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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Here’s the thing, you’ve probably been wondering whether there is just one single place that takes and archives pictures from many forum boards and message boards over the internet. Instead of going through one forum and then the next one, you can have it all in one place. That’s right, the technology is there, so we finally have sites like that let you see countless images from various sites in one place. It’s a miracle if I am to be completely honest cause you don’t have to put up with any other website and the nonsense that goes around on it.

See all the best porn images without hustling through image board sites

For example, I think we can all agree that there are some really hot pictures of sexy nude babes of 4chan. However, it’s a drag to have to suffer through all the other bullshit that gets shoved on there. You have disgusting images of micropenises and some autistic people being complete fucking cunts all the time, so it’s definitely a good idea to stay away from that toxic hellhole. However, with, you don’t ever have to deal with shit like that in your life ever again. Hey, there can be miracles if you believe, or however, the damn song goes. But we’re not here to sing, we’re here to jack off, so that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing.

All you have to do in order to start browsing through images is choose the appropriate board. Whichever category you end up choosing you’ll go to the appropriate board for it. Well, in an ideal that’s what would happen, but on there are a few issues that start popping up the more you try to use the categories. The first issue is that there are very few free categories that have a lot of content. Usually, the categories are either empty, near empty, don’t exist, or archived for paying members only. Yep, if you want access to the archived files, then you’re going to have to pay up. This is where you start seeing the ugly side of

Great in theory, but in practice, it has a lot of problems

I mean in all honesty it seems like the perfect idea and one that many people could use, but it just has so many blatant issues that we have to talk about. First of all, there’s the fact that if you click on some of the categories you just get the homepage reloaded all over again. It’s as if though these categories are completely empty. For example, I tried checking out the feet category… for a friend, but I just got the home screen all over again. Don’t at me on that feet thing, by the way, it’s just for a friend cause he likes that kind of stuff, not for me. But I’m not judging you even if you are into that sort of shit. I mean I didn’t mean to call it shit… ah, forget it.

When you get down to it, this place does have a lot of issues. So let’s start with the fact that you have to pay for a membership in order to get all the archived files. I mean, come on guys, what the fuck? I thought that the idea on here was to bring everything to one place for free. And that WAS the idea, and it WAS free but then they decided to make a members-only area which isn’t even cheap, to begin with. I mean we’re talking about 30 bucks for three months. Granted, it’s not as expensive as premium porn sites, but then again you’re not getting a lot of quality in return either.

Many of the pages have a horrible design and 4:3 resolution

First of all, the fucking site is a mess. Half the links on it don’t work and they just take you back to the homepage, and then there are some links which take you to old pages on These pages are 4:3 in resolution and they’re not that eventful either. First, you scroll through an entire section without any content, and then you get to the section that actually has content and it’s not that amazing either. It’s like you have all this buildup and then the reward is just… meh. But hey, that’s just one part of the site, there are other parts which are even worse.

You have to pay up in order to see a lot of the content on here

Imagine going to one of the categories (of which there are many) and being greeted with just one post that says Archived. You have to get an account on in order to see that content, and in order to make an account, you actually have to pay some money. It doesn’t really help that you also have an option to pay in bitcoin, cause let’s be honest, who the fuck is still using bitcoin at this point in time? The craze has passed yo, just get back to the real deal, the cold hard cash. But either way, it’s safe to say that you need to pay up in order to get the full experience of the website. I think that’s absolute dog shit if you ask me, so there’s that

That’s just my opinion though, and you might think that the fact that you get all of these posts is actually worth the money. If you do, then more power to you, I’m just saying that there are better ways to be spending your money online, and especially when it comes to porn. I mean first of all, who even spends money on porn. People these days don’t want to pay for porn, they want free porn content instead. But hey, if the guys over at think that they can make a few bucks off of the poor few suckers that really like this sort of content, well I guess that this could just be their business model.

The layout is all over the place and some links are just busted

And then you come to the issue with the design. The layout is completely nonsensical when you look at it. The links are scattered all over the place and half of them don’t do jack-shit. It’s like Black Widow in the Avengers, completely fucking useless. But hey, I guess that it at least has semi-decent graphics. I mean I wouldn’t even call them semi-decent, they look average at best in my opinion. So the question of “what the fuck am I even paying for?” has to be asked. There really is no reason to get a membership on as there are no real reasons for you to get an account on here.

I mean the way they advertise it, it even seems like a pretty good deal. You get like 150,000+ images from various internet forum boards of some of the hottest bitches that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. And then you also get a Forum of its own on as well as a Live Chat section. There’s also more access to some posts even when they’re switched off. That means that no matter what, you’ll always have access to the pictures if you’re a paying member. This would be amazing if the pictures were actually any good, but on they mostly boil down to some watered-down amateur shit that you can get pretty much anywhere else as well.

But overall, I guess you could say that still brings all of these forum threads and image and message boards together into one big culmination of porn images. There is so much amateur content on here that you’ll probably never be able to ever go through all of it. You just have to find out where all of the good stuff is, and which categories actually work on It’s safe to say that, while I don’t recommend this site, it could still potentially solve a problem that some people might have, and this site is basically made for those people and nobody else I would say. So, if you think that this place gives you what no other place can’t, then definitely check it out at

ThePornDude likes AnonSharer's

  • Hundreds of thousands of images available
  • All image boards from various sites in one place

ThePornDude hates AnonSharer's

  • You need to pay for a lot of content on here
  • Some of the links just straight-out don’t work
  • Many categories are simply empty or unavailable