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Updated on 15 January 2022
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An Archive of Sins… now that is a very attractive name, wouldn’t you say so? Depending on who is browsing, I guess, but you already know that once you visit you will be welcomed to a place filled with all kinds of dirty pornographic scenes, and I am here to tell you all about it. As we all know, no place is actually perfect… so if you would like to know more about this little section of naughtiness, continue reading.

Simple site with naughty sections.

At first, I thought that is just one of those deleted sites that never got to live their life… or however, you want to put it. Basically, I thought that this was a dead-end, so I was not sure why this site was even recommended to someone like me. I mean, I tend to appreciate the beauty of porn the best, and here I honestly thought that this is as much as this palace has to offer.

Well, I was wrong, and that does not happen often. However, before I talk about what actually has to offer, I have to ask them who the fuck thought that that design would do this site justice? I mean, this place looks so fucking horrible, that I almost left as soon as I opened the site… which is not a good fucking thing.

Now, I am not really talking about the fucking design or anything like that. The color is not the problem, the presentation could use some fucking work. Offering a random site where you just have some subsections listed is really not the way you should go about this, but lucky for them those sections are what saved their ass.

I mean, the site looks like shit, there is no denying that, but I cannot say that I did not enjoy all the sections they have to offer, and so will you. So, if you are ready for some dirty hentai, and other adult content, you are welcome to check out everything has to offer. Though, all my old-school fellows will know that this place is worth the visit when they look at their icon on top.

I am pretty sure that you all have made the connection, as really resembles the old 4chan website, and the icon on top is giving it away. Now, that is obviously not a bad thing, because 4chan is filled with all kinds of shit, but here you just have the dirty threads listed, and you can enjoy browsing through as much as you want because at the end of the day, this is a free site.

Sure, the site looks like crap, but I think that the site does not really have to look that great to actually serve its purpose. Those who are not that finicky, are welcome to explore everything has to offer. Or simply stick around, because I shall go over all of their sections and explain all you need to know about this place. Simple.

Naughty archives with even naughtier posts!

I mean, isn’t that why the fuck we are all here? TO explore some dirty archives and enjoy their naughty content? Well, you are in for a treat if you are an old MVP, who used to browse through 4chan, because that is exactly how they chose to present their shit. So, if you are ready to learn more about you can continue reading.

However, even if you do not read what I have to say, I think that you will find your way around with ease. Their place is very simple, and they have a lot to offer, but everything is where it should be. Now, the first section that is offered is the hentai section, and oh boy, I loved that place. Now, which of the sections you will appreciate all depends on what the fuck you are into.

For example, the first section is something I really love, because I like animated pornography and hentai in any form. In this thread, you mostly had the naughty manga presented, or people suggesting the naughty hentai you should watch, by teasing with a screenshot. I also saw some people asking whether others know a certain hentai or whatnot. As I said, it all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard.

The second section is dedicated to hardcore porn, where you will again not really get videos or shit like that, you will get suggestions of hardcore pornography. Keep in mind that everyone considers hardcore to be something different, so don’t come here to argue with people. Come here to simply share whatever the fuck you find interesting instead.

If you are interested in men, you have a section dedicated to Handsome Men… that is how the thread is named./ personally, I just think that that thread is created for dudes who are into dudes because you have a lot of provocative pictures of men, and their naughty ways of shoving shit up their ass. You also have some gay porno included, the usual.

There is also a section that might be a bit weird to beginners, as it is called Oekaki. Now, this is a Japanese expression meaning to draw or to doodle, and here you will basically have a lot of posts where people have drawn something dirty and would like to share it with everyone who is willing to visit this section, to begin with.

As for all the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trannies, you also have a section filled with posts and images that are related to that. So, if you are interested in the LGBT posts and naughty images, you are welcome to explore this section. However, for the most part, here the users like to share their experience, tell stories and just share whatever is on their mind.

The ‘Adult Requests’ section is just that, a section where the adults can put in their requests or whatever. You can see people asking where a certain video is from if they can be suggested a video with a fetish or whatever the heck. Honestly, explore it yourself and you will see exactly what kind of shit that section has to offer.

There is a place for those who appreciate the beauty of naughty women who love to pose and expose their body in different ways. The Sex Beautiful Women is a thread where people will post naughty images of women, and sometimes those naughty images are just plain pictures of these hotties ready to expose their beauty in a different light.

As for the last couple of sections, you can tell what the fuck they are about just by looking at their name. The ‘soc’ one will let you talk about live cams and meetups and you might meet some people who would love to actually talk and meet in real life or whatever the heck. Then you have the torrents, where people obviously hare their fucking torrents… I am not sure what the fuck you expected.

There is a Yuri section, and for those who do not know what the fuck this is, basically, Yuri is lesbian in Japanese… so you will have a lot of anime suggestions as well as manga with the lesbian content presented. I think that that concludes all the important sections has to offer, and I am pretty sure that you will agree.

A bit confusing at times…

Now, what got me by surprise is that you do not really have a place where to register, while the site itself has many users. I might just be a blind fuck, or whatever, but I really did not find a registration option. Those who do find it, should obviously fucking share that with the rest of us, I would be very fucking grateful.

Overall, I think that everyone will be able to find something they like on this site, even though they have a couple of bumps on the road. I mean, their overall presentation is crap, but at least what they actually have to offer is worth staying here for… at the end of the day, all we actually give a shit about is the content, right?

Well, you can explore the site all you want, because this is a free place. You could say that is connected to 4chan in a way, and that is obviously a good thing. I mean, take your time, explore and enjoy everything has to offer because you will surely appreciate it.

ThePornDude likes ArchiveOfSins's

  • Resembles 4chan
  • Great threads
  • Easy to browse

ThePornDude hates ArchiveOfSins's

  • Shitty design
  • A bit confusing at times