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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Chances are that you’ve probably heard of 4Chan before, an internationally known ‘image sharing board’ which since the late 2000s became a breeding ground and a literal home for all of the world’s social outcasts who happened to use the internet a little too much as a result of their social status, or maybe even gained that undesired social status and social under-appreciation as a result of their excessive internet use. And since you’re here reading this review, I’d like to think that there’s likely a high probability that you yourself probably know what 4Chan is and have likely even visited it before – but we’re talking about 7Chan here, not 4Chan.

7Chan is just one of the many sites which are born as offshoots of the original 4Chan, and since 7Chan seems to have a larger focus on pornography (at least part of it), it deserves to be listed on my all internet porn-encompassing list. There is a lot of stuff you can fap to on here, but the majority of it is geared towards individuals who are safely tucked away within the ‘nerd culture’ zone of society.

The ‘nerd culture’ zone is a zone where adults play games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Magic: The Gathering”, where they spend money on collectible figurines from various popular video game and cartoon/anime franchises, and where they tend to watch obscure anime shows with Japanese subtitles in order to resonate more with their beloved ‘Weaboo’ culture. You’re definitely not going to find a lot of ‘normal’ porn here that your dad or older brother like fapping to, and if you do then it’s probably not going to be a lot of it because every ‘Chan’ site out there tends to have a lot of specific preferences and affinities when it comes to their pornography of choice, and they usually gravitate towards Hentai and transsexuals to be blunt. Let’s see exactly why this site is worthy of being placed on The Porn Dude list…

First Things First: You Won’t Find Anything Else But Images Here

If you’re the kind of person who needs videos in order to get your sex drive revved up and get your dick hard enough to be able to take a pounding from your hand then you’ll likely be disappointed by 7Chan here because this site is after all, an image-sharing board, meaning that your horny ass will only be able to fap to still-images here (few of which will probably be GIFs). There are no videos whatsoever here, because if there were then this site would end up being something else that’s not part of the ‘Chan’ family of sites – the users here, despite being mostly addicted to pornography, have the mental capacity to fap to still images and fully enjoy them visually.

Now this could be because of the fact that the XXX genres here are quite specific and lean heavily towards Hentai, taboo and/or transsexual porn, but I like to think that it’s mostly due to the fact that the dudes who fap here are more or less used to fapping here, and tend to use this site exclusively for all their XXX content needs. They’ve already trained how to to fap to images and are more than prepared psychologically to fap to them time and time again, because let’s face it; these ‘chan’ sites rarely see new visitors, most of their users are long-time fans who check up on the site regularly in order to talk shop with other ‘anons’ and fap to some pictures (which are at times delivered per request).

There Is A Whole Lotta Hentai Here

This site would probably be nowhere if it wasn’t for its Hentai – there are a few Hentai-themed boards here which explore various themes and genres within the infamous medium that is pornographic Japanese animation. First one up is the ‘delicious’ board, which sticks to a theme of showing young anime girls/school girls depicted in the most lewd and sexually explicit ways imaginable, and most of these girls are drawn to look like underage teens, which does technically make this child porn but since it’s Hentai nobody really cares – I mean if you’ve got pedophile lurking inside your sexuality, the best thing you can probably do is not watch any actual child porn and instead soothe your sexual cravings with some fictional Hentai that *may or may not* depict underage girls in it.

Next up is the ‘alternative Hentai’ board, which features “not your everyday” situations and fetishes. After that is the general ‘hentai’ board, which features – you guessed it; nothing but straight generalized animated Japanese pornography. Up next is the ‘shotacon’ board, which features drawn underage boys getting involved in all kinds of sexual acts and situations (again, can be deemed as fictional child pornography), and right next to it is the’ straight shotacon’ board, which contains the same fictional underage boys except this time they only engage in heterosexual intercourse (I mean that makes it a little better, right?). But if you thought that these were all the drawn XXX boards on this website, you thought wrong…

The Drawn Sex Doesn’t End Here

Aside from the troves of Hentai on this site that’s being wholesomely appreciated by some horny weeaboos out there who frequent it, there’s still a hell of a lot of drawn XXX content here that doesn’t dwell within the domain of Hentai – for example, there’s a hell of a lot of furry content here that’s great for all you ‘animal lovers’ out there. If you don’t know what furry porn is then I suggest you stay away from this website altogether, but I assure you it’s not bestiality. All of the furry XXX content here is 100% illustrated, so technically it’s drawn porn, just like the sole remaining drawn XXX content board here, which is just generalized ‘drawn pornography’, featuring either completely original characters which were created by the artists themselves or characters from existing Western cartoons as well as video game franchises and whatnot.

Real Porn And Fetish-Based Boards

Yes, I may have just described a crapload of fictional porn boards on this site, but all you real porn-lovers out there don’t fret, because there are in fact a handful of ‘real’ XXX boards on this site that contain all the normal, 3D, real-life pornography you could ever need to fap to, and a lot of them explore fetishes which are sure to fire some of you right up and get your jerking off faster than you can say ‘image-based pornography’. First and foremost, there’s the ‘uniform’ board, which focuses on women dressed in uniforms – now a lot of this stuff is candid, but that’s the point, because it’s the uniform that gets the job done here, not the nudity.

There’s also the mainstay ‘animated GIFs’ board, which is always welcome when it comes to image-based porn. Here you can enjoy all kinds of animated GIFs left and right, and they go far and wide when it comes to what kind of content they depict – the only rule they follow is that they have to depict real-life pornography, but other than that, they’re all pretty damn great if I do say so myself (I mean the people who upload them usually have long histories with internet pornography, so how could they not be great). There’s also a board called ‘Sexy Beautiful Women’, which like the ‘uniform’ board has a fair few candid pictures, but for the most part it’s just naked women, and last but not least there’s the ‘erotic literature’ board which is pornography meant for those who prefer to read instead of look.

Despite the Boards, There’s Not Much Organization

Let’s say for example you go on the ‘sexy beautiful women’ board and decide to fap to some bikini-wearing hoes, or some big booties, or maybe brunettes – how are you supposed to find this kind of content if there’s no specific filtering option? In fact, how are you supposed to find any ‘specific’ kind of XXX content here if there’s nothing to filter in/out anything which sticks to a certain ‘content rule’ that goes beyond the boards? Now that’s probably the most annoying thing I find about this site…

ThePornDude likes 7Chan's

  • Plenty of diverse hentai
  • Optimized for mobile use
  • Layout isn’t spammy
  • Plenty of real porn
  • Drawn porn contains Western cartoons as well as original characters

ThePornDude hates 7Chan's

  • Lack of amateur porn
  • No real way to filter in/out certain kind of content
  • Not a real porn site, so not completely optimized to make XXX content easily accessible
  • No video content on the site whatsoever
  • Mostly just a random dump of porn which sticks to one niche (depending on board)