Take a look at Live Sex Asian then: it's a site where some ...
  • 2. SakuraLive
    If you like Japanese girls and who doesn't? Then Sakura Live should get your stamp of approval because it gets ThePornDude's...
  • 3. Streamate Asian
  • 4. Chaturbate Asian Cams
    I’ve heard you lads are a fan of live cam shows, and if so, I am also certain that you must have heard about Chaturbate. T
Porn Aggregators
These XXX sites collect the best sex videos of the top free porn tubes per category!
These XXX sites collect the best sex videos of the top free porn tubes per category!
  • 1. iXXX
    When I surfed on for the first time, I almost thought I had hit a fake website. It seemed too good to be true.
  • 2. Thumbzilla
    Out in the wild of the digital jungle, there lives an alpha beast of the porn world. An absolute fucking giant of fucking.
  • 3. Fuq
    You really can’t go wrong with a domain name like N
  • 4. TubeGalore
    The Internet is arguably the best collection of tubes the world has ever seen.
  • 5. AlohaTube
    Fuck out of here with your feeble porn tube sites that don’t even have a million videos on them. D
  • 6. iWank
    Oh, I really fucked up. The hooker I hired just bailed on me after watching me crush and snort a Viagra, or maybe she was a ...
  • 7. Porzo
    If you just ran out of new pornographic content to watch, or the clips tend to look alike from time to time, maybe you need ...
  • 8. LobsterTube
    Man, decision fatigue. Ever hear of that shit? It’s a newer term popping up lately saying that too many decisions every day ...
  • 9. Mature Tube
    Make sure you eat your vegetables. Shower before you go to bed.
  • 10. DinoTube
  • 11. TubePornstars
    I have been shitting on the fact that sections for pornstars even exist, yet here I am reviewing a site that is solely dedic...
  • 12. MelonsTube
    Some folks just don’t give a shit about tits. I
  • 13. TonicMovies
    I think we have all seen at least one site that resembles tonicmovies.
  • 14. pornSOS
    Free stuff makes us happy. Be it a chicken nugget or a gift phone; there is always a pleasure to be derived from getting fre...
  • 15. Tiava
    Porn is great, especially when you have access to limitless variety.
  • 16. 4Porn
    There are thousands of free porn sites on the internet, but few can be likened to 4 porn.
  • 17. FapVid
    Are you a person who typically experiences random urges of horniness which prompt you to quickly open up a go-to porn tube w...
  • 18. AssoAss
    There is just something about girls with a big booty that makes you go ‘I want to tap that ass’ no matter whether you are in...
  • 19. Video One
    While it is quite fun to browse through porn that is completely free on various sites, it can be quite a pain in the ass to ...
  • 20. TubeGals
Gay Porn Sites
Are you bisexual or a faggot that loves cock? See my gay version of PornDude!
Are you bisexual or a faggot that loves cock? See my gay version of PornDude!
  • 1. MyGaySites
    My Gay Sites? Why do I list this site here? Well, if you want to make sure that everyone out there has something to beat the...
Homemade Porn Sites
See amateur sex tapes with real couples, wives, college students and (ex-)girlfriends!
See amateur sex tapes with real couples, wives, college students and (ex-)girlfriends!
  • 1. HomeMoviesTube
    Amateur porn is great. Few things come close to matching the rawness and authenticity to be found in homemade porn.
  • 2. Motherless Amateur
    Here we are again; is a free site that simply has it all… all the fucked-up shit that you did not know you wanted.
  • 3. PornHub Amateur
    If you don't know what Pornhub is, then you probably shouldn't even be on my site, unless you're willing to learn.
  • 4. xHamster Amateur
    Do you prefer watching ordinary people like you and me screwing each other and recording it on tape for your fapping pleasur...
  • 5. EroProfile
    Ever since I got banned from the nursing home, I’ve been trying to find a new way to admire and interact with naked old ladies. I
  • 6. HClips
    What do housewives have in common with pornstars? They all like to suck cock and get fucked in the ass from time to time.
  • 7. Xtube
    Regular Porn Dude readers know I’m not one to scoff at beautiful pornstars, the kind of professional sluts who make their li...
  • 8. CamWhores
    The Internet has opened all kinds of new avenues for exhibitionist sluts to show off their goods for perverts around the world.
  • 9. ThotHub
    This is a site that's probably going to be close to heart to those who are of generation Y.
  • 10. HotScope
    Everyone’s on social media nowadays, looking at those hot ‘thots’ and e-girls on Instagram who get thousands of likes per po...
  • 11. CamWhoresBay
  • 12. GoneWild
    People "gone wild" everywhere and anywhere! Sure, this means nothing, since we don't want to see "people", we want to see ho...
  • 13. NSFW247
    Not safe for work. You must have heard of this at some point in your life if you've been browsing through Tumblr and all the...
  • 14. is quite a straightforward name, I do not think they could have been more obvious as to what the fuck they hav...
  • 15. Yuvutu
    Now, who doesn’t love homemade porn? The realism expressed in the homemade videos? Unlike on other sites, there is no chance...
  • 16. CamVideos
    We all know about the raging battle between live cam sites and porn sites.
  • 17.
    Did you ever want to see what horny amateurs do behind closed doors? Well, now is your chance to do that. On reallifecam.
  • 18. MyLust
    The first thing you should know about mylust.
  • 19. CamBro
    At first, I thought that cambro.
  • 20. FamousInternetGirls
    We all like to see sneaks of naughty videos featuring the hot internet babes, and that I what famousinternetgirls.
  • 21. RulePorn
    Well, at least is honest with their adds since they explicitly state on their site that the ads that they are p...
  • 22. TheCuckold
    When you open for the first time, you will get to choose one of the given languages, and then you will be red...
  • 23. EroMe
    If you're looking forward to a quick little wank, then you should focus on Erome.
  • 24. GirlfriendGalleries
    I am a bit confused, because while this place has a name that would imply that they only offer galleries… they offer a lot o...
  • 25. TruthOrDarePics
    College life was fun! And I thank god that I wasn’t too careful not to get wasted and shit because I know some people regret...
  • 26. XXBrits
    Do you find British girls hot? Especially when they start talking dirty… I can’t help but get a boner just from listening to...
  • 27. Zoig
    If I have to be completely honest (and to be fair, I have to be fair in front of you guys), I'd have to admit that I am gett...
  • 28. Adultism
  • 29. NewbieNudes
    One of the hottest fucking things about cranking it to the endless amount of porn on the Internet is you sometimes get a cha...
Homemade Porn Premium Sites
Premium sites filled with leaked XXX (ex-)girlfriend pics and girl next door vids!
Premium sites filled with leaked XXX (ex-)girlfriend pics and girl next door vids!
Hentai Porn Sites
Free hentai, anime sex and cartoon porn. Rule 34 makes anything possible!
Free hentai, anime sex and cartoon porn. Rule 34 makes anything possible!
  • 1. Rule 34 is a Danbooru-style site dedicated to Rule 34 porn.
  • 2. E-Hentai
    The first time I visited E-Hentai (ge hentai), I found it a bit confusing.
  • 3. E621
    Porn is full of weird acronyms.
  • 4. FurAffinity
    Fur Affinity! Welcome back, furries! I have yet another site filled with furry adult content to share, so if you are interes...
  • 5. Gelbooru
    The usual kind of porn nearly always involves pics of video footage of real people, in all of their beauty and agony, puttin...
  • 6. Rule 34 Paheal
    People today are so goddamn spoiled.
  • 7. Sankaku Channel
    Ever since the nineties, it seems like everyone is into Japanimation and not just when it comes to the kinds of cartoons tha...
  • 8. ExHentai
    Ex-hentai. Sadpanda. To the layman, this means nothing, but to the porn initiated, Exhentai is one of the great forbidden fr...
  • 9. Danbooru
    I do not think there is anything hotter than watching either an Asian slut or a hentai bitch get fucked hard, and if you sha...
  • 10. Luscious Hentai
    Luscious serves up both hentai and real bitches, with porn uploaded by its legion of loyal nerds.
  • 11. Hentai Foundry
    We all love fapping to hentai.
  • 12. Sankaku Complex
    Sankaku Complex is a hilarious and alternative news site for all things Otaku.
  • 13. Rule34Hentai
    Hentai. That's for high school chumps - or so we thought. Hentai was the first thing you ever loved as a kid.
  • 14. HypnoHub
    You are getting sleepy… Sleepy… No, wait! Wake up! I need your undivided attention for this one, dude. Jus
  • 15. LoLHentai
    Akali. Orianna. Neeko. Poppy.If you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, you can safely ignore this review. The
  • 16. Pixiv
    You can find porn basically anywhere on the internet, isn’t that just a wonderful thing? Well, I am here to talk about
  • 17. FapService
    You love anime. It’s your fucking lifeblood at this point. E
  • 18. TheHentaiWorld
    Have you ever spent like a big portion of your porn time searching for the best hentai to watch? I understand this pain a li...
  • 19. Xbooru
    Ever since Danbooru splashed onto the scene so many years ago, its format has spawned dozens of similar porn sites that have...
  • 20. StudioFOW
    Face it: you have a pretty predictable masturbatory routine. Don’t feel bad, so does everybody else. T
  • 21. Giantessbooru
    If you can’t get the perfect partner, why not draw them? That’s what the anime niche is all about. It
  • 22. HentaiFromHell
    Hentai is every anime fan’s wet dream – watching those nicely-drawn, silky smooth-looking anime waifus get their insides rea...
  • 23. WHentai
    Today there are millions of kids in high school and even older ‘manlets’ who waste at least a few hours of every single day ...
  • 24. FapForFun
    Fap For Fun! Hey guys, it’s ya boy, The Porn Dude coming at you with another hentai porn site review and WHAT THE FUCK? Alri...
  • 25. Naughty Machinima
    Welcome to NaughtyMachinima, a porn site completely dedicated to original and Rule 34 porn using real-time 3D engines.
  • 26. ZZCartoon
    Since you clicked on a site that literally has ‘cartoon’ in its name, I am just going to assume that that is what you came h...
  • 27. CartoonPornVideos
    If you are looking for a neat little website where you can jack off to all things hentai-related, then you have come to the ...
  • 28. PorCore
    Never in my entire life did I imagine that I'd ever see the Mario Brothers fuck the princess and do it in a couch threesome.
  • 29. Shadbase
    Looking for a new den of degeneracy? Are you a fanatic for kinky parody porn? I get it.
Premium Hentai Sites
Exclusive 1080p full-length Premium hentai movies from the best studios!
Exclusive 1080p full-length Premium hentai movies from the best studios!
  • 1. HentaiPros
    Last night, I had an LSD freakout in the middle of banging a broad.
  • 2. ToonPass
    Do you like to take your porn in the form of cartoons instead of being bound to the physical laws of humans and actors? Then...
  • 3. 3DXTube
  • 4. HeyHentai
    Well, it's not free! That's why it looks so awesome! The design and the thumbs on the homepage will hit you like a rock! In ...
  • 5. Drawn Hentai
    I’m not about to sit here and tell you who’s fetish is better than whoever else’s fetish. The s
The Fappening
Hacked celebrity nudes, stolen selfies and leaked naked pics of famous girls for free!
Hacked celebrity nudes, stolen selfies and leaked naked pics of famous girls for free!
  • 1. TheFappeningBlog
    I remember exactly where I was when I first heard about The Fappening. I was a senior in college.
  • 2. Sexy Youtubers
    Way back in 2005, something magical went live on the internet.
  • 3. AZNude
    There’s something so thrilling about seeing your favorite Hollywood babe get fucked during a great movie or TV show. I
  • 4. CelebGate
    The best sexy, nude photos are of celebrities. Hands down. These babes are the absolute pinnacle of hotness.
  • 5.
  • 6. Scandal Planet
    To me, websites such as Scandalplanet.
  • 7. CelebsRoulette
    Now I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t resist watching some nude celebrity content every now and then, especially...
  • 8. Ancensored
    Where were you when you heard about The Fappening?It was kind of like 9/11. But in a good way.
  • 9. Nudography
    Are you tired of rewinding your favorite full frontal scene of Emilia Clarke just to get another quick glimpse before you nu...
  • 10.
    The Fappening was a huge event that went down in history, and from it, a lot of websites were born where you get to see imag...
  • 11. FullXCinema
    Full X Cinema! If you are looking for a rather basic porn site filled with lots of free videos, I think you have just found it.
  • 12. DrunkenStepfather
    DrunkenStepfather is a website that features top celebrity porn and images and the name has nothing to do with what I first ...
  • 13. wikiFeet
    Wiki Feet! Have you recently started looking at pretty feet in a sexual manner? Or maybe you always had a fetish of licking,...
  • 14. TheNipSlip
    Everybody has a favorite celebrity.
  • 15. Egotastic
    Egotastic describes itself as being 'the sexy side of celebrity gossip' - the site's main focus is to report on any adult-re...
Premium Nude Celebrities
See premium leaked celebrity nudes and stolen sex tapes of world-famous stars!
See premium leaked celebrity nudes and stolen sex tapes of world-famous stars!
  • 1. BannedSexTapes
    Sex tapes have become a big thing in recent years, and at Banned Sex Tapes, you're going to be seeing some of the hottest ce...
  • 2. Mr Skin
    Everyone has had a celebrity crush at one point or another.
  • 3. Vivid Celeb
    So… you’re into celebrity porn? A fine choice for a porn connoisseur. Here's the thing though, real celeb porn is hard to come by.
Arab Porn Sites
Forbidden Arabic porn from the Middle-East. Watch muslim girls go fuck crazy!
Forbidden Arabic porn from the Middle-East. Watch muslim girls go fuck crazy!
  • 1. PornHub Arab
    Are you curious about the mysterious allure of the Arabic woman? They seem so sexy and strange under their robes and hijabs,...
  • 2. xHamster Arab
    A website such as xHamster does not need an introduction that's too long, that's for sure.
  • 3. XVideos Arab
    Have you ever wondered what the beautiful Arab sluts hide under that hijab? Well, lucky for you and the rest of us fuckers, ...
  • 4. ArabySexy
    Personally, I am not a fan of Asian pornography for the most part.
  • 5. FreeArabSexx
    It has "free Arab Sexx", but not only! The domain name should make you think that this is the only type of entertainment you...
  • 6. SexAlArab
    Let’s face it, finding good Arab XXX sites like Sex Al Arab is extremely hard. N
  • 7. Sex4ArabXXX
    At first, I thought that is a site that offers Arab pornography, but that is not quite what this place is about.
  • 8. XNXX Arab is a free porn site I am sure everyone has visited at least once in their life when searching for a quick porn movi...
Arab Porn Premium Sites
Premium porn videos of real Arab women!
Premium porn videos of real Arab women!
  • 1. ArabGFvideos
    A good source of real amateur Arab porn has been my white whale.
  • 2. Tour Of Booty
    Tour Of Booty porn? Hmm, interesting site, let me start with that! I mean, it will develop right in front of you, an interes...
  • 3. SexWithMuslims
    The majority of American people insist that Muslims should be forcibly removed from the country, but the truth is much different.
  • 4. Radical Jizzlam
    Oh come on, you can admit that sometimes porn has to be politically incorrect for it to be unique and fun.
Free Porn Download Sites
Free full 1080p HD porn movies! Get a file host account and start downloading now!
Free full 1080p HD porn movies! Get a file host account and start downloading now!
  • 1. TheTeenBay
    Ahh! is great, a blog style site full of 18+ teen content! If you love the chicks who are outrageous enough to...
  • 2. NaughtyBlog is a place where you can read random information about the pornographic world, as well as enjoy loads of nau...
  • 3. 0XXX
    Everyone loves to watch different kind of porn videos, and is a place where you have all kinds of naughty videos.
  • 4. HornyWhores
    Well, a whore has only one operating state, HORNY! Literally, any bitch can’t be a whore without being horny first. L
  • 5. GirlScanner
    Are you the kind of fuck who hordes porn like some sort of sex-crazed dragon? Do you have terabytes upon terabytes of porn s...
  • 6. AdultBay
    There are many different places where you can get pornography, and while I am personally not the biggest fan when it comes t...
  • 7. HQCollect
    The name barely gives it away, but as soon as you step onto this site, you immediately realize that it’s an XXX archive site...
  • 8. TopModelz is definitely my kind of jam! A site filled with the hottest porn models, just ready to spread their legs and...
  • 9. CamShowDownload
    Cam Show Downloads is one of the porn sites that lets you know what it is all about just by the name. I love sites like that.
  • 10. Incezt
    If you would ask me a couple of years ago where you can find some incest porn, I would personally think that you are a fucki...
  • 11. PirateCams is a porn blog where you will get exclusive cams content.
  • 12. 3XPlanet
    I was never really good at math when I was a young child. I am not good at it even now as a man-child.
  • 13. PornoRips is a site that basically rips apart premium sites and indexes their content and links that are provided by oth...
  • 14. FemdomCC
  • 15. NewestXXX
    There are 9377 pages of content on NewestXXX.
  • 16. SiteRips
    There are many ways of consuming porn, and siterips are yet another awesome alternative.
  • 17. TransPorn
    In case you visit and the site makes 0 sense to you, that might be because you have the Ad-block extension, li...
  • 18. ScatFile
    Fuck the fuck out of me! This site is disgusting as fuck! Well, it depends on what you like to see, of course! I personally ...
  • 19. Hard-Extreme
    Now we're getting into the nitty-gritty. The hardcore has just gotten even more hardcore! Hard-extreme.
Sex Stories Sites
Read erotic literature and adult fiction. Nothing is taboo! Let your fantasy cum true!
Read erotic literature and adult fiction. Nothing is taboo! Let your fantasy cum true!
  • 1. Literotica
    If you’re anything at all like me, you probably spend most of your waking day seeking out and masturbating to the filthiest ...
  • 2. Nifty Stories
    I’m always here talking about sites full of HD videos, VR experiences, and crazy interactive features that only the freakies...
  • 3. ASSTR
    Watching erotic material is great whether it’s a porno movie, erotic picture galleries, a photo shoot or tasteful nudes or e...
  • 4. XNXX Sex Stories
    Sex Stories. Well, the people behind this website are not dicking us around.
  • 5. The Kristen Archives
    While fap footage presented in the traditional, multimedia form is most excellent, there are some ways in which written smut...
  • 6. CHYOA
    Usually, when weirdoes tell me that they love to masturbate while reading erotic stories, my first instinct is to fucking sl...
  • 7. Lush Stories
    Welcome to Lushstories, a porn site that’s all about words and only words. W
  • 8. xHamster Stories
    There is every possibility that you have bumped upon in your daily quest for fap material.
  • 9. StoriesOnline
    Well, is all about talented artistic minds that coexist between us like creatures with an innate ability t...
  • 10. AdultFanFiction
    Adult Fan Fiction is known to be a hotspot for text-based erotic fetish writers providing ground for them to converge so as ...
  • 11. Indian Sex Stories
    Have you ever been on a buy & sell site? Any buy & sell site would do.
  • 12. FictionMania
    There are plenty of websites out there that offer naughty content, and the first thing they will show you is a ‘Warning’ pag...
  • 13. MCStories
    Here’s the thing, right? There are simple websites, and then there’s,
  • 14. BDSM Library
    Welcome to, a place where all your kinky dreams come true, but in a story-form.
Porn Chan Boards
Join an adult image board community and share silly porn memes like a troll!
Join an adult image board community and share silly porn memes like a troll!
  • 1. 4Chan
    4Chan...what can we say about 4Chan.
  • 2. U18Chan
    Furry porn is a lot like fine wine to me. I don’t like wine. I’m not against it at all. I g
  • 3. BBWChan
    Most people would usually turn their heads if they see a fat chick, or at least, a very, very fat chick.
  • 4. PregChan
    There are all kinds of porno fans around the world who consume the kind off XXX content which they prefer – the internet is ...
Shemale Porn Sites
Surprise, she has a dick! Hot trannies and Thai ladyboys have sex with straight guys!
Surprise, she has a dick! Hot trannies and Thai ladyboys have sex with straight guys!
  • 1. aShemaleTube
    I had the weirdest goddamn dream last night. In it, I had this slut on all fours and all full of my dick.
  • 2. TrannyTube
    If you like sucking, fucking, or getting fucked by hot babes with big dicks, then you’ve come to the right place. A
  • 3. PornHub Shemale
    You often heard my opinion about Pornhub.
  • 4. TrannyVideosXXX
    Tranny Videos XXX! In today’s day and age, masturbating to transexuals isn’t as harshly looked down upon as it was some 15-i...
  • 5. xHamster Shemale
    Because it is one of the biggest fucking porn players on the world wide web, you can expect to find anything you might want ...
  • 6. ShemaleTubeVideos
    So, Shemale Tube Videos. The name sounds pretty straightforward.
  • 7. ShemaleZ
    Shemale Z! Who are the kinkiest babes in the porn industry? Most people think those are Latinas or Asian babes, but they are...
  • 8. ShemalesTube
    Do you want to see girls with cocks? As in trannies or shemales? Then jump in! This train will take you to the "wonderful" l...
  • 9. SpicyTranny
    So, if you're looking for a website where you'll find the hottest trans babes in the world, then you should look no further.
Shemale Porn Premium Sites
Premium transsexual porn! Beautiful TS pornstars seduce straight guys into sex!
Premium transsexual porn! Beautiful TS pornstars seduce straight guys into sex!
  • 1. TransAngels
    You ever see a hot babe walking down the street and wish that she would bend you over and fuck you in the ass? No, I’m not t...
  • 2. TSPlayground
    The last few years have seen a real explosion in the number of genders and sexual orientations.
  • 3. Transsensual
    Every once in a while you need a break from all the nubile girl on girl action and you just wanna mix it up with some good o...
  • 4. Trans500
    When you’re on a diet or going to the gym 6 days a week your body starts craving for some hard carbohydrates and that’s exac...
  • 5. LadyboyGold
    Oh man, Ladyboy Gold! If I was a fan of the kinky men who love to dress in women's clothes and implant boobs in their chests...
Popular Porn Blogs
Check my NSFW blog. Stay up to date with the latest porn news in the adult industry!
Check my NSFW blog. Stay up to date with the latest porn news in the adult industry!
  • 1. ThePornDude Blog
    Mom, I'm bringing it home! Finally, I get to make a review of a page that is probably one if not the best on the entire gala...
  • 2. DampLips
    Do you know all those porn sites where they give you suggestions of videos, usually from different porn websites, for free? ...
  • 3. Bdsmlr
    Man, can we just talk for a minute about what a tragedy it was when Tumblr banned all porn from its site? That place was hav...
  • 4. xMissy
    Probably an unpopular opinion here, but I think softcore porn can be just as good as the hardcore shit.
  • 5. SexyAndFunny
    Porn is all over the web, and pretty much always has been and arguably has even driven the development of the web.
  • 6. AlRincon
    First things first, I have to say that I have been caught off-guard by the logo of the website...
  • 7. URLGalleries
    While galleries are really not my thing when it comes to picking out my fapping material, URLGalleries.
  • 8. FleshBot
    Well, you know me; I like a little bit of everything even if I swear to remain straight as a freaking arrow.
  • 9. ENF CMNF
    Public nudity has a long, long history of being considered taboo.
  • 10. RussiaSexyGirls
    There is a good reason why everyone says that Russian girls are the hottest babes in the industry, and there is a site that ...
Porn For Women
#MeToo! Romantic female-friendly porn!
#MeToo! Romantic female-friendly porn!
  • 1. Bellesa
    People like to say, “Porn isn’t just for men! Women like it, too!” That’s true. Women d
  • 2. PornHub/PornForWomen
    It’s no secret that The Porn Dude is all about unraveling life’s greatest mysteries. I h
  • 3. ForHerTube
    Everyone knows that it’s mainly dudes that watch porn. Consequently, most of the porn which is made nowadays is made for men. H
  • 4. SoftcoreTube
    Softcore Tube! Softcore pornography might not be my cup of team, but I am positive that there are lots of you who would love...
Looking for the best erotic films for women? Visit EroticaX! The porn destination for girls!
Porn Search Engines
Looking for porn, but Google can't help you? Check these adult search engines!
Looking for porn, but Google can't help you? Check these adult search engines!
  • 1. NudeVista
    When it comes to porn, there is no such thing as having too many sites to choose from.
  • 2. PornMD
    Tube sites are great, but sometimes even the better ones come up a bit short in one area or another.
  • 3. FindTubes
    If you ever wanted to go for a quick wank, you better know that there is no better place to find exactly what you are lookin...
  • 4. NameThatPorn
    The name of this site sounds like those evening shows where the prize is the vacuum cleaner, a bicycle and a 4-day vacation ...
  • 5. NameThatPornstar
    Pornstar databases are unsung heroes of the porn world.
  • 6. Porndex
    This one goes out to all you porn lovers out there who never know which site to go to when they want to watch some porn.
  • 7. Ro89
    With so much pornographic content that you can find online, it can be rather difficult to actually find the shit that will m...
  • 8. PornstarByFace
    Have you ever watched a hot porn movie and fell in love with the sexy actress who was getting banged? But then the video end...
  • 9. Rexxx
    Welcome to yet another pretty mainstream porn site, with all the basics covered, and loads of videos taken from other known ...
  • 10. BadJoJo
    It should come as no surprise to anyone on the Internet that a lot of the search engines out there have become progressively...
Live Voyeur Cams
See real girls nude on hidden cams 24/7. Spy on them and see them have sex live!
See real girls nude on hidden cams 24/7. Spy on them and see them have sex live!
  • 1. Voyeur House TV
    What's Voyeur-House TV about? Is VoyeurHouseTV the perfect place to spy on real chicks? Well, do you remember that movie, ba...
  • 2. Voyeur House is a place where you can act out all your voyeur fantasies when it comes to watching people doing their ever...
  • 3. Camarads
    There are a lot of people on the internet, and a lot of them are horny, unloved strangers whose brain chemistry is so out of...
Live Sex Cam Sites
Live cam sex with webcam girls. Chat, masturbate and tip them in free sex shows!
Live cam sex with webcam girls. Chat, masturbate and tip them in free sex shows!
  • 1. CamSoda
    CamSoda gives you live sex. And when you register, it will give you 100 free tokens for a limited time.
  • 2. Cams
    Back in the old days, if your wife wasn’t putting out you either had to find her a prescription for Valium or sneak out to b...
  • 3. StripChat
    Some of you really old fuckers can remember the early days of cybersex.
  • 4. LiveJasmin
    I talked to your mom today. She showed me her tits, turned around and smacked her ass, and then spread her legs and stuffed ...
  • 5. Streamate
    Video chatting is so common these days that people often forget its filthy roots.
  • 6. BongaCams
    Bonga Cams is one of the newer platforms out there that people have turned to in order to find the cream of the crop when it...
  • 7. Cam4
    Do you ever feel like porn just isn’t doing it for you anymore? Obviously, nothing will ever come close to the feel of the r...
  • 8. MyFreeCams
    Has your mom been trying to get you out of the basement, maybe meet a nice lady and go on a date? Well, I’ve got something e...
  • 9. JerkMate
    Though I don’t know how it feels like to jerk off alone, since I can literally get as much pussy as I want, I do know that i...
  • 10. Chaturbate
    Once upon a time, in order to see a sexy girl dance, strip, and get naughty just for you, you had to go out to either a stri...
  • 11. ImLive
    I’m addicted to camsluts. I’m not afraid to admit it. The
  • 12. SkyPrivate
  • 13. XloveCam
    If you’re at all like me, then you get tired of the same old scripted porn every once in a while. I
  • 14. Flirt4Free
    Porn gets old sometimes. That’s right, I said it! Look, I love good old-fashioned porn just as much as the next guy (probabl...
  • 15. Xcams
    There’s been so much hype about VR sex helmets lately that it’s easy to forget that porn has been interactive for a while now. Cam
  • 16. SlutRoulette
    Well hello again my fellow fappers.
  • 17.! 75K live porn aired every single day! Sounds fucking amazing! The last two sentences are probably enough to encou...
  • 18. PornDudeCams
Hookup Sites
Looking for a hookup? Trying to get laid? Fix a sex date and fuck that pussy, baby!
Looking for a hookup? Trying to get laid? Fix a sex date and fuck that pussy, baby!
  • 1. AdultFriendFinder
    There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard of this online dating site, Adult Friend Finder. T
  • 2. FuckBook
    Everyone here has one thing in common: you want to get laid. And, if I had to guess, you’re some dude looking to get some pussy. W
  • 3. Ashley Madison
    Well, there has always been this notion about Ashely Madison having been created with the notion to help couples with termin...
  • 4. Fling
    Usually, when I am asked to register before I can even view the shit that one site has to offer, I am really repulsed by the...
  • 5. BeNaughty
    Alright, let’s face it. You just can’t survive on porn alone. Sur
VR Porn Sites
Watch exclusive 3D virtual reality porn movies in full-length with a VR headset!
Watch exclusive 3D virtual reality porn movies in full-length with a VR headset!
  • 1. VRBangers
    So, here is the deal, guys. Ever had a crazy fantasy of receiving a surprise from your chick in the form of an orgy with thr...
  • 2. Naughty America VR
    Man, I had a really great day at the office.
  • 3. VirtualRealPorn
    I’ve always been a fan of increasing the immersion while looking at porn. I
  • 4. WankzVR
    I just spent the whole day reviewing Literotica sites, and boy is my right arm really tired.
  • 5. Virtual Taboo
    VR is changing the world. There are all kinds of cool shit going on with it.
Hentai Streaming Sites
Stream free uncensored English subbed/dubbed hentai videos online!
Stream free uncensored English subbed/dubbed hentai videos online!
  • 1. Hanime
    Looking for a no-frills way to watch high-quality hentai videos? has your back.Hanime.
  • 2. Hentai Haven
    Let's face it, real-life girls tend to get on your nerves from time to time if not all the time.
  • 3. AnimeIDHentai
    To all the hentai lovers, I am here to share one great site dedicated to only the lovely animated babes,
  • 4.
    Alright, I know some of you fucks are so starved for sex that you’d drag your dick over broken glass just to have one of the...
  • 5. MuchoHentai
    Muchohentai. It has a weird name and an amateur layout, but Muchohentai is one of the finest streaming sites out there.
  • 6. HentaiMama
    Raise your hand if you like free cartoon titties. Shit, that’s a lot of hands. G
  • 7. Ohentai
    To be quite honest, I never really liked hentai that much.
  • 8. Hentaigasm
    Sometimes I lay awake in bed wondering, just what the hell is a HentaiGasm? It could be a ball-draining blast of cum induced...
  • 9. Hentai Stream
    Hentai Stream is probably the most self-explanatory site of all time.
  • 10. PornHub Hentai
    Alright, listen up you weebs. I’m here to talk about hentai. Y
  • 11. XVideos Hentai
    Growing up is a really hard thing to do, no matter who you are. Things are arguably a little bit worse for nerds.
  • 12. UnderHentai
    Hentai was the final frontier for me when it came to porn. For a long time, I never saw the appeal.
  • 13. XAnimePorn
    A neat hentai oriented porn site called XanimePorn.
  • 14. MioHentai
    Sometimes regular porn just doesn’t cut it, sometimes you need something a little more specific in order to get you going, s...
  • 15. HentaiFreak
    Lots of places to get your porn and a lot of different kinds of porn in all of those places, one particular type is the anim...
  • 16. HentaiCloud
    While most certainly does not come off as a unique hentai website, I would have to say that it gets the job ...
  • 17. HentaiStigma
    In Japan, the term hentai refers to pervasive or bizarre sexual acts or desires, and this precisely what you get on Hentai.
  • 18. HentaiLove
    We all love some proper hentai every now and again.
  • 1. DLsite
    In the age that we are living today, you can find hundreds of sites that specialize in selling something that will make them...
  • 2. DMM Doujin
    Scrolling through a random hentai manga online is not as satisfying as being able to physically have the manga in your posse...
  • 3. Hentai Comic Books
    Are you a man of culture? If so, you’ve definitely stumbled upon one of the best places for your jerk off session, called Am...
  • 4. R18 Hentai
    Once again, we are back to the Japanese stuff. And, of course, it's hentai.
Hentai Manga Sites
Read full English hentai manga and doujinshi of your favorite anime series!
Read full English hentai manga and doujinshi of your favorite anime series!
  • 1. nHentai
    I. Love. Doujinshi. Jacking off to hot drawings of sexy hentai babes with huge tits getting fucked is definitely one of my t...
  • 2. HentaiFox
    Looking to catch up on some reading? Hentaifox can help!Hentaifox is a free hentai doujin and anime site offering thousa...
  • 3. Hentai2Read
    In case you are not sure what Hentai (ero manga) is all about, it is a Japanese comic featuring erotic, sexually explicit an...
  • 4. Hitomi
    I am pretty sure that you have heard the word ‘hentai’ once in your sad little life, and if you have not, then I suggest you...
  • 5. Simply Hentai
    What’s in a name? Well, if Simply-Hentai is to be believed, they’ve got a bunch of wholesome comic fun for the whole family. I’m
  • 6. Pururin
    Are any of you guys neets? Neet stands for No education, employment, or training, and basically describes all the basement d...
  • 7. 9Hentai
    Ever singe HentaiHaven bit the dust, there have been sites trying to bring hentai back to the forefront of the porn industry.
  • 8. AsmHentai
    Do you like to read smut hentai manga, or do you prefer to watch that shit online? Well, If you are a man of culture, and yo...
  • 9. HentaiHere
    Where would the world be without the beautiful splendor of one of the most adored and prolific genres of porn known as Henta...
  • 10. Doujins (Doujin Moe) is a hentai doujin site that does its job right.
  • 11. HentaiHand
    Today, I have a site that most probably got its name from a really stupid pun, which is incredible.
  • 12. Tsumino
    When you’ve seen as much porn as I have, you can tell when a porn site is either just thirsty for cash, or whether it really...
  • 13. ManyToon
    Many Toon! Well, Hentai is back again in my life, and I don't like it.
  • 14. Hentai Cafe
    If you get off to animated pornography, then Hentai Café may as well be your favorite bar.
  • 15. HBrowse
    HBrowse- such an amazing porn site for a boring name.
  • 16. Fakku, also known as Fakku!, is a commercial hentai doujin site that offers thousands of translated Japanese comics for ...
Deepfake Porn Sites
Fap to the best fake nude pics and porn videos of your favorite celebrities!
Fap to the best fake nude pics and porn videos of your favorite celebrities!
  • 1. MrDeepFakes
    The world’s become a highly sexualized community, like you can’t just tell a woman she’s beautiful and have her sure you hav...
  • 2. CFake
    Ever since the release of cheap photoshop programs, people have been having all kinds of fun making funny and fap worthy photos.
  • 3. AdultDeepFakes keeps it simple, thanks to its minimalistic design.
  • 4. Sex Celebrity
    SexCelebrity! Of course you have, I mean half of you reading this have probably had a crush on a famous person in the past f...
  • 5. FamousBoard
    Sometimes hardcore porn from typical porn sites feels so monotonous.
  • 6. Celeb Jihad
    Are you tired of infidel scum walking around among the living? Have regular pornstars grown boring, and would you prefer to ...
Latina Porn Sites
Thick Latinas, sexy Mexican girls, and hot Hispanic women want your cock, Papi!
Thick Latinas, sexy Mexican girls, and hot Hispanic women want your cock, Papi!
  • 1. Porno Carioca
    Some people think of me as just some creep in a basement, frantically tenderizing my meat as I stare at a computer screen.
  • 2. PornHub Latina
    Big asses! Big butts! Latina butts! Lovely big cheeks! Heeeeeeeee, who doesn't love Latina babes? I know I do! Damn, how can...
  • 3. xHamster Latina
  • 4. Pornolandia
    I tell you what, the first time I heard the name of this site, I was left thinking what a missed opportunity with the choice...
  • 5. Xnalgas
    You got to love the hotties from the South. I mean, they are some of the most beautiful women on the planet.
  • 6. Nao Conto
    Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like some good ol’ fashioned amateur porno. D
  • 7. Novinhas Do Zap Zap
    Upon seeing for the first time, I just had to browse through and see what they really had to offer.
Latina Porn Premium Sites
Premium Latina porn from the best Brazillian and Spanish porn studios!
Premium Latina porn from the best Brazillian and Spanish porn studios!
  • 1. SexMex
    Yet another good premium porn site! With lovely pornstars doing what they know best: fucking their brains! You will have the...
  • 2. OyeLoca
    Well, I know that this might come as a shock to some, but the Hot Latina look is not actually a race kinda thing.
  • 3. LatinaFuckTour
    When I say the name does it make you think of anything.
  • 4. MeAndMyLatina
    Holy hell if you’re a guy who’s any kind of attracted to Latina girls then at some point or another you’ve been out there in...
  • 5. PornDitos
    Do you love it when fun stuff is uncomplicated? Do you also have a thing for curvaceous, exotic Latina bitches in raw and le...
Porn Torrent Sites
Download free full-length HD porn movies with a torrent client, you fucking pirate!
Download free full-length HD porn movies with a torrent client, you fucking pirate!
  • 1. 1337x
    Regardless of how much you fap, sometimes you need to stop and ask yourself – am I fapping to the best porn possible? Am I d...
  • 2. PornoLab
    If you love spending hours and hours on random porn forums checking out random GIF's and WebM's, you have probably requested...
  • 3. OneJAV
    Ever thought to yourself “Man, I sure wish there was a site where I could just download free, full-length Japanese adult fil...
  • 4.
    I don't know where they got the word 'bay' from, oh no - actually I do! It's from The Pirate Bay, and just like that infamou...
  • 5. JavJunkies
    If there is one thing that we all can agree on, it's probably the fact that all of the crazy fucked up shit usually comes fr...
  • 6. Tokyo Toshokan
    This site looks like an IP address central or something! Damn TokyoTosho.
  • 7. MyPornClub
    For those of you folks who happen to be coming across the word torrents for the first time in their fuckin' life.
  • 8. BootyTape
    Am sure you know what torrents are, and so I won’t bother to explain. Y
  • 9. Empornium
    If you know what a torrent is then you probably know how convenient they are for downloading just about anything.
  • 10. RARBG
    For all of you dudes and dudettes out there who are into free stuff, who like to live on the edge and try out the edges of t...
  • 11. PornLeech
    We live in the age of the free porn tube.
  • 12. ThePirateBay
    If you haven't heard about ThePirateBay.
Naked Girls Galleries
Erotic photography! Artistic nude pictures of sexy glamour babes and perfect models.
Erotic photography! Artistic nude pictures of sexy glamour babes and perfect models.
  • 1. KindGirls
    The site I am about to suggest you guys visit is mostly made for those who enjoy looking at naughty images from beauties ins...
  • 2. Erotic Beauties
    Looking for hot images of erotic babes that you can use however you want? Welcome to EroticBeauties.
  • 3. TheHun
    The Hun’s Yellow Pages, which I’ll call TheHun, is a true Norwegian classic. Thi
  • 4. FreeXcafe
    Do you wanna step into a world of extremely beautiful, and sensual women? Wanna know which site gives a new meaning to eroti...
  • 5. ErosBerry
    Are you ready to venture into a world filled with HD images and movies from hot pornographic models? Well, erosberry.
  • 6. Morazzia
    Personally, I am not really into scrolling through random hot images of naked ladies, but I am sure that some of you out the...
  • 7. BrdTeenGal claims that it is the best source of some quality teen galleries.
  • 8. FoxHQ
    What did the fox say? Well, for one it said that its favorite porn site was Fox HQ, a huge tits blog! I’ve gotta be honest h...
  • 9. Curvy Erotic
    Only a real man will understand the beauty of having a gorgeous curvaceous babe by your side, and I think that curvyerotic.
  • 10. PrimeCurves is a page that asks the right questions, the decision making questions that are so serious that life on Eart...
  • 11. Coed Cherry
    When you're looking for free teen porn, legal, of course, it's hard to find decent places to get it.
  • 12. ImagePost
    Well, I must admit that the site's name is well, a bit misleading and anyone would be forgiven to think they specialize in p...
Pornstar Databases
Search and find every little detail of your favorite pornstars in these XXX databases!
Search and find every little detail of your favorite pornstars in these XXX databases!
  • 1. IAFD
    Are you a fan of the American porn community? Well, I know most people are.
  • 2. FreeOnes
    Freeones is an absolute beast of a porn page.
  • 3. JavLibrary
    Do you like videos of naked Asian women in all kinds of scandalous situations? Perhaps you’re such a big fan of virgin gradu...
  • 4. Boobpedia
    Boobpedia is a site somewhat similar to Wikipedia, only it's devoted to adult content.
  • 5. AdultDVDTalk
    Porn DVDs have been around for a very long time. Like a VERY long time. Probably longer than the internet existed.
  • 6. PornTeenGirl
    Well, it seems that the trend of reviewing overly simplistic porn websites continues.
  • 7. ShemaleStarDB
    I often wonder who the fuck would masturbate by looking through different images instead of watching actual pornography, but...
  • 8. Adult Film Database
    AdultFilmDatabase? You know IMDB? That site where you go to find info about movies and actors, who's playing where, whatever...
  • 9. Babepedia
    Shouldn’t it be quite obvious what
  • 10. EuroPornstar
    Everyone who loves to know more about the horny bitch in the video they are watching, and they think that European chicks ar...
  • 11. dbNaked is a porn tube database filled with a hell of a lot of porn.
  • 12. MyPornstarBook
    Imagine how lucky you are to have stumbled upon my site, where I take my time to review all kinds of sites, no matter whethe...
  • 13. Define Fetish
    A dildo electric drill in her pussy as the girl is strapped to a metal fence, upside down! This is the kind of content that ...
  • 14. DefineBabe
    While pornographic sites that are mostly offering images do not tend to be that popular, in my opinion, there is one site th...
Scat Porn Sites
Ready for dinner, baby? See girls poop, piss and use men as human toilets!
Ready for dinner, baby? See girls poop, piss and use men as human toilets!
  • 1. ThisVid Scat
    Well, here's a prime example of a website that a lot of you normal folks would consider to be weird, repulsive, and even deg...
  • 2. Scat Gold
    Everybody poops, as the saying goes.
  • 3. Motherless Scat
    So we all know of
  • 4. PooPeeGirls
    Before you even ask, yes is exactly what it sounds like.
  • 5. Xpee
    Well, I guess that we’re doing this. W
  • 6. xHamster Pee
    This xHamster is driving me crazy, FFS! When I'm hoping to find something that they do not have on their pages, bang - they ...
  • 7. DirtyShack
    Dirty Shack is a porn tube devoted to some pretty nasty stuff.
  • 8. FreshScat
    While I am quite an open minded person, there are some things in the porn industry that I will never understand, and freshscat.
  • 9. EroProfile Scat
    There are weird fetishes, and then there is the scating fetish.
  • 10. CinemaPee
Scat And Piss Premium Porn Sites
See the nastiest pornstars eat shit, fart and take golden showers in 1080p HD quality!
See the nastiest pornstars eat shit, fart and take golden showers in 1080p HD quality!
  • 1. SG-Video
    Buy 4 movies, clips or DVDs and pay only 3 at SG Video.
  • 2. YezzClips
    Oh boy, we’ve got another one of these. Yep, it looks like the shit-lovers are back in town and this time they brought backup. G
  • 3. ViPissy
    You all know that I’m the king of porn. (And if you don’t, now you do.) So
  • 4. PissJapanTV
    When it comes to ThePornDude and the usual content we talk about in here, you will find that we usually don't care that much...
  • 5. PeeOnHer
    All of you piss drinking motherfuckers better strap yourself in for this one, cause you’re about to witness some of the hott...
  • 6. WetAndPissy
    Let loose the hot piss! I actually think this site should be called Pissy and Wet since the chicks here get wet after pissing.
  • 7. LezPoo
    Fuck me this one is going to be hard.
Porn Link Sites
XXX sites filled with oldschool porn links! Keep clicking, until you find your nude fix!
XXX sites filled with oldschool porn links! Keep clicking, until you find your nude fix!
  • 1. DonkParty
    It is time to finally relax and enjoy yourself, with a basic porn site that offers a little bit of everything,
  • 2. UselessJunk
    Once again, I have something special to show you:, one of the best porn link sites out there.
  • 3. Entensity
  • 4. PinkWorld
    Being reliably informed on the latest hot porn and erotic galleries is hard, especially when there are too many half-assed s...
  • 5. WTF People
    WTFPeople is a porn link website where you will get extreme porn and funny adult entertainment.
Vintage Porn Sites
Free retro porn from the 60s-70s-80s-90s!
Free retro porn from the 60s-70s-80s-90s!
  • 1. TubePornClassic
    If I told you that porn has been around for close to 100 years now, would you believe me? Well, depending on the side of the...
Vintage Porn Premium Sites
Full-length premium classic porn movies!
Full-length premium classic porn movies!
Reddits NSFW List
Find the best NSFW subreddits on this adult-friendly social network!
Find the best NSFW subreddits on this adult-friendly social network!
  • 1. GoneWild
    To tell you the truth, I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Reddit.
  • 2. NSFW
    Yes, we can all agree that in this day and age accessing a random popular porn tube and clicking on the first thumbnail that...
  • 3. NSFW_WTF
    Reddit is one of the best free porn sites on the web.
  • 4. Grool
    I finally got them where I wanted them all along. And by that, I mean, welcome to my natural territory - Reddit.
  • 5. NSFW_GIF
    NSFW GIF is a board on the Reddit platform which is a way for groups of people to share content and a particularly good way ...
  • 6. RealGirls
    You’d think that with how much the term “NSFW” is used on Reddit, after a while all of those skin colored posts full of fles...
  • 7. BustyPetite
    When you're talking big tits and small waists, you're talking the language of The Porn Dude.
  • 8. Amateur
    Most of you guys already know pretty much everything that there is to know about Reddit.
  • 9. Boobies
    If you've not heard of Reddit before, then boy do I have a treat for you today.
  • 10. Ass
    /r/Ass is a subreddit devoted to the enjoyment, appreciation and sharing of booties.
  • 11. CumSluts
    Wow. Just wow. With a name like Cumsluts, you’d expect a lot from the site. W
  • 12. OnOff
    Reddit is a great place with many subsections I am sure you will appreciate as much as the rest of us.
  • 13. LegalTeens
    Love 18+ teens and want to find some free porn? Reddit might be the place for you.
  • 14. GirlsFinishingTheJob
    Reddit always has a lot of weird and wonderful niches - one of which I personally enjoy goes by the name of Girls Finishing ...
  • 15. Rule34
    If you're a fan of a certain type of pornography that's a bit obscure, then you should totally head over to Reddit's rule34,...
  • 16. CantHold
  • 17. HotStuffNSFW
  • 18. GodPussy
  • 19. BBCSluts
    It's easy - "Big Black Cock Sluts". And it's hosted on Reddit, that wonderful network where porn feels like home.
  • 20. BestHQPornGifs
  • 21. GirlsInYogaPants
    Chances are that if you've read any of the other reviews I have for subreddits, I'm quite a fan of the style of content dist...
  • 22. Ginger
    Love ginger girls? If you can't get enough of these auburn haired beauties, this Reddit board will really interest you.
  • 23. JuicyAsians
    I'm sure if you've read the reviews here on The Porn Dude, you'll know just how much I love Asian chicks.
Top Premium Porn Sites
Experience full-length 4K HD porn movies with the hottest girls and famous pornstars!
Experience full-length 4K HD porn movies with the hottest girls and famous pornstars!
  • 1. Brazzers
    Unless you just broke free from a Josef Fritzl-style sex dungeon, I’m guessing you’ve beaten off to this next site a bunch o...
  • 2. BangBros
    Finding the perfect porn site is a little like finding the perfect pussy.
  • 3. Reality Kings
    Any straight guy with a functioning dick and basic internet access has definitely heard of the famous porn studio, Reality Kings.
  • 4. I Know That Girl
    Do you know some super hot girl that you would want to see in a porn movie? You might see them on the site "I Know That Girl".
  • 5. AdultTime
    How many subscription services do you have in your life? Three? Five? I, personally, have four at the moment – Netflix, Hulu...
  • 6. TeamSkeet
    It’s a fairly well-known fact that hotness tends to gradually decrease with age. W
  • 7. MYLF
    MILF. Mother I’d Like to Fuck. It’s an acronym we use almost every single day, but that wasn’t always the case. In fa
  • 8. Naughty America
    You don’t settle for just any porn. You need fuck vids that are a cut above the rest. J
  • 9. Mofos
    If you watch porn, you’ve heard of Mofos. E
  • 10. Evil Angel
    EvilAngel is a premium western porn site featuring lots of top industry talent getting fucked for your viewing pleasure.
  • 11. Vixen
    Sometimes, when you’ve got a little extra cash in your pocket and maybe a little bit more Viagra pumping through your penile...
  • 12. LetsDoeIt
    Insects do it, birds do it, animals do it, sexy hotties on their knees love to do it, but fuck, everyone does it and loves i...
  • 13. Family Strokes
    I don’t know what the hell happened in the last few years, but incest porn is suddenly all the rage. I
  • 14. Babes
    There are literally hundreds of premium pay porn sites out there to choose from.
  • 15. Digital Playground
  • 16. Jules Jordan
    The Internet is such a wonderland of pornography that sometimes it’s almost overwhelming. S
  • 17. Blacked
    What is your favorite type of ice cream? Do you like chocolate, vanilla, or are you more of a swirl person? How about a vani...
  • 18. Nubile Films
    Once in a while you wanna kick back after a long day of work, whip out your boner and treat yourself to some quality HD porn...
  • 19. DogFart Network
    Are you down with the swirl? If not, well, there’s a good chance that you’re a piece of shit bigot and probably have secret ...
  • 20. FakeHub
    Fake.It’s a word applied to, among many other things, the news, tits, food, and porn.
  • 21. Tiny4K
    Anyone who knows me knows that I like a thick girl.
  • 22. Passion HD
    Let’s get back to basics. You degenerate fucks need to take a break from your BDSM slave scat porn and watch some good quali...
  • 23. VideoBox
    Do you ever feel like checking out some great old-school pornography? It is very likely that the idea has crossed your mind ...
  • 24. New Sensations
    Please, for the love of all things holey, tell me that you aren’t still jerking off to shitty-quality amateur porn on Porn H...
  • 25. HardX
    There are not many female hardcore porn directors in the industry. In fact, on the whole, porn is kind of a man’s game. I
  • 26. 21Naturals
    21Naturals has a lot going for it.
  • 27. DevilsFilm
    There’s a lot of fucked up depraved pornography on the internet and it seems that lately, people are obsessed with crazy ass...
  • 28. Club Seventeen
    Club Seventeen is a great porn site that has hot 18 and 19-year-olds going at it for hot and sexy fun.
  • 29. 21Sextury
    21Sextury is some kind of porn empire. It gives you instant access to 21 sites (like the title suggests) and other bonus sites.
  • 30. Hustler is a very well-known premium porn site that does not need that much introduction.
  • 31. Spizoo is a premium porn site that delivers some of the more worldly porn videos to all the fans who are privy to the po...
  • 32. Fucking Awesome
    Fucking Awesome is a premium porn site that will give you a few free 4K Ultra HD videos.
Best Sex Games
Are you an adult XXX gamer? Play porn video games with hentai and sex online!
Are you an adult XXX gamer? Play porn video games with hentai and sex online!
  • 1. Nutaku
    The slow death of video arcades is a damn shame.
  • 2. Hentai Heroes
    Any time you hear about those 100% free games, be on your toes since as we all know, things are not as they seem to be, most...
  • 3. Cunt Wars
    You like online competitive card games. You like hentai porn.
  • 4. LifeSelector
    Control your own porn? Whatever next! Life Selector is a unique porn site where you get to choose which route you want a por...
  • 5. 3D Sex Villa 2
    You really need to get laid. Sure, Tinder lets you hook up with babes, but maybe that’s just not playing out for you. It happens.
  • 6. Booty Calls
    Welcome to Booty Calls, another high-quality game from the vampires/porn game developers at Nutaku.
  • 7. Kamihime Project R
    Have you heard about Kamihime Project? Chances are that if you’re someone whose even partially into porn games then you’ve a...
  • 8. 3DXChat
    The link between porn and video games is well known to every pervert, stoner, and basement-dwelling neckbeard the world over.
  • 9. Pocket Waifu
    Have you ever heard about You probably have, unless you have been living under a rock.
  • 10. Fap Titans
    Most porn games are slower than a BBW trying to get you off cowgirl. I’m not about that shit. I
  • 11. HentaiClicker
    Hentai Clicker! Listen, if you're a fan of hentai then there are a few things that you can do online in order to have some fun.
  • 12. Big Bang Empire
    Big Bang Empire is an awesome porn game where you go from a newbie porn star to a motherfucking mogul.
  • 13. Booty Farm
    Booty farm, ladies and gentlemen is for a different kind of porn pursuer.
  • 14. Gods Of Hentai
    Good porn games are hard to find.
  • 15. Girlvania Summer Lust
    Looking for lesbian sex simulator games? Here's a chance for all of you borderline gay dudes to experience what it's like to...
  • 16. SmutStone
    Well, I’m back once again to review another porn game. F
  • 17. Red Light Center
    Let’s play a game, a truth game! What do you truly desire? Maybe its meaningless hookups. P
  • 18. Fap CEO
  • 19. Taimanin Asagi
    When it comes to innovations in the porn world, my take is that animated porn games are a serious game-changer.
  • 20. Fake Lay
    FakeLay! “Fake your way to the perfect lay!" - Yeah, for fuck sake! It's a game and it is built on the popular concept of "f...
  • 21. Hot Candy Land
    So, I’ve heard you like games, and I am here to introduce a rather interesting game called O
  • 22. MNF Club Game
    It gets hard to play World of Warcraft with a massive, throbbing erection, doesn’t it? When it gets bad enough you start thi...
  • 23. Meet And Fuck Games
    They’re weird. They’re wild. They’re sexy. No, I’m not talking about squealing, cum hungry JAV pornstars… at least not this time.
  • 24. Yareel
    Do you remember those old avatar-mingle games that would often pop up like 2 decades ago? I mean, if you are a millennial yo...
  • 25. Lesson Of Passion
    Lesson of Passion is an adult game site featuring dozens of free and premium Western style adult games.
  • 26. PornHubCasino
    Live casino hold'em with big tits around you? Live roulette with bitches in thongs wishing you good luck, to make you feel l...
  • 27. Sacred Sword Princess
    Well guys, is coming once again at us with a brand new 2D action and adventure RPG game that you’re absolutely go...
  • 28. Pussy Saga
    We’re all out here just trying to get some good pussy. That’s what all of this porn and shit comes down to. It’
  • 29. GamCore
    Some might argue that all porn is interactive.
  • 30. Games Of Desire
    Looking for some fun and fast fuck action? No, I'm not talking about the glory hole at the local bowling alley.
  • 31. Fap Nation
    Fap-nation is the definition of a double-edged sword.
  • 32. Fenoxo
    Talk about following your dreams.
  • 33. Summertime Saga
    Oh, shit son, it's time to review Summertime Saga! Summertime Saga is one of the most popular ongoing indie porn games on th...
  • 34. WetPussyGames
    Wetpussygames is a sweet little porn site where you can play browser games and watch hentai/cartoon videos.
  • 35. LewdZone
    Lewd Zone! Not everyone is a fan of regular old porn content. Some people would rather enjoy a nice animation or sex game instead.
  • 36. H Flash
    Apparently, there aren't too many porn games worth playing on the internet.
  • 37. PlayForceOne
    After stumbling upon Play Force One, and seeing the hot quality of 3D chicks that are offered here, I just had to explore it...
  • 38. Newgrounds Adult Games
    I’ve looked at, played, and played with myself to porn video games before. And to be honest, they’re usually okay. But only okay.
  • 39. MySexGames
    Are you one of those perverts who love to play the old-school porn flash games instead of watching actual porn videos? Well,...
  • 40. PornGames
    A lot of people who grew up fapping to internet porn also grew up playing games, this holds especially true for 90s kids who...
  • 41. ComDotGame Adult
    The name may not make a lot of sense, but the first thing you will notice upon logging in to this site is the number of games.
  • 42. Corruption Of Champions
  • 43. Space Paws
    Gamers and people who fap on a daily basis are the kinds of individuals who don’t stray too far from each other when it come...
  • 44. Trap Quest
    Is it just me or are half decent porn games few and far between? Yeah, there are plenty with flashy graphics, hot bitches, a...
  • 45. Free Strip Games
    Even someone like me gets bored with these basic websites filled with nothing but ordinary porn.
  • 46. Crystal Maidens
    Am pretty much banking on the probability that everyone’s heard of Nutaku and their amazing erotic games. O
  • 47. 7 Angels
    Are you ready for yet another great porn game from the popular site called Nutaku? Well, I fucking am, and that is why I am ...
  • 48. Cosmic Shock League
    Where are all my gamers at? I am about to review a porn game with the hottest scenarios and great gameplay, which is not som...
Premium Porn Comics Sites
Complete XXX comics from the best artists! Nothing is impossible thanks to rule 34!
Complete XXX comics from the best artists! Nothing is impossible thanks to rule 34!
  • 1. JABComix
    Jab Comix aka Jab Comics is the official website of the adult cartoon artist Jab.
  • 2. Welcomix
    Pornography is an art form that makes our deepest, most perverted fantasies into reality.
  • 3. Savita Bhabhi (Kirtu)
    There’s something about the unique art style of Indian porn comics that gets me hard as diamonds every fucking time. M
  • 4. CrazyXXX3Dworld
    One thing that’s always bothered me about pornography is that they’re largely limited to scenarios that might happen in real life.
  • 5. OrgyMania (SlipShine)
  • 6. Velamma Comics
    Are you the kind of freak that needs the help of porn comics to find a way to the very center of your twisted desires? I tot...
Porn Comics Sites
Read 18+ adult comics of your favorite superheroes in crazy XXX stories!
Read 18+ adult comics of your favorite superheroes in crazy XXX stories!
  • 1. MultPorn
    Once in awhile, you just need to get away from 3D bitches.
  • 2. 8Muses
    Alright, I’m gonna be straightforward with you guys: I really just do not understand the appeal of cartoon porn. A
  • 3. MyHentaiGallery
    Sometimes, after I rub myself raw to hours of lesbian movies, I like to relax with a little bit of evening reading.
  • 4. MyHentaiComics
    Hentai is a beautiful thing isn’t it? All the titties and booty that we love in women, with none of the stink or whining abo...
  • 5. SVSComics
    All the experts agree, comic book sluts are fucking hot.
  • 6. Free Adult Comix
    I don’t think a site with a name like needs any introduction. W
  • 7. XYZComics
    I am kind of a fan of the whole comic thing, but now that sex comics are becoming more and more popular I am becoming even m...
  • 8. KingComix
    King Comix! Sometimes, turning off the pornographic videos that we watch all the fucking time, can be refreshing, as we repl...
  • 9. XlecX (XcartX)
    Some people visit The Porn Dude because they’re searching for the very best in lesbian smut. O
  • 10. BestPornComix
    Best Porn Comix aka Porn Comix! Do you dream of watching Spider-gwen get stuck with more than just a little web? Or maybe yo...
  • 11. Oglaf
    The moment I clicked on Oglaf.
  • 12. PornComixOnline
    Want to bust a nut at Porn Comix Online? While I do enjoy porn videos, both regular and VR, as well as live cam girls, there...
  • 13. Erofus
    Here’s the thing, there are sites where you can get free porn comics, and then there is
  • 14. NXTComics
    The next step in comic porn is here, under the name
  • 15. PalComix
    As a self-proclaimed ‘Home of the Adult Cartoon Comic Parody’, I think these lads are doing a pretty good job. Now
  • 16. PCOMIX
    So, I’ve heard you like to read smut? Well, my good man, I am here to introduce a site with lots of hot smut manga and comics. I
Sex Gifs Sites
Huge collections of animated NSFW pics!
Huge collections of animated NSFW pics!
  • 1. Gifs
    When I go out, I like to have a selection of hot babes to choose from.
  • 2. PornHub Gifs
    Porn videos are great, and so are XXX pictures, but some people enjoy their porn in GIF format (Animated Sex Pictures).
  • 3. GifSauce
    If you're looking for a proper good website that's full of delicious free porn, then you've come to the right place.
  • 4. ImageFap Gifs
    I know that the better part of all you reading this have without a doubt fapped to images and/or pictures before – you guys ...
  • 5. GifPornTube
    GIF Porn Tube is a site that is pretty self-explanatory. You can pretty much tell what it is all about from its name.
  • 6. InstantFap Gifs
    You guys are in for a treat today. We’re going to take a look at
  • 7. iLoopIt
    At first, I really thought that iloopit.
Black Porn Sites
See big black cocks fuck African thots, freaky ratchet hoes and ebony pornstars!
See big black cocks fuck African thots, freaky ratchet hoes and ebony pornstars!
  • 1. PornHub Black
    This Week's Top Rated Ebony Porn Videos! That's the first section that you will get once you have begun your journey into th...
  • 2. ShesFreaky
    For starters, I am a staunch lover of chocolate babes.
  • 3. xHamster Black
    Do you know why men of African descent have evolved to have, frankly, monstrously-long cocks? It’s because their anatomy is ...
  • 4. TastyBlacks
    Anyone interested in seeing some dark chocolate angels enjoying cock better pay close attention to what I’m about to say. Y
  • 5. Ebony Pulse
    EbonyPulse! Is there even a need for me to introduce this place? I mean, it is quite fucking obvious that Ebony Pulse has to...
  • 6. GhettoTube
    The name Ghetto Tube might sound a little too basic, but this is pretty much the hottest area on the internet to take a clos...
  • 7. BangHer
  • 8. HoodAmateurs
    Embrace the naughty euphoria from the nastiest black bubbly beauty from ghetto porn.
  • 9. HomeGrownFreaks
    I have heard of Homegrown Freaks many years ago. It's simply a community of people in love with amateur adult content.
  • 10. SheGotAss
    Make that ass clap back up bitch! The hell, this caked up site is the valley of freaky big bootied bitches that will have yo...
Black Porn Premium Sites
Premium shit from the hood! Big ass black girls and pornstars want that BBC nut!
Premium shit from the hood! Big ass black girls and pornstars want that BBC nut!
  • 1. Brown Bunnies
    You haven’t been outside in years, so let me let you in on some insider knowledge shared with me by our African-American brothers.
  • 2. AllBlackX
    All Black X! Hello there, master fappers and porn addicts and welcome! After years of slinging jizz to countless porn videos...
  • 3. Black Valley Girls
    BlackValleyGirls features ebony teen girls! Hot ebony girls! Do you see what I did there? I was like Bond, James Bond! Damn,...
  • 4. African Casting! Let's see what do we have here ... Ebony babes, this is the main subject of this place.
  • 5. Black Patrol
    Black Patrol porn! Now that everyone is looking for something out of the ordinary it is even harder to ignore a site like Bl...
Porn Forums
Share your porn with other perverts in a community and discuss adult movies!
Share your porn with other perverts in a community and discuss adult movies!
  • 1. Phun Forum
    Hello good folks. The Porn Dude is back and today we're checking out "forum phun".
  • 2. Vintage Erotica Forum
    Ah, classic old Vintage Erotica Forums! Are you one of the people who think that all adult forums like Vintage-Erotic-Forum.
  • 3. F95zone
    I fucking love hentai games, artwork, SFM, comics, and the whole nine yards.
  • 4. NudeCelebForum
    We see them every single day on TV and on the Internet. They are either singing, acting in movies or whatever.
  • 5. PeachyForum
    A forum is a place where likeminded people get to meet and talk about topics that make their private bits happy, or whatever...
  • 6. FreeOnes Board
    Porn forums come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s not until you see a porn forum board like
  • 7. Extreme Board
    You have to be one very depraved man to enjoy things like these, but namecalling isn't really that thing that doesn't let yo...
  • 8. XNXX Forum
    Blue. So much blue. All I see is blue, blue, blue! This is the thing when someone does a great job at using just colors and ...
  • 9. AdultDVDTalk Forum
    Some people aren’t interested in fapping to cut-out scenes of full XXX movies where they show only the more hardcore part an...
  • 10. Sexy And Funny Forums
    They say if you’ve seen one sex forum then you’ve seen them all. I u
  • 11. PeeFans
    If you’re reading this, then you probably disgust me. Why? Because you’re interested in something that has “pee” in its name. Yeah
  • 12. CamCaps
    Cam Caps is a forum built upon the idea of people sharing porn and in particular, live cam show recordings.
  • 13. Sexting Forum
    Sexting Forum is a website that is strictly for people who are over 18 years of age, and a shelter for people who want to in...
Porn Pics Sites
Masturbate to nude picture compilations of hot women and snapchat selfies of teens!
Masturbate to nude picture compilations of hot women and snapchat selfies of teens!
  • 1. Could you ask for a better porn domain name? It doesn’t get much more direct than that. P
  • 2. PornPics
    Multimedia porn is great, no doubt about it, but it's always great to mix things up.
  • 3. ImageFap
    Sometimes all I need is a site with quality amateur photo galleries and a solid selection of videos.
  • 4. PornHub Pics
    Does it bother you that all pornstars mourn the same? Do the conversations in porn videos get so cliché? Well, for me, just ...
  • 5. xHamster Pics
    Right guys, today we’re looking at one of the biggest porn sites on the entire internet. A
  • 6. Motherless Images
    How would you like to be part of a community with no morals whatsoever? A place where there are no rules, no high grounds, a...
  • 7. JJGirls
    Why settle for regular porn when you could be watching some quality JAV porn instead? It’s better in every way. W
  • 8. PicHunter
    Back in the olden days of pornography about two decades ago, porn itself was very limited and scarce – it was hard to find a...
  • 9. Pictoa
    Usually, I'd start a review by saying that one should already know what the fuck a site, with such a name as pictoa.
  • 10. Fuskator
    It can be very tempting to want to reserve every fap for the highest quality, 1090p High Definition 4K ultra-vivid virtual r...
  • 11. BabeSource
    On, you will be introduced to plenty of gorgeous pornstar babes who love to pose and get naked for galleries.
  • 12. HQBabes
    If you love to masturbate while browsing through an amazing selection of horny babes, then you have found the right place fo...
  • 13. PmateHunter
    Sometimes, I can really appreciate a site that gets straight down to business, and that is how I would describe
  • 14. Nude Gals is a pretty straightforward site with lots of naughty images of the hottest babes in the industry.
  • 15. PornPaw
    Welcome to a site filled with loads of naughty images called
  • 16. InstantFap
    We live in the ADD generation. We are constantly inundated with information, images, videos, text, and, of course, porn.
  • 17. PICS.VC
    Have I ever encountered a site that is simpler, than this place? I do not think so, because pics.
  • 18. StufferDB
    You’ve probably heard all of the euphemisms and excuses for why some dudes are into fat chicks. “
Sex Chat Sites
Enter an adult chat room, dirty talk and meet horny women for some cybersex!
Enter an adult chat room, dirty talk and meet horny women for some cybersex!
  • 1. CooMeet
    Looking to have some fun chatting up sexy girls that may be down to fuck online? No problem, pal.
  • 2. ChatRandom
    Watching porn can be a pretty lonely endeavor sometimes. Not to be too depressing or anything, but it’s true. I
  • 3. FreeChatNow
    By the looks of it all, it seems as if FreeChatNow.
  • 4. 321SexChat
    On your mark, get set, 3 - 2 - 1, sex chat! This is what I understand from this domain name! Mhm, I will call one of my swee...
  • 5. iSexyChat
    Watching people fuck is great whether it's in the form of a video, pic, or GIF.
  • 6. Meet In Chat
    Everyone wanted to visit a chat site at least once in their life, and while personally, I do not think that they are as grea...
  • 7. Chatzy
    Remember when chat rooms were all the rage? Back in the day when AOL Instant Messenger was to online socializing what Facebo...
  • 8. Omegle
    Remember back in the day when internet chatrooms were popular? They were all over the place, it’s all people would do. N
  • 9. Chat Avenue
    Chat-avenue is surely an extraordinary place to be, with no registration required to hook up with the naughty people in the ...
  • 10. DirtyRoulette
    Those old enough can remember the kind of frenzy that accompanied the introduction of Chat Roulette site to the good old internet.
  • 11. ChatRoulette
    I am quite fucking positive that everyone knows what chatroulette.
Anal Porn Sites
Wrong hole, asshole! Girls and pornstars lose their anal virginity in a painful first time!
Wrong hole, asshole! Girls and pornstars lose their anal virginity in a painful first time!
  • 1. YourPorn Anal
    What do you do when you’re looking for premium porn in full-length and you keep getting these sites that just give you like ...
  • 2. PornTrex Anal
    Who’s up for some more anal sex? Anyone? I like me a good solid 20 minutes video of watching some girl get pounded out hard ...
  • 3. HQporner Anal
    I’ve found that a lot of the flaws of professionally produced porn disappear when it comes to anal videos. S
  • 4. Eporner Anal
  • 5. PornHub Anal
    What is it about anal that makes my dick auto-pre-cum? Is it the bouncy, greasy fat asses that jiggle with every thrust of m...
  • 6. XVideos Anal
    Some people don’t like coming in through the front door and prefer a more discreet backdoor entry that will get them inside ...
  • 7. xHamster Anal
    Anal. The holy grail. Desired by so many but achieved by so few.
  • 8. DaftSex Anal
    DaftSex has been around a few years, but it’s just recently becoming more and more popular. I
  • 9. YesPornPlease Anal
  • 10. PornoLab Anal
Anal Porn Premium Sites
Pornstars get paid to lube up their asshole and have their anal flower popped!
Pornstars get paid to lube up their asshole and have their anal flower popped!
  • 1. Tushy
    Are you an anal fiend? Do you carry around a bottle of silicon lube in your pocket just in case you get the chance to shove ...
  • 2. TrueAnal
    If the name of this little website right here doesn't get you all hyped up right away, then there just has to be something w...
  • 3. Holed
    There’s just something majestic about a big ass round ass butthole, two feet from the camera, spread across your 28-inch 4k ...
  • 4. AssParade
    In my not so humble opinion, there is no single feature on a girl that beats a nice, big, fat ass.
  • 5. AllAnal
    All Anal! Are you an ass man? Does your dick rise with the sight of gorgeous bouncy buns getting rammed by a hard cock? Well...
Online Sex Toys Shops
Spice up your sex life and buy the cheapest sex toys in these online adult stores!
Spice up your sex life and buy the cheapest sex toys in these online adult stores!
  • 1. Adam And Eve Store
    When it comes time to spice up your sex life, there’s no better way than to introduce some fun toys into the mix. M
  • 2.
    Amazon. You know it and you love it. It’s been around for twenty-five years and it’s the world’s largest online store. It’s
  • 3. Fleshlight
    With a name like Fleshlight, you know that this company has a lot of money to throw out.
  • 4. JList
    Welcome to JList’s Adult Corner, where you can find all kinds of kinky Japanese sex shit like JAV DVDs, hentai pillow covers...
  • 5. Adult Empire
    That's quite a big name up there, huh? I mean, in order to call your porn website a literal empire, you would have to have a...
Useful Software
Install the right software for a safe and virus-free porn experience online!
Install the right software for a safe and virus-free porn experience online!
  • 1. Chrome
    Well, I am The Porn Dude, but I also cover anything you might need to watch porn.
  • 2. Video Download Helper
    Well, am sure each of us has found themselves in a situation where you actually want to download and save a certain file whi...
  • 3. iStripper
    Have you ever thought to yourself “man, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sexy senorita, right now!” Of course, you all have. And y
  • 4. AdultOffline
    Occasionally, we've got to get out of the office for some field work.
  • 5. uTorrent
    u Torrent aka µTorrent! There might be a lot of things that me and my audience could disagree on, but I am pretty fucking su...
  • 6. JDownloader
    Well, I am sure we can all agree that technology is a necessary evil in the society.
  • 7. VLC Media Player
    So, you’ve got your porn stash up and running, you’ve downloaded all your favorite pornos, and now you’re trying to play them. How
  • 8. Ftopx
    If you're looking for proper good pornographic wallpapers, then is the page for you.
  • 9. NordVPN
    What's the best VPN for torrenting and browsing the internet anonymously?Nord VPN - A torrent-friendly VPN (virtual priv...
  • 10. Adblock Plus
    Talk about essential tools for browsing the internet for porn. AdBlockPlus.
Escort Sites
Tired of your wife or girlfriend's pussy? Book an escort and fuck her brains out!
Tired of your wife or girlfriend's pussy? Book an escort and fuck her brains out!
  • 1. BedPage
    A website created to deliver all services, no matter what they are. And I mean ALL services.
  • 2. Skip The Games
    Some of these nerds think they’ve got everything all figured out, shelling out hundreds of dollars for VR sex helmets so the...
  • 3. Eros Guide
    Want to score some hot escorts? How about checking out Eros guide? After checking the site out, I was pleasantly surprised.
  • 4. Escort Directory
    What kind of an escort site offers online support 24/7 and it has to do with escorts? "Hello, I have an issue with my escort...
  • 5. Top Escort Babes
  • 6. Euro Girls Escort
    If you're looking for a girl that will be willing to spend the evening by your side, then you should definitively look for o...
  • 7. Erotic Monkey
    As soon as you try to make your way inside EroticMonkey.
  • 8. Slixa
    Feeling kinda lonely lately? Well, you’re not alone as there are literally thousands of people, maybe even millions, who fee...
  • 9. TS Escorts
    Let me guess. You were beating your meat to one of the free tubes when you fell down the rabbit hole of tranny porn.
  • 10. AdultSearch
    I love porn just as much as the next guy – actually, probably more than the next guy, seeing as I make a living watching it ...
  • 11. HarlotHub
  • 12. EscortNews
    Porn’s only gonna get you so far. Y
  • 13. Humpchies is a website that is all about escorts, escort agencies, erotic massages, and erotic massage parlors.
  • 14. Tryst
    Sex work comes with a whole lot of stigma, even today.
  • 15. LeoList
    Leo List! Canadians have always been thought of as very friendly people, so I found myself thinking “Do these people have a ...
  • 16. AdultWork
    For me to take the time out of my busy schedule and actually talk about a site, that website needs to be worth it.
  • 17. Scarlet Blue
    Even though the warning that gives you is kind of spooky, the contents of the website sure aren't.
  • 18.
    Are you interested in hiring hot Indian call girls, because that is what is all about.
  • 19. Skokka
  • 20. Escort Ireland
    What's the first thing that comes to mind when you read That's right.
  • 21. NZ Girls
    Every grown ass man has heard about escorts at least if they have not been with one.
  • 22. TS4Rent
    Here is something slightly different for you.
Erotic Massage Sites
Stressed out? Get a happy ending from a sexy masseuse at a massage parlor!
Stressed out? Get a happy ending from a sexy masseuse at a massage parlor!
  • 1. RubMaps
    As soon as you click on the link that leads you to the page you'll quickly find that this page is a 100% user-generated webs...
  • 2. AdultSearch
ThePornDude is the best porn list in the world! 🔥 💯

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