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Updated on 15 January 2022
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As you can tell by looking at the rest of this website, I’m a pretty damn big fan of porn be it found on premium platform, tubes sites, or on live streams. But one type of online porn provider which I think often gets overlooked are forums. And I’m not sure why.

After all, forums are great places to find loads of pages of both amateur and pro pics and vids, discuss your favorite erotic material with people of like mind, and do all of the stuff you can do (and a few things you can’t) on “regular” porn sites.

So, to bring light to these sites and supply you with the best porn news, I’ve been looking at porno forums. When cruising the net, I came across and after looking at just a few pages, came across myself a few times.

With so many perfect pussy posts on this site, once you start scrolling through just a few posts, you see what I mean and start saying “meee-ow.”

The Girls of Kitty Kat

With about a dozen main categories, each of which has as many as half a dozen subsections, I knew it was going to be hard to condense all of what you can see on this site. However, But to make things easier I’ve gone through and summarized each of the subsections so you can get a good idea of what you’re going to find before you log in.

First, when you check out the homepage and bam (!) your eyes are hit with a ton of pics of heavy titties or pink pussy vie the Shoutbox. This scrollable section essentially advertises some of the best posts which have been added to the forum over the last few months. Talk about a way to make new users feel right at home.

Second, this site has it’s own exclusive models, referred to as Kitty-Kats Top Models. Now how many forums have their own line of branded talent? Well, this one does.

Featuring women from all over the net, you’re going to find honeys of every hue, hip size, and the way in which they express their horniness.

Third, the internet is all about sharing and on this subsection you can share your opinion about the hottest new babes in the porn industry, fresh websites, or other, general porn related stuff. Of course, pictures and links are always welcome.

And finally, streaming video from webcams is probably the best to happen to the internet since the world wide web was launched. If you appreciate the hard working webcam working girls who delight people from all over the world or are looking for recommendations, then check out this section.

The Outfit Pics Will Get You Hot And Heavy

Erotic material doesn’t have to show off all of the goods at first or even at all to be wank worthy. Hell, given all of the great clothing and costume designers out there which compliments the female form, in some way softcore porn like this is even better than the full nudie stuff.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy seeing one (or several) women with beach bods relaxing poolside? Well, if you enjoy classy content like that, there are dozens of threads and thousands of messages in this section.

On top of that, there are literally thousands of posts of girls decked out from toe to head in rubber, leather, and latex – and not any of that pedestrian lace. If you’re a kinkster, you’re going to need to check the Leather and Latex subsection out.

And to my surprise, the pantyhose subsection is actually the most popular thread in the clothing category. At first I was confused, but after I checked it out I saw why. There are all kinds of posts including partially naked photoshoots, ladies giving footjobs, and all kinds of other kinky shit – all, of course, in pantyhose.

Pages With Bunches Of Boobs

I know that damn near everyone who reads my site likes boobs – big ones, small ones, some the size of your head, but no matter their size or shape they’re great. After all, they jiggle around, can be smushed, smooshed, sucked on and pop right back into place. Bill Engvall was right (!) – they really are the perfect toy.

The pics and vids are of everything from colo girls diddling themselves, lesbians diddling each other, mature women wilding out, and straight girls in hardcore scenes, you’ll find a series of scenes which show all sorts of content, but with one common variable: massive tits.

And in case you are obsessed with gorgeous gozoongas so big that some guys might find to be grotesque – then look no further than the XXL section. You’re going to find literally limb-sized tits of both the “enhanced” and natural variety.

General Hardcore Erotic Entertainment

The section is pretty much a grab bag of all kinds of your favorite kinds of smut.

Full photoshoots abound on this section of the forum featuring all sorts of mild fetishes which are both hard and softcore. So, this section is pretty good if you’re bored and looking for something a bit random.

On top of that, there is a full hardcore movie subsection which has a collection of clips and movies which have been ripped from DVDs. Given the levels of piracy on this section, I’d recommend treading this digital section carefully.

Other types of porn includes Asian smut which, since there is a mix of censored and uncensored porn and pics captioned by Mandarin or Japanese, you know is genuine Asian porn. Other types of smut include a massive collection of vintage porn. So, if you want to check out gorgeous ladies who dominated the industry decades ago.

Oh, and there is what is referred to as a ‘Pornographic Potpourri’ subsection. And it certainly solidifies one thing that I’ve seen in my time when reviewing porn sites and related erotic entertainment platforms – the versatility of the libido. Well, this section has a motley smattering of all sorts of kinky content like femdom, hardcore facesitting, specialty solo scenes, and more.

There Are Amazing Amateur Uploads

I think that every porn tube site and forum should feature amateur content. After all, while the pros are, well, professionals at looking sexy, there are some “regular” girls who are damn good at it, too. And to make things better, they’re not being motivated by a paycheck, but out of there own feelings of exhibitionism.

The amateur picture section is stuffed with nude selfies and shots of lovely ladies taken, presumably, by their (ex-)boyfriends or perhaps really good girlfriends. Regardless of who helped them, these girls know how to look hot.

If you love amateur women flap their lips, suck dick and take a pounding, then this is the only place you’ll need to go. So, forget scrolling through YouPorn; just check out the amateur smut here.

And while you can go out there and see semi-pro and full-time webcam models, some gals will show off the goods for free. If you need to see fresh footage or get linked to some awesome models then check this site out.

Fine Art Of Fine Women

In the porn world life – that being live action porn – imitates art, but on Kitty Kats, art imitates life. On these sections, there are packed with erotic yet tasteful posts. And all of them are uploaded in a few different formats for easy downloading.

Hosting RAR and ZIP files, this section has tons of single posts of hot women posing the house down. If solo posts aren’t enough, then check out the thousands of downloadable photo galleries and full video you can get here.

There Is A Thread Of Seductive Shemale

Like your chicks to have big, swinging dicks? Then check out the hundreds of photos and footage available here. Sure there aren’t as many posts, but the community here seems to be a bit more tightly knit. Not to mention generous with the porn they post.

Find Your Fetish

I don’t care who you are, everyone has a fetish, even if you don’t know it. If you’re curious to see what you might like, find yours on Kitty Kats fetish pages. Here are some examples of what you’ll find:

• Hairy girls – If your porn life could be summarized by the song “Hair” by the Cowsills, then you’ll love all of the hirsute women on this section. Even if you’re not super into hairy women, check it out. I guarantee you that you’ll be singing hair, hair, long beautiful hair!

• Watersports & fluids – The girls in this section have made it rain. And by rain I mean piss (and sometimes some other fluids) come down onto their bodies and faces.

• Flexi-girls, gymnasts & muscle girls – Curvy girls are hot, especially when they’re of the muscly rather than flabby variety. After all, as the saying (kind of) goes, bones are for dogs, we like to see girls with some meat on their bones.

• Fucking machines & large insertions – Check this section out and be amazed by how well these ladies take a pounding from a machine. Of course, the size of the robotic dongs they take is pretty impressive, too.

• Tattoos, piercings, bodypainting – These ladies look at their bodies’ as a canvas to decorate with ink, metal and, of course, sweat and jizz.

And there’s even more than that. For instance there are hundreds of threads revolving around footage and photos of lactation, body modification, and fetishized pregnancy porn.

There’s A Sexy Celebrity Section, Too

Ever since Paris Hilton’s second sex tape, it’s become a thing for celebs to show off some or a lot of skin on camera. Hell, that’s probably been the case since Marilyn Monroe’s full-color pin-up in Playboy. Anyway, if you like that sort of stuff, there are two sections – one for pictures, the other for clips from Hollywood films – of the hottest stars out there.

Magazines, Anime, And Hentai, Oh My!

Dirty mags of all kinds are out there these days. Uploads on these two sections include scans from classy porno mags, modern smut ‘zines, hentai comics, and Western cartoon porn.

And There Are Even General Discussion Pages

Besides sharing and chatting about porn, there are several other sections on the site to discuss general topics like music, movies, documentaries, games, and streams. While not as active as most of the smut-oriented, these pages are a nice place to go for “normal” forum socializing. Because of these sections plus the sheer amount pages packed with different kinds of porn, I’d say that Kitty Kats is the only forum you need to use.

Need Help Finding Something?

With so many types of porn, literally tens of thousands of porn stars present and past, and a nearly unaccountable number of niches, it can be hard to find some videos, magazine photos, and digital pics even with the best googling skills.

Fortunately, when it comes to your quest to find fantastic fap material, you are not alone. Further, forum users are very friendly people and are generally super helpful when it comes to directing you, giving recommendations, and answering questions and requests. You can get answers to all of your questions in the ‘Discussion & Requests’ subsection found with each main section.

If You Behave and Get Invited To An Elite Club

Near the bottom of the homepage, there is a restricted link to an exclusive club – the Kitty-Kats Club! Of course, previewing it is not an option for outsiders and you can only get access y invitation only. That is, unless you’re me, of course. However, I’m not supposed to talk about it with just anyone, So, the only thing that I can say is that this is a social club you’re going to love to join.

Easiest Sign Up Process Ever


Here’s all you have to do: click on the sing up button, then you’ll see a prompt to enter your name or email address, select “No, create an account now’ and enter a password. That’s all you’ve got to do to get started on this forum.

And Yes, It’s Mobile Friendly

Finally! I’ve found a forum which has been optimized for mobile well. This is partially due to a little bit of design work on the web designers part, but it appears to be that the reason why the mobile version looks so good on mobile is that they made it for smartphones and tablets first, then modified that design for a desktop.

That or they just started building with an aesthetic keeping in mind that they should build a website for all kinds of devices and produced something which naturally looks good on both. Whatever the case, hats off (or should I say pants off?) to the designers of Kitty Kats. They are deserving of many blowjobs.

Should You Check It Out?

With threads to suit any taste (legal ones that is) Kitty Kats is a fantastic fap platform which you’ll spend hours on weekly getting access to top-notch smut and be able to get into neat conversations with people who’re just as much a smut junkie as you are.

While the quality can vary a bit, the sheer quantity of pics and vids is amazing. And with so many fresh posts being made coupled with a massive archive already in place, you’ll never run out of new, neat things to see and discuss.

To be honest, unlike most sites, there really isn’t anything, not even a minor issue or two, to complain about. Seriously, I had to look for something, and the one thing I could come up with was the fact that recent posts are listed on the homepage at the bottom which can be a little tedious to sort through. But that’s only true if you resize the window you’re using, and it moves certain elements around the window. That’s it!

All things considered, I give Kitty Kats five our of five fappers and totally recommend you check it out.

ThePornDude likes KittyKats's

  • There are tens of thousands of pictures, drawings, video clips, and movies with all kinds of smut
  • There are some pretty unique features on this forum like the Shoutboxes and Kitty Kats Club
  • Virtually every niche and fetish can be found on this forums pages
  • The threads are lively and the people posting are very friendly
  • The mobile version is phenomenally well-designed

ThePornDude hates KittyKats's

  • Because of the way Recent Posts are displayed sometimes when the window is moded, scrolling down the homepage can be tedious
  • Honestly, there really isn’t anything else to complain about…