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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Ever heard of 4chan? The place where weirdos, creeps, Internet geeks and so on share the weirdest, freakiest, sexiest and nastiest shit out there? Well, if you’ve never heard of it, consider yourself lucky. You will need to read my review of the site to understand. They call it the asshole of the internet for a reason. 8ch.net or simply 8ch, which is basically the retarded cousin of 4chan. How so, you ask? The site is known for its weird, sexual and horrifying content and once you set foot in this purgatory, you will never be the same person again. Don’t believe me? Just keep reading.

The way the site is designed might initially leave you scratching your head in confusion, but don’t worry, a few minutes of scrolling and looking around and you will know what the fuck this site is all about. It may be a bit clustered in pale purple background cards are not exactly captivating, but at least it’s duly efficient. I’ll skip the bullshit because I know you are here for the porn and boy, do you get it at 8ch.net! There are new threads popping up left, right and center carrying loads of smut and whether that means some drawn atrocities, 3D animated shit, or porn videos fished from premium sites by the motherfuckers who call the site home, it just doesn’t matter.

But first, a few useful tips

Now that I’ve got your attention, I have a few tips that I believe will prove priceless. You will notice a section titled ‘latest headlines’. Avoid that shit like a plague as I don’t see how you will bust a nut load from reading crap about politics. The ‘fast threads’ section won’t prove much useful either unless you are interested in threads dedicated to political discussions, video games, anime discussions and such shit. But hey, if you want to know about that 47-year-old who wants to know if he’s a faggot since he had plastic surgery, be my guest.

The less I talk about the design, the better

I know I talked about the site featuring a not so captivating design, but that was just me being nice. The design is fucking horrendous. Anyone visiting the site for the first will have a hard time locating something they really love as the arrangement is not that of your typical website. It will take you several minutes of browsing to get the hang of it.

These fucks copied some stuff from their sister site 4chan, but I can see someone forgot to copy the brilliant design as well. That said, if there is one positive you can probably pick from such an atrocious layout is the lack of ads. Lord knows how much I hate them, which is exactly why you won’t find any on my page. At least you won’t have to worry about ads reminding you about your small dick.

Plenty of chopping, but not always to good effect

Like you would expect of any porn chan board, it is divided into many sections, but like earlier mentioned, not all of them will have something for you to get off. I’ve already talked about the ‘latest headlines’ section and how useless you will find it. I also warned you off the ‘fast threads’ section unless you want to waste your time on threads talking about how the Mexican illegal immigration is coming to an end and that shit. But what are the other sections you will be coming across here?

If you scroll further down the main page, you will find another section titled ‘quality threads’ which ironically has nothing of quality and most importantly, no sign of pussies and titties. The focus seems to be on some nerd shit like TV shows, videos games and such. Below that is the ‘recent boards’ section that brings you the latest boards created by members. Before I proceed, it is important to mention that you can create your board irrespective of whether you are a professional or not. You don’t need any experience or programming knowledge. Hell, you don’t even need to go through the whole account registration bullshit since 8chan is all about promoting internet anonymity. Good enough.

Back to the ‘recent boards’, it appears you’ve finally found a section that has a considerable amount of erotica. There are threads talking about deepthroating, anime and video game characters having sex with each other, bisexual kind of shit, and even a board dedicated to “white women worship”. Just so you know, all of the content here is available for free and if anyone demands as much as a dime from you, report such bastards to me.

So, what is that adult content hype all about?

8chan’s tag line is ‘the darkest reach of the internet’. But does the site live up to that billing? That’s for you to decide. Some of the X-rated boards you will find here include the erotic roleplay board which is not something you find in many porn sites. There is also a board dedicated to cute traps taking cock which is mostly available in 2D. The hentai porno board features some hardcore hentai content, but this Japanese creation has become so popular it’s no longer weird for people to jerk off Japanese 2D cartoon porn. In addition, you will notice that a “furry” board exists, and this board is filled with loads of amazing art of “furry” characters having sex with each other, again nothing much out of the ordinary.

Most of the content here is mainly 2D, but there is also no shortage of 3D (real life!) traps having sex with their partners which is sure to be excellent news for tranny lovers and transgender people since they don’t happen to have loads of choices when it comes to this kind of content, especially amateur. Any fan of traps better drag their horny asses here. It appears to me that a good chunk of the users here are traps themselves and will not shy from posting photos and videos of themselves masturbating and getting all nasty. At least the shit is free.

You will also come across some fetish shit like the dude who likes to drink cum from used condoms or that bitch who rubs her pussy until it squirts in her face from where she moves onto sucking cock and swapping cum with another hot chick. It’s fast and nasty and once you see some of the stuff, you will understand why visitors here can’t seem to get enough of it.

Positive features

Plenty of amateur content; good quality amateur porn is hard to come by but on this site, there is plenty to pick from with majority of the user uploaded content covering the amateur niche.

Lots of board dedicated to porn; there are different kinds of porn covering different niches to be found here and the numerous boards dedicated to varying types of porn are a testimony to that.

Minimum ads; the site is free, but at least they don’t ruin your experience with unnecessarily flashy and distracting ads that are always a pain in the ass. Here they keep the advertising to a bare minimum and you will browse like a fucking VIP. Well, almost anyway.

Negative features

Cumbersome to navigate; the site is not newbie friendly and anyone visiting it for the first time will initially find the terrain difficult to navigate.

Not 100% porn focused; there are plenty of boards on this site, but only a small fraction is dedicated to porn which is really disappointing for a site that touts itself as the darkest reaches of the internet. It’s more of a platform for random individuals to express themselves through the shit happening in their lives, the majority of which has nothing to do with porn.


The site is chopped up and has plenty of sections to visit, but that’s not always a good thing if only a few boards are dedicated to porn. How about shedding the boards that don’t come anywhere near eroticism? Who the fuck needs to know about the political landscape in China anyway? While at it, a better arrangement of the content is long overdue. Y’all don’t want to confuse every newbie in town.

Final words

Well, unless you know exactly what you are doing, wasting your time on this site is not the brightest idea. They overpromise and under deliver in the porn aspect. You will find a considerable amount of porn content, but it seems to be an afterthought and if you are purely a porn fan and don’t care about the rest of the bullshit, you might wanna look elsewhere.

ThePornDude likes 8Chan's

  • Plenty of amateur content
  • Lots of board dedicated to porn
  • Minimum ads

ThePornDude hates 8Chan's

  • Cumbersome to navigate
  • Not 100% porn focused