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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Forums are probably the best way to access smut if you are the interactive type. If you like to chat and interact with fellow porn hunters who share the same perverted tastes as you, porn forums represent the best option. Not only do you get your rocks off and jerk it to some steamy smut that other freaks have shared, but you also get to interact and make friends. Birds of a feather grooving together and all that shit. It’s perhaps a ‘more sane’ approach to porn consumption. I mean, at times you get bored sitting in front of your computer watching too much porn without talking to anyone. You might fucking lose it. How about a place where you connect and get off at the same time?

If you thought tubes are the best for free smut, I’d like to introduce you to which is an XXX forum where you will not only be swimming in all kinds of porn but also loads of full and high-quality vids and galleries. A site that attracts a whopping 3 million visits a month must be doing something right. Let’s find out why is the Holy Grail for y’all free porn lurkers.

‘Normal’ layout, great organization have not exactly pulled down trees design-wise, but the content organization cannot be faulted. First off, all the forum sections are well placed in their respective categories with the gay sections right below the page where they belong. Not that I have anything personal against them faggots, it’s just thought they talk too damn much. Imagine 15.6 million messages in just a single fucking section!

Intporn have kept a standard color theme and have not even attempted to fancy up the site. I guess they are too focused on availing hot smut for your horny ass to be bothered with a sophisticated outlook. I only wish they spiced things a little other than the bland outlook they serve users. Apart from the obvious forum headings, you might think you’ve landed on a fucking stock exchange site. I would certainly appreciate it if there was a logo and probably a photo or something. Anything other than the plain blue and white for fuck’s sake. Not suggesting other forums are much better but why not attempt to stand out? But then, you weren’t even bothered about the site’s simple design before I mentioned it, so I will just focus on what truly matters to you- porn.

The strong fetish force at

One thing I noted with the smut here is that the fetish content is pretty full-on. Think ball busting, extreme BDSM and other ‘lesser’ shit like wrestling and lezdom thrown into the mix for good measure as well. We all know that bizarre porn tends to attract curious motherfuckers in their droves and I can happily report that there is a ton of kinky content to get off to. The kinky fetish videos forum, for context, has close to 20k threads and over 15.8 million messages! Note that materials to be found here are not for the faint hearted as some of the content housed here is downright bizarre.

My hawk eyes spotted plenty of fresh scat videos, vomiting scenes, girls giving boys an old fashioned ass whopping and then fucking them, kinky pet play and so much more. I never thought I would ever see some of the shit lined up here. You’d have to see to believe. Damn! You might even need a fucking therapy after walking through the fetish videos forum. You’ve been warned. Patrol those pages at your own risk.

What are those insane numbers on the right?

Another thing that becomes pretty clear the moment you set foot at is the site is jam-packed to the brim with threads and messages and all the atrocities that come along with that. There are plenty of activities whichever forum you pick with the XXX Movie clips and video scenes forum having 1 million thread and over 2.3m messages. Mad fucking numbers everywhere you look.

You can see how active members are here with the over 64,000 strong contingents making the site a lively platform to get smut. The forum statistics on the right indicate there are over a million threads and, read this carefully, 68.5 million messages. Those are insane numbers and demonstrate the interactivity on the sites which is all you could ask for from a porn forum. From the right side, you can also tell the number of members online at any particular time, the latest threads that were posted to the website, and the latest profile posts. The bottom line? You will stay informed on everything happening at any time of the day. How could you not when you have so many tools at your disposal?

Great adult content throughout

There is so much adult content in these forums that it’s un-fucking-believable. You don’t have to worry about illegal content (like child porn) as it gets removed faster than it uploaded. You can, therefore, take your time to sexplore the forums until you find one with the kind of content your porn brain craves. There are many forums to pick from, and it is nigh on impossible to leave here empty-handed. The only thing that will be empty is your damn sperm bank.

Pick from the adult movies section where the forums include XXX full movies, XXX movie clips & video scenes, amateur XXX videos, teen XXX movie clips among others. Those who get off pictures can get the naughtiest stuff from the XXX pictures section under which lies the models and babes forum, amateur photos, teen pictures and fetish pictures. There are of course more sections and forums to get your blood pumping. It all depends on your tastes.

Need my advice? Grab that fucking account

Like you would expect of any respectable forum, rules and regulations are governing the interactions. For instance, you can’t post underage videos or photos, bestiality, or rape porn. Scratch that, you are not even allowed to discuss your love/hate for any of the above and if by any chance the site catches you talking about such, you will be banned, all your posts deleted and your ass reported. Forums are a great way to express yourself, but like you can see, there are limitations. Look away y’all fucking pedophiles.

This one is not a rule, but you will have to register to post comments, threads, and replies. You also naturally need the account to access one of the site’s best forums; Members Only area. Why am I so excited about this so deep in my review? The answer is called Porn SiteRips, where you get to download thousands of premium videos. Another is called the XXX Passwords forum where you get to exchange passwords to leading premium XXX sites with other pervs. If only you knew about this place before paying through your nose for a subscription to a premium porn site.

Anyway, registration is pretty simple, and you only need to fill in some fields, verify your email and just like that, you are free to join this world of luscious babes taking some heavy pounding by rock hard dongs among other kinky adult content.

Reasons to get excited about

Big and active community; 64k members is not the biggest number of members ever seen on a porn forum site, but the statistics tell a different story, with the site teeming with millions of threads and posts. It’s a huge fucking community of pervs.

Diverse forums; the site offers a great platform to post adult content of any kind as long as it’s legal. There are gay, straight, and trans forums to cater for different tastes.

Well organized; the forums and the site, in general, is so well organized it would be practically impossible to miss anything on the homepage.

Possible concerns

Some restricted content; you will have to be a registered member to access some of the content which is obviously not ideal for a free site.

What I think should be done

The site is largely doing a good job, and it’s hard to point something they are doing wrong. I only wish someone works on that bland and lame ass design that will send you to sleep faster than watching paint dry.

Final thoughts

There is so much to look forward to for both the members and guest users it would take me a whole day to go over the details. There is enough adult content doing rounds here to get you hooked. And with such a huge and active community plus loads of forums teeming with hot adult content, why the fuck not?

ThePornDude likes IntPorn's

  • Big and active community
  • Diverse forums
  • Well organized

ThePornDude hates IntPorn's

  • Some restricted content